@ColleenSmi YOU are the delight and also extremely funny!
@campsucks YES
RT @timheidecker: Scientology (That's The Plan For Me): https://t.co/IpI5iCvuXv via @YouTube
RT @LiveTalksLA: .@KimletGordon VIDEO in conversation with @aimeemann at Live Talks LA #GirlinaBand https://t.co/n6XHoPbsAq @thesonicyouth…
RT @nffcnnr: who wants to go see @aimeemann & former U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins at Winspear @ATTPAC on 4/11? http://t.co/z92Yc8FSiS #…
RT @LargoLosAngeles: This Thursday! @timheidecker @SarahKSilverman @jonathancoulton @aimeemann @tedleo OneWay Mission to March:VarietyShow …
@TrentGentry You are welcome!
@TrentGentry I'll put you on the list.
Hark! @tedleo & I are doing a variety show at @LargoLosAngeles 3/19 & 3/20 with @jonathancoulton & @SusannaHoffs & @timheidecker & MORE!
@kevinseccia For not being big enough? #orb
If you are a foodie/wine nut & fan of various music come to this thing! I'm playing 3/21 #YountvilleLive http://t.co/xO3b3dmoOf
@briankoppelman @PhizLair ❤️
RT @GEVMagazine: Tickets Now On Sale @YountvilleLive March 19 – 22 http://t.co/cHFFnZAw5Q cc @aimeemann @ColbieCaillat @ChefChiarello http:…
RT @danielralston: My new thing for @vulture -"Get A Room"- @SusannaHoffs of The Bangles sings "Eternal Flame" in a private karaoke room ht…
@tomhensleyy NOOOOO!!!
RT @SusannaHoffs: Hi! I'm playing @LargoLosAngeles 2/25 w/ @aimeemann @petrahaden Jon Brion & an all ⭐ band & I really want you to come htt…
@radiomaru ❤️❤️❤️❤️
@TheRealTavie @danielralston He's pretty cute too.
@PFTompkins Based on the novel Push by Sapphire
@SocialQPhilip 😃❤️
@SocialQPhilip THANK YOU FOR QUOTING ME AND SAYING NICE THINGS!! I was very excited to see that!!!
@entylawyer I will always share a plastic cup of booze with you.
@Tremayne11 ❤️
@kevinseccia Generally they see an #orb
RT @LiveTalksLA: .@KimletGordon with @aimeemann Mar 5 Live Talks LA http://t.co/qXzkHmq9P0 #girlinaband @thesonicyouth #LA @ShareThis http:…
@blacksab67 @MPenn EWWW!!
@blacksab67 @MPenn No twitter spoilers!
@jakefogelnest ❤️
RT @SusannaHoffs: I can't contain my excitement any longer! @aimeemann @petrahaden @natebargatze & Jon Brion will all be joining me @LargoL…
@blacksab67 Same
@Lin_Manuel Luckily, I know a guy. #In
RT @DJRotaryRachel: So many emotions right now. http://t.co/zXEyOW6GIx
RT @okkervilriver: "Just take those old records off the shelf / get out some paint / we're going to paint the shelf." -Home Improvement Bob…
@josefchaib I don't think we recorded the whole thing, just a section to fit into the scene.
@MrJoshCharles Oh my god, thank YOU!! And Yay!! Also you are awesome!
@tedleo @jonathancoulton AGREE.
@paulandstorm @johnroderick @tedleo 😂
@samisblond No, but it is about a boxer friend!
@tedleo @burnumd Wait, we haven't been asked yet...don't count your chickens, etc!
@PandaDiablo I love it!!
@ariannk I feel like @tedleo was maybe #hamming it up just a LITTLE...
@heliumcell Just got wifi so you will be kept constantly in the loop.
@heliumcell SOOOOOON.
@heliumcell @tedleo I've heard the internet is fairly spotty, so we may ALL be disappointed.
@kevinseccia I will watch it even if it's just all armadillo, all the time.
RT @DaveSFoley: It's #BellLetsTalk Day! For every tweet Bell will donate 5¢ to mental health initiatives. Please, everyone retweet this on…
@Shermanscorner Aw, thank you for donating!!
RT @ACNewman: A riddle: He falls but is happy to fall, he's very cold, too much of him will cause cars to drive into a ditch. Who is he?
@ACNewman Probably will. Making my decision soon.
@kurtbraunohler AGREE
@andylevy same
@andylevy same
@DJRotaryRachel Coming right up.
@danielralston HEY! THIS IS HOW I FEEL ABOUT YOU!!
@kevinseccia You're in! #OrbTalk
@kevinseccia Classic #OrbTweet
@blacksab67 wish i was there but not really?
@wholeexpanse Thank you SO MUCH! I love how Ted shreds on the older stuff! Xo
@UncleDynamite @tedleo 😂😂😂
@wholeexpanse @tedleo 😃😃😃
@LauraJaneGrace @tedleo Thank YOU! Wish there were more!
@UncleDynamite @tedleo We do that all the time.
@UncleDynamite @tedleo You are the best.
RT @KEYMagazine: The multi-night, multi-venue @TNKfest kicks off tonight with @aimeemann and @tedleo as #TheBoth @AthenaeumTheatr! http://t…
@kevinseccia @andylevy You are an imbecile. #orb
@andylevy "Haha we're engaged in a lively back and forth where I tell him like it is and he...wait, what just happened"
@andylevy one strike policy
@daveanthony @andylevy you're a glaring hole
@konilsson I hate it.
@andylevy @PFTompkins But the mule is still in, right?
@tedleo @jodify 😂😂😂🐦🐤
@danielralston @bnacker @tedleo @jonwurster @DJRotaryRachel @MaryKoCo nice shapes
@bnacker @tedleo @jonwurster @danielralston @DJRotaryRachel @MaryKoCo hey look it's Ben!
@tedleo @jonwurster @danielralston @DJRotaryRachel @MaryKoCo hi guys!
@ablinken Welcome aboard! I hope you are mostly going to use this forum to talk about 12-bar-blues jams.
This is a thing the Both are playing at Jan 14th in Chicago, come see us! http://t.co/lH1C1JjiIc
RT @danielralston: The first video I directed for @aimeemann & @tedleo's band The Both just crossed the 100,000 view mark. It is good. http…
@TheRealTavie Watched a doc about Sondheim last night and thought of you. Here's to more musicals in 2015!
@UncleDynamite I hope it's Wodehouse!
@kevinseccia @BoobsRadley Pick me up a couple! This whole exchange has really worked up an appetite.
@BoobsRadley @kevinseccia ORBIE GOT BURNED!!
@jonwurster Tippity tap.
@ReelQuinn @tedleo THANK you!
RT @danielralston: Heyyy one of the videos I directed for @aimeemann & @tedleo is at no. 29 on Buzzfeed's best music videos of the year! ht…
@blacksab67 NOT COOL
@tedleo CUPID!! Of COURSE!!
@normwilner @bnacker I have! The stresses of touring nearly destroyed him!
@bnacker I am the only remaining Allen Sherman crowd.
@danielralston @tedleo Really looking forward to our Valentines Day episode. #MurderSheSang
RT @tedleo: #SPECIAL thanks to @bnacker who conceived of and helped us write "Murder, She Sang!" & @danielralston who brought it to visual …
@mattmayhall @tedleo @paulie_be THANK YOU!
RT @ScottAukerman: HOLIDAY ep of @ComedyBangBang w/ Len Wiseman (@PFTompkins), music from The Both (@aimeemann @tedleo) & guests galore! ht…
@ChandlerPoling (Back in LA next week)
@KathleenEConway @tedleo love this
RT @KarenKilgariff: I can never remember is it starve a cold feed a fever or eat a sleeve of saltines binge watch 48 Hours and convince you…
@ChandlerPoling Yes!
@cindybruno @katewilderGO :(
@cindybruno @katewilderGO I'm so sorry, that really sucks!!
@cv4nash @jonathancoulton @thebirchmere No, sadly, but we will have @hodgman!
@kevinseccia @BoobsRadley yore both rong
@kevinseccia @tedleo @paulie_be Thanks, Orbie!
@katewilderGO Oh nooo!
@heliumcell @UncleDynamite Can't bring myself to fave.
@ChrisWillman :)
@kevinseccia @Gothamist Damn you, Hammy!
@ReelQuinn @Gizmodo 😂😂😂🔌
@billjanovitz @SusannaHoffs Thank you so much for being a part of it!
@uraclod @midnight Ewwwww!!!
@SullyWins @tedleo @GaryTaxali Yes!
@TheBostonCal @The_Wilbur Tomorrow night!
@inGVK Fantastic! Karen from management is going to email you with details!
RT @bodensmamaplus1: . @aimeemann The baby came early! 2 gold circle tickets for El Rio tonight and we can't go. $60 or best offer? please …
@bridge2nowhere @LargoLosAngeles aww sorry! Too many other songs to get to!
RT @timheidecker: hey San Franciso: I'm doing some standup and other duties tonight for @aimeemann 's X-mas show http://t.co/EFi4rUjsLD
@howellsacto @LOLGOP If you think she'd enjoy the show! It's a version of "Lo How A Rose Ere Blooming."
@billyeichner @tedleo MY HEART IS A CRYING HORSE!!
Hey, we're looking for a soprano who can sight read for a choir thing we're doing in our Xmas show in Santa Cruz Saturday! IS IT YOU??? LMK!
@SuperDemC Oops yes i meant Sat!
Hey, we're looking for a soprano who can sight read for a choir thing we're doing in our Xmas show in Santa Cruz Friday! IS IT YOU??? LMK!
@kevinseccia Sometimes I don't even know how you're still alive.
RT @danielralston: Get tix to The @AimeeMann Xmas tour w/@tedleo here: http://t.co/wZHZ16NKms We made a special video for it that I'm 100% certain you'll like.
@itsmikerock @MaryKoCo Mary hell never learn
@MaryKoCo were on the same page
RT @katienotopoulos: The thing that really chafes my nuts about the rape of 2 dozen women is how it impacts a fictional TV character. Also …
@paperbacknovel @jdfess6 @Amtrak @thetillers Love the Acela!
@blacksab67 why hesitate
@tedleo @humanclock 😂😂😂😂🎸
@pulomabasu That mall date sounds pretty sweet though.
RT @midnight: BRACE FOR THE HOTNESS! Champions of awesome @Nick_Offerman, @aimeemann & @danagould are on tonight's show! http://t.co/qHY076
@blacksab67 @TessRafferty VERY ANGRY
@lianamaeby @midnight ilu
RT @Detron3000: @adamcarolla MT @midnight: BRACE FOR THE HOTNESS! @Nick_Offerman, @aimeemann & @danagould are on tonight's show! http://t.…
@danielralston @midnight THANK YOU!
TONIGHT! I'm going to be on @midnight w/ @nerdist going up against @Nick_Offerman & @danagould! WHO WILL WIN??
@danielralston So #ew
@uraclod @kevinseccia Ewww!
RT @StephenMerchant: #HelloLadiesMovie @HBO http://t.co/Hdyx0pTf5q
@kevinseccia #blorp
@UncleDynamite nonono
@TheSpoony @danielralston ew
@MaryKoCo It's like when they put chili into chocolate, or something.
@ACNewman stealing it
@kevinseccia You mean you are going to have a few snacks first to build up strength.
@derekpowell @HitFix @tedleo @amazon THANK YOU!!
RT @HitFix: Song Of The Day: http://t.co/6bCC1u9GxA “NOTHING LEFT TO DO (LET’S MAKE THIS CHRISTMAS BLUE)” by @aimeemann and @tedleo #TheBo…
@andylevy @kevinseccia such a shame #blorp
@andylevy remember @kevinseccia? whatever happened #orb
@danielralston I think me faving this sub-subtweet about me saying I was bored before is pretty ultimate.
@danielralston @MaryKoCo I was specifically bored with all your beard tweets. Your IMs were fascinating though.
@MaryKoCo Please make a tweet, I'm bored.
@FatGayVegan @tedleo FURIOUS
@kevinseccia 😡😡😡
@jakefogelnest You're just as god made you.
RT @JessicaValenti: In WaPo today: Bill Cosby raped me. Why did it take 30 years for people to believe my story? http://t.co/YHupAnWwsw
@kevinseccia #orb
@jakefogelnest I don't appreciate your cynicism, Jake.
@JoeSeiders Lurking
RT @FillmoreSF: The Return of Aimee Mann’s Christmas Show w/ @AimeeMann and @TedLeo arrives 12/5! Check out their new Christmas track http:…
RT @bowerypresents: .@AimeeMann & @TedLeo (& special guests) bring their Christmas show to @SpaceAtWestbury 12/12 & @TownHallNYC 12/13 http…
@TheRealTavie I'm opening a new Cat & Nap Cafe.
@tedleo @UncleDynamite @MaryKoCo I will check out these books, and thank you both for this entire conversation! #thrsuet
@TheRealTavie @tedleo 😍
RT @tedleo: The holidays ain't always easy. RT if agree/FAV for rspkt/check out my & @aimeemann's Christmas song to feel things: https://t.…
@MaryKoCo 🍟🍸
@MaryKoCo ilusm
@SarahThyre @lianamaeby YES!
@WolfeReports @TNMichaelA God bless us.
@maggieserota yes just do it
@idochips @MaryKoCo Kiefo.
@lianamaeby "Lobe swirl"
@MaryKoCo I can't wait for this sketch/series/movie. There are not nearly enough entertainments based on cat puns. #timely
@WolfeReports That's a lot of sad!
@HeyBrianDennis Hahaha!
@jsparatta @HeritageRVA It was so nice to meet you, too, and I can't wait to come back!
RT @skylightbooks: Check out this book podcast by our friend @imnatecorddry. Guests include @aimeemann @BrianStack153 @TheStevenWeber. http…
@Caissie No, please--save them for Easter!
@Caissie oh my god
@MaryKoCo I am p veiny
@michaelianblack @MaryKoCo Get along with you and your dumb Y. No one wants it.
RT @jennyandteets: LOST!Please tweet @JasonBiggs or myself if you hv seen GINA. She was last seen three hours ago on Benedict Canyon http:/…
@JoeSeiders Same here, and we did, and you were FANTASTIC, by the way!
@jonwurster Until you discover that tack I left on your car seat.
@jonwurster One year dumber
@UncleDynamite @danielralston FINE BURST MY BUBBLE
RT @lianamaeby: The logical extreme? If street harassment is flattery then rape is the highest form of compliment.
@lianamaeby agree!
@ACNewman @TheNewPornos I say burpees.
@danielralston I would hug any kind of fox.
@danielralston Seems cool.
@danielralston No. Are you sleep-following people?
@tedleo She is the #best!
@NunanCBA @tedleo @soundopinions 😃
@NunanCBA @tedleo @soundopinions Yay, thank you!
@blacksab67 @tedleo no
@UncleDynamite Refusing to fave such #filth.
@imnatecorddry @mountain_goats I'm so mad I hadn't read it yet when we did the podcast!
Holy shit this book by @mountain_goats is so good I sort of feel like screaming or something. Seriously, go get it. #WolfInWhiteVan
RT @MaryKoCo: I have a new podcast! Ep 1 @michaelianblack looks physically different in his head when he's acting https://t.co/MWDw8q8nMw P…
@tedleo this sounds complicated
RT @jonathancoulton: JoCo Live is now available on iTunes (and probably elsewhere): http://t.co/dfdAQUJS1D
@TurboGrandma @MaryKoCo I'm totally exhausted now.
@jonwurster dumb
@jakefogelnest can you include this tweet
@TheSpoony 👎🔙
@TheSpoony your final confirmation of "idiot" status is in!
@msugrl33 Happy (late) Birthday!
@borderlinefemme This is awesome!
@InsidiousForce There were some LEGENDARY moves.
@InsidiousForce Hi! I wonder if you were the Crazy Dancing Guy.
@jonwurster @ACNewman I agree! Nothing is better for vocal chords than rich creamy dairy products.
My pal @ScottAukerman's show @ComedyBangBang returns tonight, 11pm on @IFC! Ellie Kemper, @JAdomian @JoeWengert & @The_National are on it!
@maggieserota @danielralston ugh why would he do this to us
@tedleo @bigplastichead THIS IS A GREAT THING 😂😂😂
@tedleo Stop being a #GlutenGloat
@PFTompkins @johnmoe @wits TUSTIN!!
@kevinseccia @MaryKoCo YOU ARE THE ORB 😡😡😡
@MaryKoCo 😂😂😂😂🎷🎷🎷
@MaryKoCo Every time I send a tweet I'm going to blow the mail horn 📯
@ReelQuinn They are stalwart; it's US who's the weak link in the chain.
@MaryKoCo I use that for #smells.
@MaryKoCo That seems too infrequent. Better check with an expert.
@MaryKoCo faving all your old tweets like a stalker
@MaryKoCo 'he likes to tap dance, doo doo doo!'
@MaryKoCo really upset with myself for not singing "F.E. Eggleston" to you at brunch.
RT @soundopinions: Love for Milwaukee from @Both_Music. What's w/ the Bronze Fonz? @aimeemann @tedleo @RadioMilwaukee http://t.co/nrVwc49QgT
@UncleDynamite @johnfreiler @billyeichner @GEICO @BurgerKing WHAT?! NO!!
@maggieserota HUGGING KITTIES YAY!!!
@itsmikerock Debating second RT
RT @itsmikerock: A Man, A Plan, A Canal, A Cannoli, Linoleum, Lanolin, On The Lam, Illeana Douglas.
@itsmikerock I am EXTREMELY KIND.
@tedleo @Squinner @JoCoCruiseCrazy This could be a real Hobbortunity.
@danielralston Tuning guy
@daveanthony Thank you.
@MaryKoCo omg you are the best I can't espresso much i love you
@MaryKoCo "Olive" you
@MaryKoCo ilu
RT @hhavrilesky: Also strongly recommend this great piece on @lenadunham & the unsustainable pressures on female celebs by @rtraister: http…
@jtkantor @mattmayhall @tedleo Thank YOU, that was so fun!!
@BMAs_Boston @Vanyaland617 @lawnond @tedleo Thank YOU!
@robhatchmiller @tedleo This warms the cockles of my heart!
@blacksab67 @AlexandraMLydon @Noam25 One day we will see him.
@DJRotaryRachel @michaelianblack well
@bnacker Cat weighs 12 lbs you're welcome
@kellyoxford @aekyo @3x1minus1 Clique-adjacent!
@jtkantor @tedleo @mattmayhall Thank you!!!
@stephaniedrury He's p into garbage.
@stephaniedrury I guess Jesus has to do a lot of jogging to work off all those cakes.
RT @LateNightSeth: TONIGHT: Neil Patrick Harris (@ActuallyNPH), @RitaWilson, and music from The Both (@tedleo and @aimeemann)! http://t.co/
@UncleDynamite @tedleo Totally in favor of this.
@jonwurster FURIOUS
RT @susiewilkins: @aimeemann Please RT to show your support for the brave students protesting in my beautiful hometown #HongKong http://t.c
RT @BigStarThirdLA: GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE(LA) #DjangoHaskins @SkylarGudasz @brettharris @SusannaHoffs @aimeemann @Trunkworthy http://t.c
@tedleo @minidiscoball p true
@tedleo @minidiscoball It is true.
@highchairkings @tedleo @blacksab67 @MoonZappa 100%!
@JenVesp @tedleo Let's ask @SuperEgoRecords !
@kirstenogden @sequentialmatt Thank you! Wasn't that wine fantastic??
@kirstenogden Well, @MPenn DOES have a beard, but my bandmate last night was my producer @paulie_be!
RT @BigStarThirdLA: Two @BigStarBand albums performed live this SAT NT at #Autism benefit @latimes @PopHiss @thevandykeparks @aimeemann ht…
@peterb103 It's a pretty hard show to travel with, so the chances are slim, sadly!
@uraclod @midnight Ham.
RT @KenStringfellow: Tix still avail for Saturday's incredible performance of Big Star #1 Record/3rd http://t.co/ijhrMIoB28 check lineup! …
@uraclod U R!!
@tedleo @jodify 😖😖😖
@kevinseccia On it AND shaped like it! #orb
@kevinseccia Jump in. It moves faster than you think. Ps. #orb.
@tedleo @jodify No. http://t.co/wqoRZN3cc0
RT @samaritanmag: Dozens of comedians & musicians on charity album: http://t.co/ud2w1RXVX3 via @samaritanmag @aimeemann @margaretcho @Andre…
@blacksab67 @UncleDynamite @tedleo I'm almost tempted to take you up on this.
RT @BigStarThirdLA: Tix selling fast! @BigStarBand @EbellTheatre 9/27 #LA BUY NOW :http://t.co/S6EscnnHhB @aimeemann @thevandykeparks http…
@Noam25 It seems crazy that we did that.
@blacksab67 Get out of our refrigerator.
@idochips @BoobsRadley Reassuring to know he can see very clearly where he wants to jump.
@BoobsRadley 😂😂😂👾
@BoobsRadley I think the really deadly ones are little...brown recluse, black widow, etc. ps nice pic of your boyfriend
@DenAsKISS No, sorry!
Please watch this hilarious thing with @ACNewman and @julieklausner! http://t.co/hBdfrrgesS
RT @BeTheBoy: Celebrate @tedleo and @aimeemann 's birthdays (her's was Monday) by watching this video they made w/ @danielralston http://t.…
@jaketapper @JayCarney @SenJohnMcCain Perfect.
@drewodoherty omg
@DenAsKISS I bet @SuperEgoRecords can make this happen!
RT @kurtbraunohler: What do I need to do to get 500 goats to African families in need? How about this? http://t.co/5GjrKXvZtC @Heifer #rous…
@jakefogelnest @michaelianblack @funnyordie In.
@coopercj @tedleo Not this time :(
@drewodoherty @joanlemay Hahaha THANK YOU
@itsmikerock THANK YOU!
@NekoCase @joanlemay @tedleo @irrelevant_view LET'S ALL KEEP GOING!
@wholeexpanse xoxo
@TheRealTavie xoxo
RT @SuperEgoRecords: The return of the @aimeemann Christmas Show with @tedleo & special guests! http://t.co/cul3ssS60F Clip from past show …
@danielralston That was actually @tedleo, but I definitely took the #Sexcat ball and ran with it...
@JaimeMeisler @tedleo Christmas show in early December, but that's not an all-Both either...
@WessyBGood @tedleo Thank you!!
@BeTheBoy You are a very nice person to say this!
@danielralston @maggieserota you look p good though
@maggieserota What no
@maggieserota @joanlemay 😍
@joanlemay @NekoCase @irrelevant_view @tedleo HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!! #VIRGOS
@joanlemay @torreslovesyou I LIKE THAT LIL BAT!!
@torreslovesyou @joanlemay HI LITTLE BAT THANK YOU!! Xo
@blacksab67 You'll probably leave out the shake, though.
@MaryKoCo 😂❤️🍏
@MaryKoCo next to the iron
@TheSpoony Are you at the kangaroo office?
RT @SarahThyre: Have you looked at Jennifer Lawrence's tits today? Congrats, you're an asshole.
@MrJoshCharles @SarahThyre @DJRotaryRachel Absolutely.
@SarahThyre @DJRotaryRachel Be quiet, both of you; I'm trying to watch Randolph Mantooth on "Emergency."
@MrJoshCharles @DJRotaryRachel I told her Tab but she JUST WOULDN'T LISTEN.
@kwdarby @tedleo Your review was literally the review that every artist dreams of getting. It really gave us a boost and a thrill!
@BeTheBoy Word.
@kwdarby @tedleo Thank you so much for this!!
RT @kwdarby: Finally, my review of The Both (@aimeemann & @tedleo's) phenomenal record -- http://t.co/nO599390GA
@KarolinaHjelte Puss och kram!!
@PFTompkins As discussed last night. http://t.co/r937Io7z4B
@paulie_be @tedleo @jonwurster I am ALL THE WAY in.
@michaelianblack @MaryKoCo wait no
@MaryKoCo @michaelianblack could be fly mary give it a chance
RT @PFTompkins: August's secret @Varietopia guests: @alisonbrie, @aimeemann, @tedleo & Jerry Minor! Who'll be September's? Come see! http:/…
@UncleDynamite @MaryKoCo 😃 #thr
@MaryKoCo #thr
@daveanthony @stereogum @tedleo Why must you always ruin fun
@johnONeil You are #nice!
The #Both has a new video out today! LOOK AT IT! @tedleo http://t.co/BUt5VYeF6x
RT @stereogum: Watch the Both (@aimeemann & @tedleo) get drunk at a wedding in their "Volunteers Of America" video http://t.co/PeAq7p5T3t
RT @Apey: Dudes! I was so psyched to party with my friend @aimeemann & her nutty friend @tedleo in their new #TheBoth video! https://t.co/0
@blacksab67 Oh my god, they're out of control. Ugh!
@ACNewman Does watching the Emmys count as a party?
RT @ACNewman: Have I told you that @TheNewPornos Brill Bruisers LP is out today?
@blacksab67 @tedleo Not cool, man. #NotCool
Hi me and @tedleo are playing at Largo tonight, blow off those Emmy parties and come see us! Especially you, @MaryKoCo
@ReelQuinn @tedleo @jodify Move over, Dumb Starbucks!
RT @Carrie_Rachel: Magic: the gathering. With some of my favorite people @aimeemann @KimletGordon #AmyPoehler http://t.co/LlKOBCW7ur
@smilerstattoo @tedleo Oct. 5 in NYC, Central Park!
Come see me & @tedleo play a duo show at @LargoLosAngeles this Sunday! Some #Both, some #other! http://t.co/eqkHFORecz
@AndyKindler I'm still trying to work up to angry tweets.
@DJRotaryRachel Call me when it's a flavored instant coffee.
@MaryKoCo @FarmSanctuary same
@Wandering_Rob Deserves TWO faves!
@lianamaeby Yay, everything is awesome!
@lianamaeby I did nothing to be included in this but I'm going to jump on board anyway.
@MaryKoCo @AndyKindler We "may" never know!
@blacksab67 I'm in for Monday.
@Markintheheart 100% loved it!
@MaryKoCo no mary you must be mistaken #breezyhat
@MaryKoCo not same
@poemics @tedleo Thank YOU!!
@blacksab67 furious
@blacksab67 I'll shoot you for that simple minds cassette alone
@lianamaeby no way
@mattmayhall @tedleo @IsaChandra @ModernLoveOmaha THIRDED.
@Kathy_Valentine Same here! Let's stay in touch!
@danielralston P punk email though
RT @prekindle: TONIGHT: #TheBoth (@AimeeMann and @TedLeo) at @KesslerTheater with special guest Lemuria. http://t.co/if7STV7znL @lemuriapop
@rightarmjesse @tedleo #DontForgetMockingbirds
@HectorHelium Yay!!
@jammalama @JakeBugg @foxtheatreco 😃😃😃
@ChandlerPoling Perfect! Have a lovely September!
@AndyKindler @MaryKoCo #WhoAmI
@ChandlerPoling Ah, thank you! And I wish, but I'm gone for most of August! Let's aim for September!
@ChandlerPoling Es geht mir gut, aber ich sehr beschäftigt bin! (I hope I said that right!) How have you been??
@thomaslennon Hey me and @ArdenMyrin want to go in on that baby, maybe a time share or something? Lmk.
@tedleo @drewodoherty @natoism @elmayforever @JoelHamiltone 😡😡😡😡
@DavidGArnold @garbage That goes without saying.
@MaryKoCo @tedleo @JeremyArambulo what
@TheRealTavie An anti-oxidant called NAC, also no dairy, that does it for me!
@tedleo @jodyavirgan @mahafestival #BOTHBIRD
RT @okkervilriver: Future generations'll be like "why did you use so much hi-hat?" & also "why were there so many bands?" & "what can I eat…
@michaelianblack @MaryKoCo @SarahThyre @AndyRichter @andylevy @HEELZiggler No we have to let her hit bottom *gets out rounded child scissors
@idochips So hostile!! 😂😂😂
@NPRinskeep Ahahaha!
@MaryKoCo they blocked you
@SarahThyre @NRA omg 😖🔫
@NPRinskeep @MorningEdition I feel certain it did.
@NPRinskeep @MorningEdition Might not be in keeping with the gravity of some other topics, but clearly VERY important.
@MaryKoCo @BlueShieldCA Yes, but I have some cool home remedies I can show you. #poultice
@NPRinskeep @MorningEdition Ask him about our recent "jam session"!
@TheRealTavie Home tomorrow! And you too! Ketchup portrait was awesome!
@colonelsexlife He's doing great and playing in various bands!
@AuntieQs Gluten-free cupcake!
@leifkool @tedleo @ronniewoowoo "Natural woo!" 😂😂😂
@Biz4Ever The set ended with a @tedleo song "Bottled In Cork" and the last encore was "Voice's Carry."
RT @chicagoideas: Monday = Downtown Sound at Millennium Park! Playing tonight @aimeemann + @tedleo + @pillarstongues! @ChicagoParks http://…
RT @DJRotaryRachel: LA! The documentary I directed about Boyce & Hart, THE GUYS WHO WROTE 'EM, premieres at @cinefamily Aug. 7! Tix here: h…
@andylevy @jakefogelnest agree, hat too big
RT @tedleo: Anybody else ever post something to Instagram with a hashtag-NSA and have it not show up in your saved photos LIKE EVERY OTHER …
@wildofmanitoba You guys were lovely and wonderful!
RT @tedleo: Thx to all at @Winnipegfolk, @boyandbear, @wildofmanitoba & as always @aimeemann for making it actually fun to be on stage in t…
@JasonMpan THANK YOU!
@MaryKoCo it's v hostile
RT @danielralston: Hey LA People- We could use a handful of extras for The Both (@aimeemann & @tedleo) video I'm directing tomorrow. Get at…
@JenAndTheFeline Top of a building on Hemmingway St maybe? Right near Berklee, anyway.
@bnacker @tedleo YAY FOR US!
@CameronCrowe ❤️❤️❤️
RT @180Degrees2: @aimeemann In honor of the 4th, USA Today says you have to see this (order on iTunes or Amazon today). http://t.co/Qv2Lmm
RT @jaketapper: "Jaws" Is Ridiculous, Say Kids Who Owe Everything to "Jaws" http://t.co/YeCsQ4eCkB Cc @RichardDreyfuss
@JulieFromCinci @tedleo THANK YOU!
@TheRealTavie ❤️
@JenKirkman Word, sister.
@blacksab67 @behindyourback That girl is going BANANAS.
@KiiBelling Looping in @SuperEgoRecords
Support @OneKidOneWorld & buy this great CD! I sing a song about a germ! https://t.co/JcEHYOpszi
@MaryKoCo such bullshit also where's the iron
RT @thecomedybureau: support @onekidoneworld & pick up comedy/music compilation album 2776 w/@pftompkins @evilhag @aimeemann http://t.co/C
@kevinseccia Finally your laziness benefits me!
@RobynHitchcock Yes, let's! 😂❤️🌏
Just got the news that the sun is going to turn into a red giant and completely engulf the earth so I'm a little #bummed out right now.
@lianamaeby #orb
@longtimelurker It's a Harry Nilsson song; not sure who's doing that version!
@scottmseiver 100% in favor of this
@andylevy hate
@MaryKoCo 🌝
RT @MaryKoCo: "Don't put this in your body." - The color of Flaming Limón Cheetos
RT @danielralston: A lot of things are dumb. Please RT.
@TheSpoony 😝
@guyfromcornwall :)
@SarahThyre please do this!
@BoobsRadley @andylevy yes andy, very insensitive
@MaryKoCo why is everyone
@MaryKoCo agree
RT @entylawyer: A night hanging out with my buddy @aimeemann and watching her perform with Ted Leo. http://t.co/4mtprcbqjY
@jakefogelnest refuse
@blacksab67 Yes
RT @180Degrees2: @leoweekly To hear John Doe's fantastic version of Golden State with @aimeemann you gotta see @Pleased2Meet ! https://t.co
@entylawyer Next time I am hanging out with your parents...I feel like your dad would understand the appeal of Jameson's in a plastic cup!!
@radiomaru horse head
@uraclod clod
RT @tedleo: Hey @Wits - happy 50th from fellow olds, @aimeemann & me! We took a selfie and used a bunch of filters for you! #Wits http://t.…
RT @tedleo: Individually & as The Both, @aimeemann & I have been on over 8% of @Wits' 50 shows. 100% of that 8% has been incredibly fun. Th…
@uraclod @heliumcell @GaryTaxali only if you're a bad person. #KatKarma
@idochips same
@uraclod @GaryTaxali @heliumcell So wrong.
@entylawyer #Ewww!
RT @TeamCoco: The Both (@AimeeMann & @TedLeo) stay positive playing "No Sir." -> http://t.co/TMDCuJ8yxH #CONAN
@uraclod @tedleo YOU MISSED IT!! ARGH!!
Hey, my pal @johnmoe's book is out! "DEAR LUKE, WE NEED TO TALK, DARTH." http://t.co/gBwdpbixND Check it out!
@NeilMahoney @tedleo Thanks!!
Backstage at the @elreytheatre because I am playing tonight with @tedleo as THE BOTH! COME SEE US!
@NeilMahoney @LargoLosAngeles @ThrillingAdv @tedleo YES PLEASE!!
@jakefogelnest @tedleo @knottyyarn Mad.
@jakefogelnest @tedleo @knottyyarn Jake.
@theglasshouse Thank YOU, we had a great time!
@kevinseccia Monster.
RT @amoebamusic: New "What's In My Bag?" episode w/The Both (aka @TedLeo & @AimeeMann)! See what the rock veterans found at Amoeba LA! http…
@TheRealTavie San Francisco!
@ReelQuinn @tedleo Ew, it kind of does!
Napa!! Me and @tedleo as The Both are playing at the City Winery tonight, come drink wine while we #rock you!
RT @CityWineryNapa: Are you ready to see #TheBoth tonight?! Doors at 6pm, Show at 8pm! Tickets still available! Don't miss out! @aimeemann …
RT @buzzbandsla: GIVEAWAY: The Both (@AimeeMann + @TedLeo) is performing at @TheGlassHouse Pomona on Friday! Win FREE tix here --> http://t…
RT @PerformerMag: Read our new interview with The Both (@AimeeMann & @TedLeo), watch a video AND win tix to tomorrow's show at @GAMH! http:…
RT @primawesome: Let's have a race. You try to get an appointment with a licensed mental health professional and I'll try to get a gun. Rea…
RT @KX935: VERY excited to be talking with @aimeemann AND @tedleo on the phone this afternoon. Listen in the 4pm hour here: http://t.co/XYL
@danielralston @djnorfair People are embarrassing.
@tedleo Oh, look who's FANCY.
I spelled @elreytheatre wrong! Come over there to #AskTheBoth some questions RIGHT NOW!
@blacksab67 @tedleo I've been waiting all my life to answer this.
@boonhogganbeck Not sure what that would be...the only gigs I played were with the Young Snakes.
@danielralston @tedleo i have a question for you: Is there a way I can kill you over the internet?
Me and @tedleo are taking over the @elreytheater account at 6:00 today to answer any and all questions! Use this--->#AskTheBoth
RT @CityWineryNapa: This Wednesday we've got @aimeemann & @tedleo in the house! #TheBoth #winewednesday #citywinery #napa #napavalley
RT @tedleo: HEY! At 6 PM PDT tonight @aimeemann & I are taking over @elreytheatre to answer YOUR #important & #necessary questions! Tag the…
RT @theglasshouse: This Friday #TheBoth ( @aimeemann & @tedleo ) will be here w/ @NickfromIslands ! Get your tickets in advance: http://t.c
@bobbyfinger Lets ask @SuperEgoRecords
@SuziChamberlain @tedleo That was no dream.
@jtkantor @tedleo @sosoglos 😂😂😂
@mudaba @tedleo Might have been just a pre-order thing, let's ask @SuperEgoRecords!
@danielralston @tedleo @wits @sosoglos Oh my god
@tedleo @wits @sosoglos DOUBLE #EWWW!!!
Thanks, autocorrect. Now @tedleo is never going to let me forget the time I told him how much I like some of the @sosoglos "dongs."
Gearing up for #TheBoth CA shows next week! Please come see me & @tedleo play our 70's influenced #rock music! http://t.co/07YzUiUN1l
RT @elreytheatre: Love @goldenroadbrew and great music? Enter our contest for #TheBoth (@aimeemann + @tedleo) - here June 14th. http://t.co
@tedleo leave that lil guy alone
@TrentGentry Love it.
@IraDW @tedleo Great idea!
@TrentGentry Decaf soy latte! All fun removed!
I think I really made an impression at Starbucks today with my Ben Gay ointment smell and my "I Voted" sticker.
Aw, this new @bobmouldmusic song and video are both so great! http://t.co/BVpjb5pnSn
@danielralston I'm surprised you could even see my tweet from up on your HIGH HORSE, YEAH! #BURN
There's nothing more exhausting than shopping for socks online.
RT @elreytheatre: Enter to win 2 tickets to see #TheBoth (@tedleo + @aimeemann) on June 14th + $25 to @goldenroadbrew. http://t.co/Cf6gd3ed
I am totally in love with the @iamjohnoliver show.
@idochips I appreciate you thinking of me.
@MaryKoCo LU
@PerryShall @tedleo Thank you! I'm digging it!
@MaryKoCo @danielralston @tedleo @DJRotaryRachel Mary knows I know. 🐴
RT @elreytheatre: Win 2 tickets to The Both (@aimeemann + @tedleo) on June 14th + $25 to @goldenroadbrew! Here's how: http://t.co/gPfqzMj1ro
@robdelaney I'm so happy for you!!
@daveanthony @ComedyBangBang Bats are cute, thank you.
@ReelQuinn @ComedyBangBang Aimee "Aimee" Mann.
@ComedyBangBang Hi! I tried to sign on but maybe the password doesn't work til 7:30 on the dot? HELP MEEEEEEEEE!!!
@daveanthony @ComedyBangBang Still not as big a monster as you.
@daveanthony @ComedyBangBang Please don't ever address me again.
I'm live-tweeting later from @comedybangbang because I'm going to be on tonight's episode! On 10:30 EST!
RT @ScottAukerman: Tonight on @ComedyBangBang: Fred Armisen & I wage a late night war! @AdamPally! @AimeeMann! @DavidAlanGrier! @MEEllisDay…
@MaryKoCo 🐴👒🍸
@Tremayne11 @tedleo YAYYYY!!
@TheRealTavie I'm sleepy toooooooo!
Hey, I'm going to be on Comedy Bang Bang this Thursday at 10:30 EST on IFC! Fred Armisen is too! http://t.co/Qhm2c1YJ3N
@UncleDynamite UNCLE!! #EWWWWWWW
@JessicaJenn2 Thanks, it was a long time ago...I hope you're ok and I'm so sorry!
RT @UncleDynamite: A Modest Treatise on #YesAllWomen. http://t.co/pUe96ifP81
@UncleDynamite Wow. This is beyond fantastic. THANK YOU!!
@tedleo @ryanjeneroux Probably all the #nudies.
@MaryKoCo I hope you have reasons for the raisins, ok never mind
@JustATadTodd Thank you for your support with that dumb headphone guy!
@JustATadTodd @mdcampbell "If you insist on walking outside you are going to get attacked." Yay! I'm a pair of headphones!
@RylanDogg You are very kind! It was a long time ago, and I don't even think they were being gross...it was just a habit of mind.
@Scheopner ❤️
@UncleDynamite It's a classic! Thanks for being an awesome human being, Uncle.
@TrentGentry It was a long time ago, thanks! You are sweet.
I want to recommend the documentary "The Punk Singer," about Kathleen Hanna. Very topical & inspiring. #YesAllWomen
@drewodoherty Word up!
RT @DJRotaryRachel: Just did more blocking than a summer stock rehearsal of "The Goodbye Girl."
Once again, are mugging victims or male assault victims asked what they were wearing during an attack? This is still a debate? #YesAllWomen
@chookio88 @danielralston Thanks...no evidence was taken, so I don't think the question was related.
@RMSpuhler So sorry you were attacked, ugh! Hope you are ok!
The "laptop" being me outside. “@jazzabraham1: @aimeemann If you leave you laptop on the passenger seat your car will get broken into.” #Yes
@lenadunham Hair net, gingham, knitting basket?
@jakefogelnest Because Jake insists on making jokes like this. #YesAllWomen
Some people say that asking what I was wearing is just another detail in a police report. Are male assault victims asked this? #YesAllWomen
@Uoz I know! Most of the men I know are lovely! Thanks for caring!
@mfkennedy No, but thanks!
@danielralston #Ew.
The cops who asked me "Well, what were you wearing?" when I reported an attack and attempted rape. #YesAllWomen
RT @narrynicotine: #yesallwomen http://t.co/Vzq7aB5TlZ
@peterjblack Maybe @SuperEgoRecords can advise...
RT @irvingazoff: The Difference Between a Pandora Executive and a Pandora Artist… http://t.co/fbPiYvFpu5
Hey, here's a Kickstarter for software for people to get rides to medical treatments, & the guy's not a flake! https://t.co/3wkA1ginrV
@johnroderick Word.
@rare_basement @tedleo such a great song.
@tedleo #Cookie and #wine now, #bus and #tunes in June.
@rare_basement @tedleo :)
@trumpetcake I almost said "Turn into eel" to you at the supermarket today.
@TheTweetOfGod @mkruvant This song is beautiful and awesome.
@OITNB @tedleo THANK you!!
@OITNB @tedleo :)
RT @vulture: You truly haven’t heard the theme from M*A*S*H until you’ve heard it harmonized by @tedleo and @aimeemann: http://t.co/jX8W6kJ
@MaryKoCo 😂 lu
@MaryKoCo 🐴👻
@DJRotaryRachel #Eww!!
@blacksab67 @danielralston If I do it for you, then I have to do it for the whole class.
@adamksmet July 21st I think! CC: @tedleo
@danielralston @blacksab67 @AndyKindler @MPenn A block and a restraining order.
@danielralston It's not good.
RT @danielralston: @aimeemann We are friends. Can I get an RT?
@danielralston I want to say no?
RT @morgan_murphy: opinions are like assholes, if you put yours on the internet it better be perfect.
RT @MoviesTalking: @aimeemann We just did a whole show on Magnolia. Any chance of a RT? Oh, and you rock! Talking Movies #19: Magnolia htt…
@tedleo Moses first.
A centipede the size of an alligator?? Fuck you, weird pre-Cambrian over-oxygenated period. #Cosmos
@ACNewman @tedleo Then I will murder Ted. #DEADLeo
So hot today I ate a carrot in desperation.
@haydenmcasey13 YOU ARE WELCOME
@tedleo @ACNewman I will murder him.
Watching Association videos and wondering why @DJRotaryRachel isn't with me.
@BoobsRadley @lenadunham I like you ladies.
@TheRealTavie it feels weird out here.
@julieklausner Works for me.
@willgoldstein @tedleo It will go on forever and ever until you are sick of it!
@DJRotaryRachel @ShittingtonUK 😂😂😂
@mattmayhall @tedleo Oh my clob.
@ayjaySTL @tedleo @SpotifyUSA I think the single already is, but the full record won't!
@pastereplies @PasteMagazine YAY!!
@katiermayo NOT LIKE
@allweeksend I think we just recorded the one bit that was used in the scene...maybe someday I'll record it when I have time!
@JillianPenrod It was me! Sorry about your heart attack!
@briankoppelman @susannelantero @ChelseaVPeretti Yes!
@ChrisSonzogni @tedleo @wfuv @SpotifyUSA THANK you!
@daveanthony @tomhensleyy Better than a clown!
THE BOTH [@AimeeMann + @TedLeo] LIVE on KEXP from NYC right now at http://t.co/iB7jwO3mmK
RT @trumpetcake: ABOUT ME: a) thinkin' bout rice b) is Perry home? c) super chill d) singin' to Clay e) elf mode f) turn into eel http:…
@MaryKoCo 🐴👶🚫
@supervman00 @tedleo Thank you so much! They're so cool!
RT @NPRAskMeAnother: Get to know our VIPs @aimeemann and @tedleo a little better with this quiz in the style of “The Newlywed Game.” http:/…
@blacksab67 Bet you scared Oscar into hermitude for the rest of his life!
@andylevy You could go T-shirt/pantless and teach them all a lesson.
RT @WorldCafe: "Pleased To Meet Me" Indie music film with @aimeemann John Doe & even @WorldCafe on iTunes Now! http://t.co/no8PFd7b0X
@blacksab67 Um....sure!
RT @MetroChicago: TONIGHT: The Both (@tedleo & @aimeemann) w/ @NickfromIslands. Doors at 8, show at 9. Tix are available at the door! http:…
RT @JoshMalina: .@aimeemann and @tedleo's The Both is the kind of disc you want to play again the moment it's done. Give it a listen.
@JoshMalina @tedleo THANK YOU!!!
@samantha_power xoxox
@Weej69 @tedleo @mattmayhall @DJRotaryRachel Badfinger, Bee Gees, Turtles
@jpfanshawe @tedleo @mattmayhall @DJRotaryRachel Day After Day
@radiomaru 👒🔪
In a cab with @tedleo & @mattmayhall, & @DJRotaryRachel is playing DJ with her iPod and drumming on the cabbie's shoulder & it is awesome.
Thank you @93XRT! That was very fun and everyone couldn't have been nicer!
@radiomaru I'm very proud of you and excited to read YOUR NEW BOOK YAYYYYYY!!!
@JesseThorn Word.
@UncleDynamite This guy needs boxers AND briefs.
@UncleDynamite Ugh, PUT IT ON!
@ElsaCharles @tedleo Chicago time!
Chicago! Tomorrow the Both plays the Metro, today @tedleo and I do a special stripped-down mini-concert on WXRT at 5:00! See you at #Both!
@danverdeja @tedleo Sorry, we didn't rehearse either of those! It's mostly Both songs with a couple other ones in there...
@blearyeyedgabe @tedleo It was fun, and thank you!
@kevinseccia DAMN YOU! 😂😂😎
Really excited to play the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor tonight, thanks to everybody who lined up in the rain!
@jkupetz @tedleo Omg what would we possibly do with suet on a tour bus ewww!
@TrentGentry Not that I remember!
@tdub742 @tedleo It's High Road, but we have shows in SF and Napa in June!
RT @ChrisWillman: Here’s an interview I did w/ @aimeemann & @tedleo about The Both, an album which you, my followers, surely own by now htt…
@ChrisWillman @tedleo HI CHRIS YOU ARE AWESOME!
@JamesDDetroit It's me with my band w/ @tedleo, The Both, so a whole new set of songs!
RT @Townstage: The Both (@aimeemann & @tedleo) are at the @BlindPigAA tonight! Catch the rock/indie/punk collaboration at 8pm! http://t.co/
@jtkantor @SuperEgoRecords @tedleo @M4HMOOD Yay, thank you!
@Delitesting Playing SF in June!
@ReelQuinn @tedleo See you in Chicago. Bring your own lint roller.
@thelindywest It's a Block Party!
RT @SuperEgoRecords: More discussion on Toronto Blue Jays than most, but nice review -Record of the Month Club:@aimeemann @tedleo #theboth …
My pals @julieklausner & @billyeichner are getting a show!! http://t.co/9eNqHKED6w
People of Cleveland, me and @tedleo are playing tonight as The Both at @beachlandCLE, please come see us!
@JenVesp @IndieMnded @tedleo This is so great, THANK you!!
RT @SenSanders: RELEASE: Congress Must Confront Global Warming Crisis: http://t.co/9jkALjYfyv #ActOnClimate http://t.co/hNAxLNQFG3
@billyeichner @THRtv @julieklausner @THR I am so excited and thrilled for both of you and also for myself! That reading was SO FUNNY!
@jakefogelnest Babies? I don't have my glasses on.
@andylevy @tedleo I AGREE WITH TED
@KathleenEConway @tedleo SO MANY QUESTION
@julieklausner @jakefogelnest Please don't neglect Esalen.
RT @FallonTonight: Web exclusive: @tedleo and @aimeemann tell us about the first albums they ever bought! https://t.co/o73VGcmaZl
@quirkyandklutzy @tedleo Aw, hope you feel better! Hugs!
@KathleenEConway @tedleo Holy SHIT. #Ungodly
@TheRealTavie Cardboard is the best and there's no need for underpainting!
@DCevents_ @930Club We already played!
@TheRealTavie Thank you! And that's exactly how I feel about you! So I guess we should both do MORE, just to be helpful!
@TheRealTavie Everything ive learned about songwriting i cant seem to apply to art. #Argh
@TheRealTavie But I experience the same thing with drawing or painting. "What should I draw?? What STYLE do I want to have??" It's annoying!
@AmyMunz2 Oh, I'm sorry, I'm playing with my band The Both tonight! 98% new songs and only songs we both know!
RT @NeinQuarterly: French: the language of love. German: the love of language. English: the love of English.
@TheRealTavie It's the most frustrating thing!
RT @WYEP: Tune in today at 3:00pm (EST) for live music from The Both featuring @aimeemann & @tedleo.
@IraDW @tedleo Yay!
@JessicaJenn2 It was my manager's!
@usamike @tedleo YEAH!!
@tedleo 😂📱🔢
@kevinseccia #orb
@tedleo Recite "Charge of the Light Brigade" when
@blacksab67 @daveanthony Ted Sky at Night
@kevinseccia Ham hock?! That tomato can!!
@jakefogelnest @MelanieGriffith @derekwaterss You do Drunk Social Studies.
@kevinseccia Did you watch?
@paulandstorm @dmgallo @tedleo Totally down with this idea.
And after watching the video that I just posted, maybe give these dudes a click! http://t.co/FpPg2I9KLW
@hannahmusic You are welcome! How great is John Ennis in this???
Please watch this, it's phenomenal. Hannah Georgas. http://t.co/vMRpuAWdEY @hannahmusic
I need this thing. “@paulandstorm: #CroachPlushLives http://t.co/DTy5fx2XMq
@JoeCaparco @tedleo We were so close, in Boston!
@BillinWill @tedleo Sorry, this is a Both band show, unfortunately we don't know either of those songs!
People of Philadelphia! Come see me and @tedleo as The Both at Union Transfer tonight!
RT @UnionTransfer: TONIGHT - see what happens when @aimeemann & @tedleo join forces as #TheBoth! @wxpnfm. Doors 8pm/$24 TIX: http://t.co/aP
@VABoredWoolf @tedleo Damn, I forgot to thank you from the stage for the awesome "kitty on a burrito"!
@richdupler @tedleo Show should be announced any day now!
RT @julieklausner: Very exciting news: NELLIE McKAY will be joining us on June 1 at @BellHouseNY for #HowWasYourWeekLive! Get tix now! htt…
@MaryKoCo ❤️👯
@aronharris @SuperEgoRecords @tedleo Dumb computers have no bass response!
@questlove @FallonTonight Aw thanks, I hope I get to see you next time! Hugs!
RT @SuperEgoRecords: #theboth @aimeemann and @tedleo played "Milwaukee" on The Tonight Show last night! http://t.co/3npReQYTrL
@carolyncaroline @MRaybin09 @portlandia LAST ONE!
RT @FallonTonight: The Both (@aimeemann & @tedleo) tell us about their first albums! https://t.co/FvTr7F2Iao #FallonTonight http://t.co/oM
@entylawyer @danacmcgowan @DavidSpade TOO LATE
The Both just played on @jimmyfallon and it was SO MUCH FUN!! Watch tonight pleaseee!!! #TheBoth @tedleo
RT @FallonTonight: TONIGHT: @DavidSpade, @SophiaBush, and The Both (@aimeemann and @tedleo) will all be here! #FallonTonight http://t.co/zd
@rgarner We're working on a UK release but for now you can only get it on http://t.co/YnBmoOuITU....
@mariaescaja @tedleo Love this picture! #RockBlur
RT @mariaescaja: These two ❤️ @aimeemann @tedleo #TheBoth http://t.co/JXWLjqaDxF
@MaryKoCo @AliveSwan Alive Swan UK
@blacksab67 @trumpetcake Pretty sure he means the whole band, which in truth I always suspected.
This is hilarious and John Ennis is great and it's not that long so you should watch it! http://t.co/XumpGEnbID
RT @93XRT: NOW: Enter to win tickets to see @aimeemann & @tedleo's band The Both. Text 'BOTH' to 59393 http://t.co/GDs0Ni8iMv
@trumpetcake THE Duran Duran?
@JimBoggia @kerryhallett Damn you.
@Lin_Manuel Hey, it was great to see you last night! I would've said goodbye but you were surrounded by a solid wall of cast members! Xo
@jefftiedrich @tedleo Never had Whipping Post shouted at me, might be a novelty!
RT @nickdonohue: I have 2 tickets available for @aimeemann and @tedleo at Bowery Ballroom tonight. Face value and can send via ticketmaster…
RT @sharonvanetten: .@pitchforkmedia has the premiere of SVE's new track "Every Time the Sun Comes Up" from the forthcoming #AreWeThere htt…
@PDX44 We're working on it!
Mostly just waiting for @MaryKoCo to tweet again.
@echi1208 I would love so much to play in Japan with the Both!
@danielralston Ahahahahaha! Don't I know it. #EdLeo
@ShannonShreibak :)
@TheRealTavie @DrunkSlut Wait, so you pin it yourself? DO NOT LIKE.
@danielralston Hm I didn't realize they counted them for you. Seems weird and Big Brother-y.
@danielralston Also stop "fave counting."
@danielralston I guess if it's a rule...*grudge RTs.*
RT @danielralston: @aimeemann Thanks for the 10 favs. Please remember 10 favs=1 RT.
@MaryKoCo F.E. Time
@DrunkSlut No idea!
@paulnivin @tedleo June 12th, I think!
I don't think I'm comfortable with tweets being "pinned."
RT @MrSmallsTheatre: This is your ONE WEEK WARNING for The Both (@aimeemann + @tedleo)!! Get your tickets here: http://t.co/NamdVdF7IL | ht…
RT @pastereplies: @aimeemann, we listed the best songs of 2014. Guess who made the cut? @PasteMagazine : http://t.co/NYD7sSBxRP
@rickshapirotv Honored!
@morgan_murphy @TheJetOnTNT Have a safe flight and a great trip, dude! See you at the Bean in a month!
@ChuckProphet @jenbutlerdesign @tedleo *incorporates gong idea*
@kevinseccia you make this too easy
@MaryKoCo Answer: yes
@tedleo @UncleDynamite FlushFranks™ "I'll Have Mine 'To Go'!"
People of Portland, ME--that was really fun! Thanks for coming to the Both show! @tedleo
Just went back and faved the last fifty @DJRotaryRachel tweets.
RT @TheTweetOfGod: One of these days someone will start a religion based on the things Jesus actually said in the Bible.
@FB_Leviathan Thank you so much!
@FB_Leviathan You can download it from the http://t.co/YnBmoOuITU store!
@FB_Leviathan Try the store on my website http://t.co/cQVsMy6yax!
@jenstrickland @tedleo @jodify Much dirtier!
@blacksab67 Ew!
@soapgirluk Why, @tedleo of course!
@GaryTaxali @kevinseccia @heliumcell @tedleo I BET THE PRIZE IS A HAM
@kevinseccia @GaryTaxali @heliumcell @tedleo Ahahaha damn you!
@blacksab67 I'm about to play a show in Boston!
@blacksab67 Look who's talking, Beach King!
Hey, the great @TVsAndyDaly's show "Review," a hilarious show that you should watch, has episodes on Youtube now! http://t.co/t9N70IxJLh
@jtkantor @M4HMOOD @tedleo @SuperEgoRecords :)
@CarolynMorrell @HOBBoston @tedleo We're all very ghostly!
RT @jtkantor: DVR the game! If you're in NY, come see @TheSplitSquad (Bowery Electric). If you're in Boston go see #TheBoth @aimeemann @ted…
@jtkantor @TheSplitSquad @tedleo Thanks, Josh!
@GaryTaxali @heliumcell @tedleo Ted is a pretty good curator...I think we should see if he wants to co-curate.
@hrachovec @tedleo We're working on releasing it in UK but for now, https://t.co/hHXGigzRT6 is the only way to get it, sorry!
RT @IHEG: TONIGHT at 8pm at Pearl Street Ballroom, we welcome The Both (@AimeeMann & @TedLeo) + @NickfromIslands Tickets: http://t.co/HpG6B
@chasbwalker @tedleo Come on, man.
@lexgranger Ahahaha!
@jtkantor @M4HMOOD @tedleo This is VERY EXCITING!
RT @M4HMOOD: The Both's "Milwaukee" being played at Fenway by organist @jtkantor!!! cc: @tedleo @aimeemann
@idochips @mcb3000 This is an excellent story. Thank you.
@idochips very excited until I realized you weren't talking about a real bobcat.
@FatGayVegan @tedleo Lets ask @SuperEgoRecords for help!
@TheRealTavie @fenirob It's the "yerba mate" of songs!
RT @CaughtOffBase: RT @Deadspin Josh Lueke is a rapist. Pass it on. http://t.co/DywKR6j38L
@fenirob @TheRealTavie This is my favorite conversation of all time. PLEASE GO ON.
@TheRealTavie @tedleo xoxx!
@asdobkin @tedleo @northernspyfood Thank you, it was nice to meet you! I ate Ted's food as well as mine. #Snack #Meal
@Parec116 @tedleo No...we're working on it but as it's a self-release it could take some time..
@daveanthony @collynmccoy no we're talking about how many stabs to make you stop talking
@daveanthony @collynmccoy Jesus, how many does it TAKE?
@JoshMalina @tedleo THANK you!!
@mikemorrow @tedleo THANK you!
@TheSpoony @tedleo I thought it would be fun to incorporate that into the show.
@tedleo I'm on #Both sides! Of the flat circle! What?!
@tedleo This doesn't even make sense. Did you have too much coffee? 😂😂😂
@HenryBottjer No music, just appearing!
RT @VirgilFilms: @aimeemann now available on @iTunesMovies - http://t.co/CGvOTEMd3v
Hey, the movie I was in, Pleased To Meet Me, is now available on iTunes, check it out! Great performances by John Doe, Loudon Wainwright!
@MaryKoCo Mary
RT @ChrisGethard: MY COMEDY ALBUM is released! Buy it and enjoy. I hope it gives ya a few laughs on a bad day! RT's appreciated https://t.c
RT @DJRotaryRachel: The only thing that could make the huge moth I just saw more disgusting is if it told me it wouldn't kill me to smile.
@UncleDynamite Might as well be a #stalltweet
@tedleo now eat a bowlful of candy and you'll have my cold-beating method down
@BeTheBoy Wait, @AndyKindler just RTd me...I take back that fave
@AndyKindler What's next?! Blood in someone ELSE'S STOOL?? #YouJustGotKindlered
@MaryKoCo @tedleo no that's about right #SeventeenOlives
@tedleo @MaryKoCo Well, minus the caftan.
@jacobwolk This basically happens to every woman, get with it man
@tedleo @MaryKoCo Uh oh this is what TED looks like in the morning #BusBlub
@Sethrogen @jonahray @tedleo PRETTY SURE THAT'S WHY
@jacobwolk omg
@MaryKoCo This is a p good guy! #blub
@annlamanes We're working on it!
@aronharris Working on it!
@boonhogganbeck We're bringing a drummer which IS a full band!
@linnyqat Working on it!
@jezard Playing in SF on June 12th, so close!
@Alexaguirre2424 I sure hope so! And thanks!
Getting ready for the Both tour...please come see us! First show Pearl St in Northampton, can't wait! Tour dates at http://t.co/CEdOSFcRql.
@greatwoconda I think that's up to Community!
@felinorama Forwarding to @SuperEgoRecords for answers!
@captainwonkish Forwarding to @SuperEgoRecords for answers!
@TwitchyCorner @suzyv Nooooo idea; I can't wait to come back!
@morgan_murphy @MaryKoCo Those clothes are COMING OFF
@MaryKoCo I just got home and am immediately packing my "month pack" from the remnants of my "days pack." #packing
@MaryKoCo @morgan_murphy Her, and I have a feeling this is not going to end the way everyone hopes #NudeMom
@MaryKoCo me "too"
@MaryKoCo @morgan_murphy Good god
@TheSpoony YES TRY
@George_McD Why not!!
@Britt_Star @tedleo Yay!
@ACNewman Why take a chance? Utilize the US Mail!
@TheSpoony Oh, no problem. How about I wait while you listen to it? That won't awkward at all.
@brettrutkowski Not sure what the deal is, maybe @SuperEgoRecords can give us the lowdown...
@WesleyStace YES
@MarkMacmanus77 Noooo!!!
@daveanthony We recorded our cover of "Muskrat Love" with you in mind.
IT'S RECORD STORE DAY!! Maybe you'd like to buy The BOTH's NEW RECORD!! IT'S JUST AN IDEA!!
@daveanthony @AndyKindler @TheRealTavie ...about the best way to murder Dave, was the rest of that sentence.
@AndyKindler @TheRealTavie I have so much to learn.
@KarolinaHjelte Puss och kram!
@AndyKindler @TheRealTavie They're going to come crawling back to bar soap, hat in hand, but it will be TOO LATE.
@AndyKindler THANK you, I almost forgot about "What's next?"!! #ComedyTips @TheRealTavie
@KathleenEConway Yay!
Att'n @tedleo “@Fan_From_NJ: @aimeemann -This is Angora rabbit. The world's fluffiest bunny...#WorseThanCatHair http://t.co/MXycvCAPaD
@GaryTaxali Thank you! You were fun and helpful! #ArtChat
@LizzyLoyd Playing Belly Up in June!
If you like poetry and music on stage together, come see me and poet Bill Collins at Wells Fargo Center For the Arts tonight in Santa Rosa!
If you like #StallTweets, you will LOVE @UncleDynamite!
@TheRealTavie Dude, they had Pump, Automatic In-Sink, and Wall-Mounted Squirt. NONE of them worked! Cc: @AndyKindler #StallTweets
@AndyKindler Currently working on "checked bag fee" chunk, stay tuned.
@tedleo The beanie was a good disguise.
@AndyKindler Man.
@idochips Oh, goes without saying.
Also, as a nation we need to admit we failed utterly in the dispensing of liquid soap. #StallTweets
@MaryKoCo ilu 🐴🚽
@MaryKoCo ahaha it's true there are always 17 🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸
Airport bathrooms are great but when you bring your 8-year-old son in so he can peek into the stalls it makes it even better. #StallTweets
@MaryKoCo no finish these olives for me
Obviously every piece of clothing I own can only be improved by a fine layer of reddish cat hair.
@ACNewman @tedleo Thank youuuu!!
@peterjblack @tedleo Forwarding to @SuperEgoRecords
@uraclod Yuk!!
RT @kentucker: Here's link w actual music to my @nprfreshair review of The Both, the @aimeemann & @tedleo team-up: http://t.co/w6zTM04ELV
@Mooniac70 Ahahaha you knew that tweet was for you
Why am I not eating a gluten-free muffin next to you right now?
RT @uraclod: During the final two minutes, the puck is replaced with a large Hostess Ding Dong. #betterhockeyrules @midnight http://t.co/Xp
@julieklausner @billyeichner @vulture This is so great.
@blacksab67 @tthornb Goddamn it. That is really sad!
@stephenpros Sorry, no UK release scheduled yet
@petterssonjanne We don't have a European release yet, sadly.
@JoeyKey_ No idea!
In case I forgot to mention it, The Both record is OUT! http://t.co/kyZMjgMPTi
@JeffG1974 P bass!
I love Emma Stone.
@ChrisWillman @tedleo THANK YOU!!!
@KrustyBatman @tedleo June!
@MichaelKeefePDX @Spotify @tedleo God bless you!
@AndyRichter @daveanthony Dave gets first choice.
@susiewilkins omg
@daveanthony It's been a long time coming.
@mattnightingale Awwww sorry!!
@HRobertsonEsq @tedleo Bless you!
@AdamCS1987 @tedleo Soon, we hope!
@hoorory @danielralston @tedleo I love this!!
RT @hoorory: I was in The Both's "Milwaukee" video and I made some art about it. @danielralston @tedleo @aimeemann http://t.co/rYXZO3I2Fp
@EddieFieg @tedleo If only!! #EdDoll
RT @bnacker: i wrote this with @aimeemann for @johnmoe. it features @timheidecker and @tedleo and it tickles me. https://t.co/bG1dryiJ4g
@bnacker @johnmoe @timheidecker @tedleo YAY!
@CollinKlug @tedleo 🍵
@MichaelKeefePDX @Spotify No, we're hoping people buy it! @tedleo
@HRobertsonEsq @tedleo Nothing solid yet, sorry!
@brettglass @tedleo Hopefully we can work it out later this year!
@mudaba @tedleo Coming in June!
RT @tedleo: Thanks for all the support today, folks. Come see us! http://t.co/gcdMIVG13b cc: @aimeemann
@tedleo @paulandstorm @NickelCreek AGREE WITH DUMB ASSESSMENT
@AndyRichter @KarenKilgariff 😂😂😂
@MrJoshCharles @amyschumer YOU ARE THE ONE WHO RULES
@theleanover @tedleo :)
@p3rr3lla @tedleo You can get the CD at http://t.co/bN4DriQ3Xv The vinyl has a download card the CD doesn't.
@amyschumer @MrJoshCharles This is beyond brilliant.
@TurboGrandma @tedleo #noKevin
@WessyBGood @morgan_murphy @tedleo @theafghanwhigs @Barryathree THANK you!
@tedleo Happy #BothDay, Teddy! We did it! We made a record! It's been an honor and a privilege. #Grateful
@WessyBGood @morgan_murphy @tedleo @theafghanwhigs @Barryathree Wes, someone adopted Jasper!!
@morgan_murphy @tedleo @theafghanwhigs @Barryathree Dude, you are the best. Xo
@AndersReynolds @google @tedleo @twitter NPR first listen! #sly
@jonahray @tedleo THANK YOU!
RT @TIME: Real Estate’s “Crime” video has it all: undead skateboarders, celebrity cameos & pottery http://t.co/1xfS8CHVlP
@robhatchmiller @tedleo THANK YOU!! And congrats on the video release, RT to follow!
@jefftiedrich @tedleo Yay!
@idochips @tedleo 😃
@JohnLovick @tedleo THANK YOU!
@julieklausner @tedleo :) xox
RT @tedleo: If you want to order #BOTH vinyl or t-shirt & extra stuff bundles, go to @aimeemann's shop here: http://t.co/2C4t5hhJKX
@jimhanke @RecklessRecords @tedleo You can get the vinyl here! http://t.co/CLYGIRaHcN
@tedleo @drbobbins #EW
@_The_Josh Not yet...fingers crossed!
The BOTH record is out today!! If you like my music and/or @tedleo's, you will enjoy it! Very excited!!
@wholeexpanse @Dropbox Looks great! xo
RT @danielralston: I posted a bunch of pics from the "Milwaukee" video I directed for @aimeemann & @tedleo on Facebook. #EdLeoSecrets https…
RT @timheidecker: Buy the new record The Both from @tedleo and @aimeemann today! I did! https://t.co/CasCSCqRg3
@UncleDynamite @tedleo :)
@richsommer @tedleo xoxox
@kevinseccia THAT GUY
@blacksab67 Well, two out of five.
@blacksab67 Feel free to come over.
RT @BeTheBoy: Just went to the gettin' store of @aimeemann and @tedleo new record. It's great. Info here: http://t.co/zSVIEhY8ST Treat you…
@rare_basement Yeah, sometimes it's hard to find a piece small enough to not feel overwhelming. "How low can I go?"
@rare_basement I hear that!
@kevinseccia That's because only emojis can convey the sheer mass and girth of a Kevin Seccia text chat. #orb
@paulandstorm @tedleo We should have at least tasted them.
Me and @tedleo's new band The Both has a record coming out TOMORROW! In the meantime, here's the video! http://t.co/8d3bTkyhDB
@tmbg Everyone in that band was a total bananas performer.
@TotallyDrivenTV @ttllydrvnradio Sacks & Co is our publicist, though we're pretty swamped getting ready for the Both tour!
@kevinseccia That curse hurt ME. #EvilEye
@radiomaru Same
RT @morriconeyouth: MICHAEL PENN guests TODAY 2-4p ET http://t.co/cTVgoTo6PI @evradio @MPenn @girlsHBO @SHO_Masters @cigsandredvines @Alanc…
@daveanthony Evil eye flip off
@daveanthony Manny's mother
RT @toddlevin: My cat is missing, and my heart is breaking. Last seen in Los Feliz area near Rowena Reservoir. Pls RT. Pls help. http://t.c
@MaryKoCo Farm eggzausted
@HenryBottjer @tedleo nope!
Me and @tedleo did an interview on NPR! Our band The Both was a thing that was Considered! Listen here: http://t.co/yqwgM8amUk
@michaelianblack @ACNewman Wait, I have a pole?
RT @wits: FOWs @aimeemann & @tedleo are on @npratc today, as The Both! Tune in!
@TheRealTavie Love it!
@ACNewman @michaelianblack #jerkburn
@jakefogelnest oh, Jake
@MaryKoCo I just wrote a bridge to it, you'll be not that happy to hear. #FEE
@MaryKoCo #WeAreWitch
@MaryKoCo @bnacker wait, who?
@MaryKoCo Same
Our pal @DJRotaryRachel made a great doc about Boyce & Hart, throw a little dough her way to finish it! https://t.co/c9I9BoB5Js
@blacksab67 @kourtneykardash It's a legitimate question.
@jodify @wonderingsound @tedleo @maggieserota This was a fun one. 😃
RT @maggieserota: ICYMI: I had a lovely chat with @tedleo & @aimeemann http://t.co/m4SJXOxYQm via @wonderingsound
@imnatecorddry @JohnRossBowie @wonderingsound YAY!!
@blackwalls nope.
@BernardZuel :)
@entylawyer THANK you!!
@TheRealTavie @tedleo I like pie!
@tedleo @NPRAskMeAnother @PabstTheater @jonathancoulton @OphiraE I want to thank this group too! Damn you for being so #SmartPhoneQuick!
@mota_anateresa Nope, I have my brilliant bass player pal @paulie_be for those times!
@russelledlund @tedleo :)
@sosoglos @tedleo @danielralston #EdLeo sells hugs at the merch table.
FYI, there are Both bundles at http://t.co/CEdOSFcRql if you are interested! Also pre-orders w/extra tracks at http://t.co/UaRyqwjxOV.
@kayafraser @tedleo @ditchrecords How? It's not out yet!
RT @wits: Introducing Ed Leo, @tedleo's weirdly lovable uncle, on official 'Milwaukee' video with @aimeemann https://t.co/iVz3ahzEWO
@KarolinaHjelte @tedleo @paulie_be I hope sometime this year, we miss it!
@mrsiefert @tedleo @danielralston Thanks! #EdLeo
@supervman00 Try tweeting at @FineLineMusic too.
@danielralston #EdLeo blocked me!
@supervman00 I'll forward this to management, maybe they know what to do...sorry, i dont have direct contact with venues!
@paulie_be @tedleo 😂😂😂
@TheRealTavie Always enraging!
@TheRealTavie DO NOT LIKE
@essjayteeee @danielralston @tedleo we reconsidered.
@fraserallan @tedleo We're putting it out ourselves, so we're still working on how to get it out in the UK. No definitive news yet, sorry!
@TheRealTavie YAAAAYYYYY!!!
The video for The Both song Milwaukee is up! Have a look see! Directed by @danielralston! http://t.co/JvMfv47CJP @tedleo
@lynnpin5 @tedleo @uraclod @heliumcell xoxo!
#EdLeo insists on pronouncing "quiche" as "quickie." @tedleo @danielralston @maggieserota
You'll meet this guy soon...#EdLeo http://t.co/mDbpjEVxEc
@DenisVengeance @tedleo Coming in June!
@FatGayVegan @tedleo Thank YOU!
@FatGayVegan @tedleo Soon! On the 15th!
RT @ReelQuinn: Our pal @DJRotaryRachel made a fascinating film called “Boyce & Hart: The Guys Who Wrote Em.” You can donate here: https://t…
@idochips Please do not barf on my door.
Silicon Valley is great.
@sparklyshinygrl @hodgman @tedleo OMG RIGHT?! So much watching of the children!!
@hodgman @tedleo I was hoping for a gas stove and some kind of outdoor space.
@stevenjwhite but I'M the bass player!
@drewodoherty Seriously, I'm like YELLING over here.
@whitty_remarks 3 hours
@hodgman #ensuite
Watching cosmos and basically I'm learning that nature is a series of lies. #8MinuteSun
The Both is thrilled to be on Tiny Desk! http://t.co/qw0Tlq41GZ
@DJRotaryRachel Bravo, my lady!
@AndyKindler @nprmusic @tedleo THANK YOU FOR SAYING THAT!! :)
I'm wildly excited about this!! “@nprmusic: First Listen: The Both, 'The Both' http://t.co/AFwOUCrn5C @aimeemann @tedleo”
@uraclod we couldn't agree on how to spell it ps u r klod
First Both review I've read and I'm thrilled! @tedleo http://t.co/XL0EIxBGqp
@idochips more like electrical fires
@ACNewman @tedleo I just toss out the "th" entirely and rhyme it with "doze."
RT @pattonoswalt: (2 of 3) ...here's the iTunes link to -pre-order TRAGEDY PLUS COMEDY EQUALS TIME: http://t.co/eqkg85uzpz
I was just startled by hearing @tedleo fully pronounce the "th" in "clothes."
I can't help but feeling that George Bush's painting has a bit of a Chauncey Gardner Reveal.
@NeilInnes :)
@annetdonahue please try this kale ice cream
@idochips white lightning
Have the hiccups like some god-damned cartoon drunk.
@andylevy @jakefogelnest #yesandy
@TheRealTavie RIGHT!!??
RT @Section101Tweet: Don't miss out on seeing #TheBoth (@aimeemann & @tedleo) at @boweryballroom on 4/29 & at @MusicHallofWB on 5/1!
@VABoredWoolf @tedleo Burritos are wheat tortillas and thus forbidden to me.
RT @SweetRelief: Ends Today!See how you can contribute to @SweetRelief +MEET The BOTH @aimeemann & @tedleo at ANY show w/ 2 tickets! → http…
@tedleo Hugs, Teddy. I couldn't be sorrier for everyone involved.
@drewodoherty @tedleo It's a Both rule to include as much 38 Special in any and all endeavors. #Waitin'
@lizzwinstead @tedleo @kcrw Yay, thank you!!
The Both record w/ extra tracks is available for pre-sale on Barnes & Noble, woo! http://t.co/7tdGFt83HB
Infinity pools are great, if you always wanted to feel like you were about to fall over the edge of a cliff while you were swimming.
@MaryKoCo The shower is one place my fashion is lacking so this is good news
@joanlemay @CatCreepers yes please
@uraclod Agreed! #Urstillaclod
@FlashbackBaby Sounds like my stepbrother!
@MaryKoCo Is it the pattern of a keyboard? THEN YES
@danielralston NOT COOL MAN
@danielralston HEY
@MaryKoCo ⛄️🐴
@bakerpocky Yay!!
@uraclod Don't be a #dumbie
Yay, the Both's new record is on the Barnes & Noble site! http://t.co/7tdGFt83HB
@blacksab67 omg come over now
@FlashbackBaby Starting April 23rd, doing a whole tour with my new band The Both, featuring @tedleo!
@thelindywest crowd will cut a bitch
@MaryKoCo @djrotaryrachel @blacksab67 Rachel would have been able to explain the scientific phenomenon of that guy's #zone to us. #science
@GaryTaxali This is SO GREAT.
@TiffJimber @MPenn @MaryKoCo No, the DVR didn't record so we watched a Nova instead!
@entylawyer I will try, but I bet they have strict rules about it that I dare not break!
@kevinseccia @MPenn @MaryKoCo When I get beamed around the earth, I get beamed AROUND the EARTH. #orb
@daveanthony Then it was all worth it.
@MaryKoCo @MPenn You totally won.
Arguing about teleportation with @MPenn and @MaryKoCo
@daveanthony we decided to kill you instead
@MaryKoCo Close
@tedleo @vbstillhouse @kovaldistillery 👱✨🍸🍸🍸😲
@sosoglos @danielralston @tedleo You will not believe the magnificence of #EdLeo!
@sosoglos Thanks! Sorry you could relate to the RLPs section though!
@AndyKindler @andylevy I would absolutely watch this show.
@andylevy @andykindler The door is always open!
@AndyKindler @andylevy I usually just do #noandy, but that might pose some problems for you.
@blacksab67 They are weirdly great together.