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New Aimee Mann Album, Mental Illness, Out March 31st

Aimee Mann’s "Mental Illness", her first album in five years, will be released on March 31st. The record follows 2012’s Charmer, which Rolling Stone proclaimed “shows off the more pop-oriented side to her usual acoustic tendencies.” With this follow-up, she returns to a more musically soft-spoken but still lyrically barbed approach, as heard in the album’s lead single, “Goose Snow Cone,” which can hear right now at AimeeMann.com.

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New Aimee Mann Song for "30 Days, 30 Songs"
Aimee has contributed a new song "Can't You Tell," to 30 Days, 30 Songs, an independent website that will release one song per day from October 10 until Election Day. Aimee is joined by Death Cab for Cutie, Thao Nguyen, R.E.M. and others who have contributed songs. Listen to "Can't You Tell" here. And if you have not already, register to vote: https://www.headcount.org/registertovote/
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