@tedleo She is the #best!
@NunanCBA @tedleo @soundopinions 😃
@NunanCBA @tedleo @soundopinions Yay, thank you!
@blacksab67 @tedleo no
@UncleDynamite Refusing to fave such #filth.
@imnatecorddry @mountain_goats I'm so mad I hadn't read it yet when we did the podcast!
Holy shit this book by @mountain_goats is so good I sort of feel like screaming or something. Seriously, go get it. #WolfInWhiteVan
RT @MaryKoCo: I have a new podcast! Ep 1 @michaelianblack looks physically different in his head when he's acting https://t.co/MWDw8q8nMw P…
@tedleo this sounds complicated
RT @jonathancoulton: JoCo Live is now available on iTunes (and probably elsewhere): http://t.co/dfdAQUJS1D
@TurboGrandma @MaryKoCo I'm totally exhausted now.
@jonwurster dumb
@jakefogelnest can you include this tweet
@TheSpoony 👎🔙
@TheSpoony your final confirmation of "idiot" status is in!
@msugrl33 Happy (late) Birthday!
@borderlinefemme This is awesome!
@InsidiousForce There were some LEGENDARY moves.
@InsidiousForce Hi! I wonder if you were the Crazy Dancing Guy.
@jonwurster @ACNewman I agree! Nothing is better for vocal chords than rich creamy dairy products.
My pal @ScottAukerman's show @ComedyBangBang returns tonight, 11pm on @IFC! Ellie Kemper, @JAdomian @JoeWengert & @The_National are on it!
@maggieserota @danielralston ugh why would he do this to us
@tedleo @bigplastichead THIS IS A GREAT THING 😂😂😂
@tedleo Stop being a #GlutenGloat
@PFTompkins @johnmoe @wits TUSTIN!!
@kevinseccia @MaryKoCo YOU ARE THE ORB 😡😡😡
@MaryKoCo 😂😂😂😂🎷🎷🎷
@MaryKoCo Every time I send a tweet I'm going to blow the mail horn 📯
@ReelQuinn They are stalwart; it's US who's the weak link in the chain.
@MaryKoCo I use that for #smells.
@MaryKoCo That seems too infrequent. Better check with an expert.
@MaryKoCo faving all your old tweets like a stalker
@MaryKoCo 'he likes to tap dance, doo doo doo!'
@MaryKoCo really upset with myself for not singing "F.E. Eggleston" to you at brunch.
RT @soundopinions: Love for Milwaukee from @Both_Music. What's w/ the Bronze Fonz? @aimeemann @tedleo @RadioMilwaukee http://t.co/nrVwc49QgT
@UncleDynamite @johnfreiler @billyeichner @GEICO @BurgerKing WHAT?! NO!!
@maggieserota HUGGING KITTIES YAY!!!
@itsmikerock Debating second RT
RT @itsmikerock: A Man, A Plan, A Canal, A Cannoli, Linoleum, Lanolin, On The Lam, Illeana Douglas.
@itsmikerock I am EXTREMELY KIND.
@tedleo @Squinner @JoCoCruiseCrazy This could be a real Hobbortunity.
@danielralston Tuning guy
@daveanthony Thank you.
@MaryKoCo omg you are the best I can't espresso much i love you
@MaryKoCo "Olive" you
@MaryKoCo ilu
RT @hhavrilesky: Also strongly recommend this great piece on @lenadunham & the unsustainable pressures on female celebs by @rtraister: http…
@jtkantor @mattmayhall @tedleo Thank YOU, that was so fun!!
@BMAs_Boston @Vanyaland617 @lawnond @tedleo Thank YOU!
@robhatchmiller @tedleo This warms the cockles of my heart!
@blacksab67 @AlexandraMLydon @Noam25 One day we will see him.
@DJRotaryRachel @michaelianblack well
@bnacker Cat weighs 12 lbs you're welcome
@kellyoxford @aekyo @3x1minus1 Clique-adjacent!
@jtkantor @tedleo @mattmayhall Thank you!!!
@stephaniedrury He's p into garbage.
@stephaniedrury I guess Jesus has to do a lot of jogging to work off all those cakes.
RT @LateNightSeth: TONIGHT: Neil Patrick Harris (@ActuallyNPH), @RitaWilson, and music from The Both (@tedleo and @aimeemann)! http://t.co/
@UncleDynamite @tedleo Totally in favor of this.
@jonwurster FURIOUS
RT @susiewilkins: @aimeemann Please RT to show your support for the brave students protesting in my beautiful hometown #HongKong http://t.c
RT @BigStarThirdLA: GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE(LA) #DjangoHaskins @SkylarGudasz @brettharris @SusannaHoffs @aimeemann @Trunkworthy http://t.c
@tedleo @minidiscoball p true
@tedleo @minidiscoball It is true.
@highchairkings @tedleo @blacksab67 @MoonZappa 100%!
@JenVesp @tedleo Let's ask @SuperEgoRecords !
@kirstenogden @sequentialmatt Thank you! Wasn't that wine fantastic??
@kirstenogden Well, @MPenn DOES have a beard, but my bandmate last night was my producer @paulie_be!
RT @BigStarThirdLA: Two @BigStarBand albums performed live this SAT NT at #Autism benefit @latimes @PopHiss @thevandykeparks @aimeemann ht…
@peterb103 It's a pretty hard show to travel with, so the chances are slim, sadly!
@uraclod @midnight Ham.
RT @KenStringfellow: Tix still avail for Saturday's incredible performance of Big Star #1 Record/3rd http://t.co/ijhrMIoB28 check lineup! …
@uraclod U R!!
@tedleo @jodify 😖😖😖
@kevinseccia On it AND shaped like it! #orb
@kevinseccia Jump in. It moves faster than you think. Ps. #orb.
@tedleo @jodify No. http://t.co/wqoRZN3cc0
RT @samaritanmag: Dozens of comedians & musicians on charity album: http://t.co/ud2w1RXVX3 via @samaritanmag @aimeemann @margaretcho @Andre…
@blacksab67 @UncleDynamite @tedleo I'm almost tempted to take you up on this.
RT @BigStarThirdLA: Tix selling fast! @BigStarBand @EbellTheatre 9/27 #LA BUY NOW :http://t.co/S6EscnnHhB @aimeemann @thevandykeparks http…
@Noam25 It seems crazy that we did that.
@blacksab67 Get out of our refrigerator.
@idochips @BoobsRadley Reassuring to know he can see very clearly where he wants to jump.
@BoobsRadley 😂😂😂👾
@BoobsRadley I think the really deadly ones are little...brown recluse, black widow, etc. ps nice pic of your boyfriend
@DenAsKISS No, sorry!
Please watch this hilarious thing with @ACNewman and @julieklausner! http://t.co/hBdfrrgesS
RT @BeTheBoy: Celebrate @tedleo and @aimeemann 's birthdays (her's was Monday) by watching this video they made w/ @danielralston http://t.…
@jaketapper @JayCarney @SenJohnMcCain Perfect.
@drewodoherty omg
@DenAsKISS I bet @SuperEgoRecords can make this happen!
RT @kurtbraunohler: What do I need to do to get 500 goats to African families in need? How about this? http://t.co/5GjrKXvZtC @Heifer #rous…
@jakefogelnest @michaelianblack @funnyordie In.
@coopercj @tedleo Not this time :(
@drewodoherty @joanlemay Hahaha THANK YOU
@itsmikerock THANK YOU!
@NekoCase @joanlemay @tedleo @irrelevant_view LET'S ALL KEEP GOING!
@wholeexpanse xoxo
@TheRealTavie xoxo
RT @SuperEgoRecords: The return of the @aimeemann Christmas Show with @tedleo & special guests! http://t.co/cul3ssS60F Clip from past show …
@danielralston That was actually @tedleo, but I definitely took the #Sexcat ball and ran with it...
@JaimeMeisler @tedleo Christmas show in early December, but that's not an all-Both either...
@WessyBGood @tedleo Thank you!!
@BeTheBoy You are a very nice person to say this!
@danielralston @maggieserota you look p good though
@maggieserota What no
@maggieserota @joanlemay 😍
@joanlemay @NekoCase @irrelevant_view @tedleo HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!! #VIRGOS
@joanlemay @torreslovesyou I LIKE THAT LIL BAT!!
@torreslovesyou @joanlemay HI LITTLE BAT THANK YOU!! Xo
@blacksab67 You'll probably leave out the shake, though.
@MaryKoCo 😂❤️🍏
@MaryKoCo next to the iron
@TheSpoony Are you at the kangaroo office?
RT @SarahThyre: Have you looked at Jennifer Lawrence's tits today? Congrats, you're an asshole.
@MrJoshCharles @SarahThyre @DJRotaryRachel Absolutely.
@SarahThyre @DJRotaryRachel Be quiet, both of you; I'm trying to watch Randolph Mantooth on "Emergency."
@MrJoshCharles @DJRotaryRachel I told her Tab but she JUST WOULDN'T LISTEN.
@kwdarby @tedleo Your review was literally the review that every artist dreams of getting. It really gave us a boost and a thrill!
@BeTheBoy Word.
@kwdarby @tedleo Thank you so much for this!!
RT @kwdarby: Finally, my review of The Both (@aimeemann & @tedleo's) phenomenal record -- http://t.co/nO599390GA
@KarolinaHjelte Puss och kram!!
@PFTompkins As discussed last night. http://t.co/r937Io7z4B
@paulie_be @tedleo @jonwurster I am ALL THE WAY in.
@michaelianblack @MaryKoCo wait no
@MaryKoCo @michaelianblack could be fly mary give it a chance
RT @PFTompkins: August's secret @Varietopia guests: @alisonbrie, @aimeemann, @tedleo & Jerry Minor! Who'll be September's? Come see! http:/…
@UncleDynamite @MaryKoCo 😃 #thr
@MaryKoCo #thr
@daveanthony @stereogum @tedleo Why must you always ruin fun
@johnONeil You are #nice!
The #Both has a new video out today! LOOK AT IT! @tedleo http://t.co/BUt5VYeF6x
RT @stereogum: Watch the Both (@aimeemann & @tedleo) get drunk at a wedding in their "Volunteers Of America" video http://t.co/PeAq7p5T3t
RT @Apey: Dudes! I was so psyched to party with my friend @aimeemann & her nutty friend @tedleo in their new #TheBoth video! https://t.co/0
@blacksab67 Oh my god, they're out of control. Ugh!
@ACNewman Does watching the Emmys count as a party?
RT @ACNewman: Have I told you that @TheNewPornos Brill Bruisers LP is out today?
@blacksab67 @tedleo Not cool, man. #NotCool
Hi me and @tedleo are playing at Largo tonight, blow off those Emmy parties and come see us! Especially you, @MaryKoCo
@ReelQuinn @tedleo @jodify Move over, Dumb Starbucks!
RT @Carrie_Rachel: Magic: the gathering. With some of my favorite people @aimeemann @KimletGordon #AmyPoehler http://t.co/LlKOBCW7ur
@smilerstattoo @tedleo Oct. 5 in NYC, Central Park!
Come see me & @tedleo play a duo show at @LargoLosAngeles this Sunday! Some #Both, some #other! http://t.co/eqkHFORecz
@AndyKindler I'm still trying to work up to angry tweets.
@DJRotaryRachel Call me when it's a flavored instant coffee.
@MaryKoCo @FarmSanctuary same
@Wandering_Rob Deserves TWO faves!
@lianamaeby Yay, everything is awesome!
@lianamaeby I did nothing to be included in this but I'm going to jump on board anyway.
@MaryKoCo @AndyKindler We "may" never know!
@blacksab67 I'm in for Monday.
@Markintheheart 100% loved it!
@MaryKoCo no mary you must be mistaken #breezyhat
@MaryKoCo not same
@poemics @tedleo Thank YOU!!
@blacksab67 furious
@blacksab67 I'll shoot you for that simple minds cassette alone
@lianamaeby no way
@mattmayhall @tedleo @IsaChandra @ModernLoveOmaha THIRDED.
@Kathy_Valentine Same here! Let's stay in touch!
@danielralston P punk email though
RT @prekindle: TONIGHT: #TheBoth (@AimeeMann and @TedLeo) at @KesslerTheater with special guest Lemuria. http://t.co/if7STV7znL @lemuriapop
@rightarmjesse @tedleo #DontForgetMockingbirds
@HectorHelium Yay!!
@jammalama @JakeBugg @foxtheatreco 😃😃😃
@ChandlerPoling Perfect! Have a lovely September!
@AndyKindler @MaryKoCo #WhoAmI
@ChandlerPoling Ah, thank you! And I wish, but I'm gone for most of August! Let's aim for September!
@ChandlerPoling Es geht mir gut, aber ich sehr beschäftigt bin! (I hope I said that right!) How have you been??
@thomaslennon Hey me and @ArdenMyrin want to go in on that baby, maybe a time share or something? Lmk.
@tedleo @drewodoherty @natoism @elmayforever @JoelHamiltone 😡😡😡😡
@DavidGArnold @garbage That goes without saying.
@MaryKoCo @tedleo @JeremyArambulo what
@TheRealTavie An anti-oxidant called NAC, also no dairy, that does it for me!
@tedleo @jodyavirgan @mahafestival #BOTHBIRD
RT @okkervilriver: Future generations'll be like "why did you use so much hi-hat?" & also "why were there so many bands?" & "what can I eat…
@michaelianblack @MaryKoCo @SarahThyre @AndyRichter @andylevy @HEELZiggler No we have to let her hit bottom *gets out rounded child scissors
@idochips So hostile!! 😂😂😂
@NPRinskeep Ahahaha!
@MaryKoCo they blocked you
@SarahThyre @NRA omg 😖🔫
@NPRinskeep @MorningEdition I feel certain it did.
@NPRinskeep @MorningEdition Might not be in keeping with the gravity of some other topics, but clearly VERY important.
@MaryKoCo @BlueShieldCA Yes, but I have some cool home remedies I can show you. #poultice
@NPRinskeep @MorningEdition Ask him about our recent "jam session"!
@TheRealTavie Home tomorrow! And you too! Ketchup portrait was awesome!
@colonelsexlife He's doing great and playing in various bands!
@AuntieQs Gluten-free cupcake!
@leifkool @tedleo @ronniewoowoo "Natural woo!" 😂😂😂
@Biz4Ever The set ended with a @tedleo song "Bottled In Cork" and the last encore was "Voice's Carry."
RT @chicagoideas: Monday = Downtown Sound at Millennium Park! Playing tonight @aimeemann + @tedleo + @pillarstongues! @ChicagoParks http://…
RT @DJRotaryRachel: LA! The documentary I directed about Boyce & Hart, THE GUYS WHO WROTE 'EM, premieres at @cinefamily Aug. 7! Tix here: h…
@andylevy @jakefogelnest agree, hat too big
RT @tedleo: Anybody else ever post something to Instagram with a hashtag-NSA and have it not show up in your saved photos LIKE EVERY OTHER …
@wildofmanitoba You guys were lovely and wonderful!
RT @tedleo: Thx to all at @Winnipegfolk, @boyandbear, @wildofmanitoba & as always @aimeemann for making it actually fun to be on stage in t…
@JasonMpan THANK YOU!
@MaryKoCo it's v hostile
RT @danielralston: Hey LA People- We could use a handful of extras for The Both (@aimeemann & @tedleo) video I'm directing tomorrow. Get at…
@JenAndTheFeline Top of a building on Hemmingway St maybe? Right near Berklee, anyway.
@bnacker @tedleo YAY FOR US!
@CameronCrowe ❤️❤️❤️
RT @180Degrees2: @aimeemann In honor of the 4th, USA Today says you have to see this (order on iTunes or Amazon today). http://t.co/Qv2Lmm
RT @jaketapper: "Jaws" Is Ridiculous, Say Kids Who Owe Everything to "Jaws" http://t.co/YeCsQ4eCkB Cc @RichardDreyfuss
@JulieFromCinci @tedleo THANK YOU!
@TheRealTavie ❤️
@JenKirkman Word, sister.
@blacksab67 @behindyourback That girl is going BANANAS.
@KiiBelling Looping in @SuperEgoRecords
Support @OneKidOneWorld & buy this great CD! I sing a song about a germ! https://t.co/JcEHYOpszi
@MaryKoCo such bullshit also where's the iron
RT @thecomedybureau: support @onekidoneworld & pick up comedy/music compilation album 2776 w/@pftompkins @evilhag @aimeemann http://t.co/C
@kevinseccia Finally your laziness benefits me!
@RobynHitchcock Yes, let's! 😂❤️🌏
Just got the news that the sun is going to turn into a red giant and completely engulf the earth so I'm a little #bummed out right now.
@lianamaeby #orb
@longtimelurker It's a Harry Nilsson song; not sure who's doing that version!
@scottmseiver 100% in favor of this
@andylevy hate
@MaryKoCo 🌝
RT @MaryKoCo: "Don't put this in your body." - The color of Flaming Limón Cheetos
RT @danielralston: A lot of things are dumb. Please RT.
@TheSpoony 😝
@guyfromcornwall :)
@SarahThyre please do this!
@BoobsRadley @andylevy yes andy, very insensitive
@MaryKoCo why is everyone
@MaryKoCo agree
RT @entylawyer: A night hanging out with my buddy @aimeemann and watching her perform with Ted Leo. http://t.co/4mtprcbqjY
@jakefogelnest refuse
@blacksab67 Yes
RT @180Degrees2: @leoweekly To hear John Doe's fantastic version of Golden State with @aimeemann you gotta see @Pleased2Meet ! https://t.co
@entylawyer Next time I am hanging out with your parents...I feel like your dad would understand the appeal of Jameson's in a plastic cup!!
@radiomaru horse head
@uraclod clod
RT @tedleo: Hey @Wits - happy 50th from fellow olds, @aimeemann & me! We took a selfie and used a bunch of filters for you! #Wits http://t.…
RT @tedleo: Individually & as The Both, @aimeemann & I have been on over 8% of @Wits' 50 shows. 100% of that 8% has been incredibly fun. Th…
@uraclod @heliumcell @GaryTaxali only if you're a bad person. #KatKarma
@idochips same
@uraclod @GaryTaxali @heliumcell So wrong.
@entylawyer #Ewww!
RT @TeamCoco: The Both (@AimeeMann & @TedLeo) stay positive playing "No Sir." -> http://t.co/TMDCuJ8yxH #CONAN
@uraclod @tedleo YOU MISSED IT!! ARGH!!
Hey, my pal @johnmoe's book is out! "DEAR LUKE, WE NEED TO TALK, DARTH." http://t.co/gBwdpbixND Check it out!
@NeilMahoney @tedleo Thanks!!
Backstage at the @elreytheatre because I am playing tonight with @tedleo as THE BOTH! COME SEE US!
@NeilMahoney @LargoLosAngeles @ThrillingAdv @tedleo YES PLEASE!!
@jakefogelnest @tedleo @knottyyarn Mad.
@jakefogelnest @tedleo @knottyyarn Jake.
@theglasshouse Thank YOU, we had a great time!
@kevinseccia Monster.
RT @amoebamusic: New "What's In My Bag?" episode w/The Both (aka @TedLeo & @AimeeMann)! See what the rock veterans found at Amoeba LA! http…
@TheRealTavie San Francisco!
@ReelQuinn @tedleo Ew, it kind of does!
Napa!! Me and @tedleo as The Both are playing at the City Winery tonight, come drink wine while we #rock you!
RT @CityWineryNapa: Are you ready to see #TheBoth tonight?! Doors at 6pm, Show at 8pm! Tickets still available! Don't miss out! @aimeemann …
RT @buzzbandsla: GIVEAWAY: The Both (@AimeeMann + @TedLeo) is performing at @TheGlassHouse Pomona on Friday! Win FREE tix here --> http://t…
RT @PerformerMag: Read our new interview with The Both (@AimeeMann & @TedLeo), watch a video AND win tix to tomorrow's show at @GAMH! http:…
RT @primawesome: Let's have a race. You try to get an appointment with a licensed mental health professional and I'll try to get a gun. Rea…
RT @KX935: VERY excited to be talking with @aimeemann AND @tedleo on the phone this afternoon. Listen in the 4pm hour here: http://t.co/XYL
@danielralston @djnorfair People are embarrassing.
@tedleo Oh, look who's FANCY.
I spelled @elreytheatre wrong! Come over there to #AskTheBoth some questions RIGHT NOW!
@blacksab67 @tedleo I've been waiting all my life to answer this.
@boonhogganbeck Not sure what that would be...the only gigs I played were with the Young Snakes.
@danielralston @tedleo i have a question for you: Is there a way I can kill you over the internet?
Me and @tedleo are taking over the @elreytheater account at 6:00 today to answer any and all questions! Use this--->#AskTheBoth
RT @CityWineryNapa: This Wednesday we've got @aimeemann & @tedleo in the house! #TheBoth #winewednesday #citywinery #napa #napavalley
RT @tedleo: HEY! At 6 PM PDT tonight @aimeemann & I are taking over @elreytheatre to answer YOUR #important & #necessary questions! Tag the…
RT @theglasshouse: This Friday #TheBoth ( @aimeemann & @tedleo ) will be here w/ @NickfromIslands ! Get your tickets in advance: http://t.c
@bobbyfinger Lets ask @SuperEgoRecords
@SuziChamberlain @tedleo That was no dream.
@jtkantor @tedleo @sosoglos 😂😂😂
@mudaba @tedleo Might have been just a pre-order thing, let's ask @SuperEgoRecords!
@danielralston @tedleo @wits @sosoglos Oh my god
@tedleo @wits @sosoglos DOUBLE #EWWW!!!
Thanks, autocorrect. Now @tedleo is never going to let me forget the time I told him how much I like some of the @sosoglos "dongs."
Gearing up for #TheBoth CA shows next week! Please come see me & @tedleo play our 70's influenced #rock music! http://t.co/07YzUiUN1l
RT @elreytheatre: Love @goldenroadbrew and great music? Enter our contest for #TheBoth (@aimeemann + @tedleo) - here June 14th. http://t.co
@tedleo leave that lil guy alone
@TrentGentry Love it.
@IraDW @tedleo Great idea!
@TrentGentry Decaf soy latte! All fun removed!
I think I really made an impression at Starbucks today with my Ben Gay ointment smell and my "I Voted" sticker.
Aw, this new @bobmouldmusic song and video are both so great! http://t.co/BVpjb5pnSn
@danielralston I'm surprised you could even see my tweet from up on your HIGH HORSE, YEAH! #BURN
There's nothing more exhausting than shopping for socks online.
RT @elreytheatre: Enter to win 2 tickets to see #TheBoth (@tedleo + @aimeemann) on June 14th + $25 to @goldenroadbrew. http://t.co/Cf6gd3ed
I am totally in love with the @iamjohnoliver show.
@idochips I appreciate you thinking of me.
@MaryKoCo LU
@PerryShall @tedleo Thank you! I'm digging it!
@MaryKoCo @danielralston @tedleo @DJRotaryRachel Mary knows I know. 🐴
RT @elreytheatre: Win 2 tickets to The Both (@aimeemann + @tedleo) on June 14th + $25 to @goldenroadbrew! Here's how: http://t.co/gPfqzMj1ro
@robdelaney I'm so happy for you!!
@daveanthony @ComedyBangBang Bats are cute, thank you.
@ReelQuinn @ComedyBangBang Aimee "Aimee" Mann.
@ComedyBangBang Hi! I tried to sign on but maybe the password doesn't work til 7:30 on the dot? HELP MEEEEEEEEE!!!
@daveanthony @ComedyBangBang Still not as big a monster as you.
@daveanthony @ComedyBangBang Please don't ever address me again.
I'm live-tweeting later from @comedybangbang because I'm going to be on tonight's episode! On 10:30 EST!
RT @ScottAukerman: Tonight on @ComedyBangBang: Fred Armisen & I wage a late night war! @AdamPally! @AimeeMann! @DavidAlanGrier! @MEEllisDay…
@MaryKoCo 🐴👒🍸
@Tremayne11 @tedleo YAYYYY!!
@TheRealTavie I'm sleepy toooooooo!
Hey, I'm going to be on Comedy Bang Bang this Thursday at 10:30 EST on IFC! Fred Armisen is too! http://t.co/Qhm2c1YJ3N
@UncleDynamite UNCLE!! #EWWWWWWW
@JessicaJenn2 Thanks, it was a long time ago...I hope you're ok and I'm so sorry!
RT @UncleDynamite: A Modest Treatise on #YesAllWomen. http://t.co/pUe96ifP81
@UncleDynamite Wow. This is beyond fantastic. THANK YOU!!
@tedleo @ryanjeneroux Probably all the #nudies.
@MaryKoCo I hope you have reasons for the raisins, ok never mind
@JustATadTodd Thank you for your support with that dumb headphone guy!
@JustATadTodd @mdcampbell "If you insist on walking outside you are going to get attacked." Yay! I'm a pair of headphones!
@RylanDogg You are very kind! It was a long time ago, and I don't even think they were being gross...it was just a habit of mind.
@Scheopner ❤️
@UncleDynamite It's a classic! Thanks for being an awesome human being, Uncle.
@TrentGentry It was a long time ago, thanks! You are sweet.
I want to recommend the documentary "The Punk Singer," about Kathleen Hanna. Very topical & inspiring. #YesAllWomen
@drewodoherty Word up!
RT @DJRotaryRachel: Just did more blocking than a summer stock rehearsal of "The Goodbye Girl."
Once again, are mugging victims or male assault victims asked what they were wearing during an attack? This is still a debate? #YesAllWomen
@chookio88 @danielralston Thanks...no evidence was taken, so I don't think the question was related.
@RMSpuhler So sorry you were attacked, ugh! Hope you are ok!
The "laptop" being me outside. “@jazzabraham1: @aimeemann If you leave you laptop on the passenger seat your car will get broken into.” #Yes
@lenadunham Hair net, gingham, knitting basket?
@jakefogelnest Because Jake insists on making jokes like this. #YesAllWomen
Some people say that asking what I was wearing is just another detail in a police report. Are male assault victims asked this? #YesAllWomen
@Uoz I know! Most of the men I know are lovely! Thanks for caring!
@mfkennedy No, but thanks!
@danielralston #Ew.
The cops who asked me "Well, what were you wearing?" when I reported an attack and attempted rape. #YesAllWomen
RT @narrynicotine: #yesallwomen http://t.co/Vzq7aB5TlZ
@peterjblack Maybe @SuperEgoRecords can advise...
RT @irvingazoff: The Difference Between a Pandora Executive and a Pandora Artist… http://t.co/fbPiYvFpu5
Hey, here's a Kickstarter for software for people to get rides to medical treatments, & the guy's not a flake! https://t.co/3wkA1ginrV
@johnroderick Word.
@rare_basement @tedleo such a great song.
@tedleo #Cookie and #wine now, #bus and #tunes in June.
@rare_basement @tedleo :)
@trumpetcake I almost said "Turn into eel" to you at the supermarket today.
@TheTweetOfGod @mkruvant This song is beautiful and awesome.
@OITNB @tedleo THANK you!!
@OITNB @tedleo :)
RT @vulture: You truly haven’t heard the theme from M*A*S*H until you’ve heard it harmonized by @tedleo and @aimeemann: http://t.co/jX8W6kJ
@MaryKoCo 😂 lu
@MaryKoCo 🐴👻
@DJRotaryRachel #Eww!!
@blacksab67 @danielralston If I do it for you, then I have to do it for the whole class.
@adamksmet July 21st I think! CC: @tedleo
@danielralston @blacksab67 @AndyKindler @MPenn A block and a restraining order.
@danielralston It's not good.
RT @danielralston: @aimeemann We are friends. Can I get an RT?
@danielralston I want to say no?
RT @morgan_murphy: opinions are like assholes, if you put yours on the internet it better be perfect.
RT @MoviesTalking: @aimeemann We just did a whole show on Magnolia. Any chance of a RT? Oh, and you rock! Talking Movies #19: Magnolia htt…
@tedleo Moses first.
A centipede the size of an alligator?? Fuck you, weird pre-Cambrian over-oxygenated period. #Cosmos
@ACNewman @tedleo Then I will murder Ted. #DEADLeo
So hot today I ate a carrot in desperation.
@haydenmcasey13 YOU ARE WELCOME
@tedleo @ACNewman I will murder him.
Watching Association videos and wondering why @DJRotaryRachel isn't with me.
@BoobsRadley @lenadunham I like you ladies.
@TheRealTavie it feels weird out here.
@julieklausner Works for me.
@willgoldstein @tedleo It will go on forever and ever until you are sick of it!
@DJRotaryRachel @ShittingtonUK 😂😂😂
@mattmayhall @tedleo Oh my clob.
@ayjaySTL @tedleo @SpotifyUSA I think the single already is, but the full record won't!
@pastereplies @PasteMagazine YAY!!
@katiermayo NOT LIKE
@allweeksend I think we just recorded the one bit that was used in the scene...maybe someday I'll record it when I have time!
@JillianPenrod It was me! Sorry about your heart attack!
@briankoppelman @susannelantero @ChelseaVPeretti Yes!
@ChrisSonzogni @tedleo @wfuv @SpotifyUSA THANK you!
@daveanthony @tomhensleyy Better than a clown!
THE BOTH [@AimeeMann + @TedLeo] LIVE on KEXP from NYC right now at http://t.co/iB7jwO3mmK
RT @trumpetcake: ABOUT ME: a) thinkin' bout rice b) is Perry home? c) super chill d) singin' to Clay e) elf mode f) turn into eel http:…
@MaryKoCo 🐴👶🚫
@supervman00 @tedleo Thank you so much! They're so cool!
RT @NPRAskMeAnother: Get to know our VIPs @aimeemann and @tedleo a little better with this quiz in the style of “The Newlywed Game.” http:/…
@blacksab67 Bet you scared Oscar into hermitude for the rest of his life!
@andylevy You could go T-shirt/pantless and teach them all a lesson.
RT @WorldCafe: "Pleased To Meet Me" Indie music film with @aimeemann John Doe & even @WorldCafe on iTunes Now! http://t.co/no8PFd7b0X
@blacksab67 Um....sure!
RT @MetroChicago: TONIGHT: The Both (@tedleo & @aimeemann) w/ @NickfromIslands. Doors at 8, show at 9. Tix are available at the door! http:…
RT @JoshMalina: .@aimeemann and @tedleo's The Both is the kind of disc you want to play again the moment it's done. Give it a listen.
@JoshMalina @tedleo THANK YOU!!!
@samantha_power xoxox
@Weej69 @tedleo @mattmayhall @DJRotaryRachel Badfinger, Bee Gees, Turtles
@jpfanshawe @tedleo @mattmayhall @DJRotaryRachel Day After Day
@radiomaru 👒🔪
In a cab with @tedleo & @mattmayhall, & @DJRotaryRachel is playing DJ with her iPod and drumming on the cabbie's shoulder & it is awesome.
Thank you @93XRT! That was very fun and everyone couldn't have been nicer!
@radiomaru I'm very proud of you and excited to read YOUR NEW BOOK YAYYYYYY!!!
@JesseThorn Word.
@UncleDynamite This guy needs boxers AND briefs.
@UncleDynamite Ugh, PUT IT ON!
@ElsaCharles @tedleo Chicago time!
Chicago! Tomorrow the Both plays the Metro, today @tedleo and I do a special stripped-down mini-concert on WXRT at 5:00! See you at #Both!
@danverdeja @tedleo Sorry, we didn't rehearse either of those! It's mostly Both songs with a couple other ones in there...
@blearyeyedgabe @tedleo It was fun, and thank you!
@kevinseccia DAMN YOU! 😂😂😎
Really excited to play the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor tonight, thanks to everybody who lined up in the rain!
@jkupetz @tedleo Omg what would we possibly do with suet on a tour bus ewww!
@TrentGentry Not that I remember!
@tdub742 @tedleo It's High Road, but we have shows in SF and Napa in June!
RT @ChrisWillman: Here’s an interview I did w/ @aimeemann & @tedleo about The Both, an album which you, my followers, surely own by now htt…
@ChrisWillman @tedleo HI CHRIS YOU ARE AWESOME!
@JamesDDetroit It's me with my band w/ @tedleo, The Both, so a whole new set of songs!
RT @Townstage: The Both (@aimeemann & @tedleo) are at the @BlindPigAA tonight! Catch the rock/indie/punk collaboration at 8pm! http://t.co/
@jtkantor @SuperEgoRecords @tedleo @M4HMOOD Yay, thank you!
@Delitesting Playing SF in June!
@ReelQuinn @tedleo See you in Chicago. Bring your own lint roller.
@thelindywest It's a Block Party!
RT @SuperEgoRecords: More discussion on Toronto Blue Jays than most, but nice review -Record of the Month Club:@aimeemann @tedleo #theboth …
My pals @julieklausner & @billyeichner are getting a show!! http://t.co/9eNqHKED6w
People of Cleveland, me and @tedleo are playing tonight as The Both at @beachlandCLE, please come see us!
@JenVesp @IndieMnded @tedleo This is so great, THANK you!!
RT @SenSanders: RELEASE: Congress Must Confront Global Warming Crisis: http://t.co/9jkALjYfyv #ActOnClimate http://t.co/hNAxLNQFG3
@billyeichner @THRtv @julieklausner @THR I am so excited and thrilled for both of you and also for myself! That reading was SO FUNNY!
@jakefogelnest Babies? I don't have my glasses on.
@andylevy @tedleo I AGREE WITH TED
@KathleenEConway @tedleo SO MANY QUESTION
@julieklausner @jakefogelnest Please don't neglect Esalen.
RT @FallonTonight: Web exclusive: @tedleo and @aimeemann tell us about the first albums they ever bought! https://t.co/o73VGcmaZl
@quirkyandklutzy @tedleo Aw, hope you feel better! Hugs!
@KathleenEConway @tedleo Holy SHIT. #Ungodly
@TheRealTavie Cardboard is the best and there's no need for underpainting!
@DCevents_ @930Club We already played!
@TheRealTavie Thank you! And that's exactly how I feel about you! So I guess we should both do MORE, just to be helpful!
@TheRealTavie Everything ive learned about songwriting i cant seem to apply to art. #Argh
@TheRealTavie But I experience the same thing with drawing or painting. "What should I draw?? What STYLE do I want to have??" It's annoying!
@AmyMunz2 Oh, I'm sorry, I'm playing with my band The Both tonight! 98% new songs and only songs we both know!
RT @NeinQuarterly: French: the language of love. German: the love of language. English: the love of English.
@TheRealTavie It's the most frustrating thing!
RT @WYEP: Tune in today at 3:00pm (EST) for live music from The Both featuring @aimeemann & @tedleo.
@IraDW @tedleo Yay!
@JessicaJenn2 It was my manager's!
@usamike @tedleo YEAH!!
@tedleo 😂📱🔢
@kevinseccia #orb
@tedleo Recite "Charge of the Light Brigade" when
@blacksab67 @daveanthony Ted Sky at Night
@kevinseccia Ham hock?! That tomato can!!
@jakefogelnest @MelanieGriffith @derekwaterss You do Drunk Social Studies.
@kevinseccia Did you watch?
@paulandstorm @dmgallo @tedleo Totally down with this idea.
And after watching the video that I just posted, maybe give these dudes a click! http://t.co/FpPg2I9KLW
@hannahmusic You are welcome! How great is John Ennis in this???
Please watch this, it's phenomenal. Hannah Georgas. http://t.co/vMRpuAWdEY @hannahmusic
I need this thing. “@paulandstorm: #CroachPlushLives http://t.co/DTy5fx2XMq
@JoeCaparco @tedleo We were so close, in Boston!
@BillinWill @tedleo Sorry, this is a Both band show, unfortunately we don't know either of those songs!
People of Philadelphia! Come see me and @tedleo as The Both at Union Transfer tonight!
RT @UnionTransfer: TONIGHT - see what happens when @aimeemann & @tedleo join forces as #TheBoth! @wxpnfm. Doors 8pm/$24 TIX: http://t.co/aP
@VABoredWoolf @tedleo Damn, I forgot to thank you from the stage for the awesome "kitty on a burrito"!
@richdupler @tedleo Show should be announced any day now!
RT @julieklausner: Very exciting news: NELLIE McKAY will be joining us on June 1 at @BellHouseNY for #HowWasYourWeekLive! Get tix now! htt…
@MaryKoCo ❤️👯
@aronharris @SuperEgoRecords @tedleo Dumb computers have no bass response!
@questlove @FallonTonight Aw thanks, I hope I get to see you next time! Hugs!
RT @SuperEgoRecords: #theboth @aimeemann and @tedleo played "Milwaukee" on The Tonight Show last night! http://t.co/3npReQYTrL
@carolyncaroline @MRaybin09 @portlandia LAST ONE!
RT @FallonTonight: The Both (@aimeemann & @tedleo) tell us about their first albums! https://t.co/FvTr7F2Iao #FallonTonight http://t.co/oM
@entylawyer @danacmcgowan @DavidSpade TOO LATE
The Both just played on @jimmyfallon and it was SO MUCH FUN!! Watch tonight pleaseee!!! #TheBoth @tedleo
RT @FallonTonight: TONIGHT: @DavidSpade, @SophiaBush, and The Both (@aimeemann and @tedleo) will all be here! #FallonTonight http://t.co/zd
@rgarner We're working on a UK release but for now you can only get it on http://t.co/YnBmoOuITU....
@mariaescaja @tedleo Love this picture! #RockBlur
RT @mariaescaja: These two ❤️ @aimeemann @tedleo #TheBoth http://t.co/JXWLjqaDxF
@MaryKoCo @AliveSwan Alive Swan UK
@blacksab67 @trumpetcake Pretty sure he means the whole band, which in truth I always suspected.
This is hilarious and John Ennis is great and it's not that long so you should watch it! http://t.co/XumpGEnbID
RT @93XRT: NOW: Enter to win tickets to see @aimeemann & @tedleo's band The Both. Text 'BOTH' to 59393 http://t.co/GDs0Ni8iMv
@trumpetcake THE Duran Duran?
@JimBoggia @kerryhallett Damn you.
@Lin_Manuel Hey, it was great to see you last night! I would've said goodbye but you were surrounded by a solid wall of cast members! Xo
@jefftiedrich @tedleo Never had Whipping Post shouted at me, might be a novelty!
RT @nickdonohue: I have 2 tickets available for @aimeemann and @tedleo at Bowery Ballroom tonight. Face value and can send via ticketmaster…
RT @sharonvanetten: .@pitchforkmedia has the premiere of SVE's new track "Every Time the Sun Comes Up" from the forthcoming #AreWeThere htt…
@PDX44 We're working on it!
Mostly just waiting for @MaryKoCo to tweet again.
@echi1208 I would love so much to play in Japan with the Both!
@danielralston Ahahahahaha! Don't I know it. #EdLeo
@ShannonShreibak :)
@TheRealTavie @DrunkSlut Wait, so you pin it yourself? DO NOT LIKE.
@danielralston Hm I didn't realize they counted them for you. Seems weird and Big Brother-y.
@danielralston Also stop "fave counting."
@danielralston I guess if it's a rule...*grudge RTs.*
RT @danielralston: @aimeemann Thanks for the 10 favs. Please remember 10 favs=1 RT.
@MaryKoCo F.E. Time
@DrunkSlut No idea!
@paulnivin @tedleo June 12th, I think!
I don't think I'm comfortable with tweets being "pinned."
RT @MrSmallsTheatre: This is your ONE WEEK WARNING for The Both (@aimeemann + @tedleo)!! Get your tickets here: http://t.co/NamdVdF7IL | ht…
RT @pastereplies: @aimeemann, we listed the best songs of 2014. Guess who made the cut? @PasteMagazine : http://t.co/NYD7sSBxRP
@rickshapirotv Honored!
@morgan_murphy @TheJetOnTNT Have a safe flight and a great trip, dude! See you at the Bean in a month!
@ChuckProphet @jenbutlerdesign @tedleo *incorporates gong idea*
@kevinseccia you make this too easy
@MaryKoCo Answer: yes
@tedleo @UncleDynamite FlushFranks™ "I'll Have Mine 'To Go'!"
People of Portland, ME--that was really fun! Thanks for coming to the Both show! @tedleo
Just went back and faved the last fifty @DJRotaryRachel tweets.
RT @TheTweetOfGod: One of these days someone will start a religion based on the things Jesus actually said in the Bible.
@FB_Leviathan Thank you so much!
@FB_Leviathan You can download it from the http://t.co/YnBmoOuITU store!
@FB_Leviathan Try the store on my website http://t.co/cQVsMy6yax!
@jenstrickland @tedleo @jodify Much dirtier!
@blacksab67 Ew!
@soapgirluk Why, @tedleo of course!
@GaryTaxali @kevinseccia @heliumcell @tedleo I BET THE PRIZE IS A HAM
@kevinseccia @GaryTaxali @heliumcell @tedleo Ahahaha damn you!
@blacksab67 I'm about to play a show in Boston!
@blacksab67 Look who's talking, Beach King!
Hey, the great @TVsAndyDaly's show "Review," a hilarious show that you should watch, has episodes on Youtube now! http://t.co/t9N70IxJLh
@jtkantor @M4HMOOD @tedleo @SuperEgoRecords :)
@CarolynMorrell @HOBBoston @tedleo We're all very ghostly!
RT @jtkantor: DVR the game! If you're in NY, come see @TheSplitSquad (Bowery Electric). If you're in Boston go see #TheBoth @aimeemann @ted…
@jtkantor @TheSplitSquad @tedleo Thanks, Josh!
@GaryTaxali @heliumcell @tedleo Ted is a pretty good curator...I think we should see if he wants to co-curate.
@hrachovec @tedleo We're working on releasing it in UK but for now, https://t.co/hHXGigzRT6 is the only way to get it, sorry!
RT @IHEG: TONIGHT at 8pm at Pearl Street Ballroom, we welcome The Both (@AimeeMann & @TedLeo) + @NickfromIslands Tickets: http://t.co/HpG6B
@chasbwalker @tedleo Come on, man.
@lexgranger Ahahaha!
@jtkantor @M4HMOOD @tedleo This is VERY EXCITING!
RT @M4HMOOD: The Both's "Milwaukee" being played at Fenway by organist @jtkantor!!! cc: @tedleo @aimeemann
@idochips @mcb3000 This is an excellent story. Thank you.
@idochips very excited until I realized you weren't talking about a real bobcat.
@FatGayVegan @tedleo Lets ask @SuperEgoRecords for help!
@TheRealTavie @fenirob It's the "yerba mate" of songs!
RT @CaughtOffBase: RT @Deadspin Josh Lueke is a rapist. Pass it on. http://t.co/DywKR6j38L
@fenirob @TheRealTavie This is my favorite conversation of all time. PLEASE GO ON.
@TheRealTavie @tedleo xoxx!
@asdobkin @tedleo @northernspyfood Thank you, it was nice to meet you! I ate Ted's food as well as mine. #Snack #Meal
@Parec116 @tedleo No...we're working on it but as it's a self-release it could take some time..
@daveanthony @collynmccoy no we're talking about how many stabs to make you stop talking
@daveanthony @collynmccoy Jesus, how many does it TAKE?
@JoshMalina @tedleo THANK you!!
@mikemorrow @tedleo THANK you!
@TheSpoony @tedleo I thought it would be fun to incorporate that into the show.
@tedleo I'm on #Both sides! Of the flat circle! What?!
@tedleo This doesn't even make sense. Did you have too much coffee? 😂😂😂
@HenryBottjer No music, just appearing!
RT @VirgilFilms: @aimeemann now available on @iTunesMovies - http://t.co/CGvOTEMd3v
Hey, the movie I was in, Pleased To Meet Me, is now available on iTunes, check it out! Great performances by John Doe, Loudon Wainwright!
@MaryKoCo Mary
RT @ChrisGethard: MY COMEDY ALBUM is released! Buy it and enjoy. I hope it gives ya a few laughs on a bad day! RT's appreciated https://t.c
RT @DJRotaryRachel: The only thing that could make the huge moth I just saw more disgusting is if it told me it wouldn't kill me to smile.
@UncleDynamite Might as well be a #stalltweet
@tedleo now eat a bowlful of candy and you'll have my cold-beating method down
@BeTheBoy Wait, @AndyKindler just RTd me...I take back that fave
@AndyKindler What's next?! Blood in someone ELSE'S STOOL?? #YouJustGotKindlered
@MaryKoCo @tedleo no that's about right #SeventeenOlives
@tedleo @MaryKoCo Well, minus the caftan.
@jacobwolk This basically happens to every woman, get with it man
@tedleo @MaryKoCo Uh oh this is what TED looks like in the morning #BusBlub
@Sethrogen @jonahray @tedleo PRETTY SURE THAT'S WHY
@jacobwolk omg
@MaryKoCo This is a p good guy! #blub
@annlamanes We're working on it!
@aronharris Working on it!
@boonhogganbeck We're bringing a drummer which IS a full band!
@linnyqat Working on it!
@jezard Playing in SF on June 12th, so close!
@Alexaguirre2424 I sure hope so! And thanks!
Getting ready for the Both tour...please come see us! First show Pearl St in Northampton, can't wait! Tour dates at http://t.co/CEdOSFcRql.
@greatwoconda I think that's up to Community!
@felinorama Forwarding to @SuperEgoRecords for answers!
@captainwonkish Forwarding to @SuperEgoRecords for answers!
@TwitchyCorner @suzyv Nooooo idea; I can't wait to come back!
@morgan_murphy @MaryKoCo Those clothes are COMING OFF
@MaryKoCo I just got home and am immediately packing my "month pack" from the remnants of my "days pack." #packing
@MaryKoCo @morgan_murphy Her, and I have a feeling this is not going to end the way everyone hopes #NudeMom
@MaryKoCo me "too"
@MaryKoCo @morgan_murphy Good god
@TheSpoony YES TRY
@George_McD Why not!!
@Britt_Star @tedleo Yay!
@ACNewman Why take a chance? Utilize the US Mail!
@TheSpoony Oh, no problem. How about I wait while you listen to it? That won't awkward at all.
@brettrutkowski Not sure what the deal is, maybe @SuperEgoRecords can give us the lowdown...
@WesleyStace YES
@MarkMacmanus77 Noooo!!!
@daveanthony We recorded our cover of "Muskrat Love" with you in mind.
IT'S RECORD STORE DAY!! Maybe you'd like to buy The BOTH's NEW RECORD!! IT'S JUST AN IDEA!!
@daveanthony @AndyKindler @TheRealTavie ...about the best way to murder Dave, was the rest of that sentence.
@AndyKindler @TheRealTavie I have so much to learn.
@KarolinaHjelte Puss och kram!
@AndyKindler @TheRealTavie They're going to come crawling back to bar soap, hat in hand, but it will be TOO LATE.
@AndyKindler THANK you, I almost forgot about "What's next?"!! #ComedyTips @TheRealTavie
@KathleenEConway Yay!
Att'n @tedleo “@Fan_From_NJ: @aimeemann -This is Angora rabbit. The world's fluffiest bunny...#WorseThanCatHair http://t.co/MXycvCAPaD
@GaryTaxali Thank you! You were fun and helpful! #ArtChat
@LizzyLoyd Playing Belly Up in June!
If you like poetry and music on stage together, come see me and poet Bill Collins at Wells Fargo Center For the Arts tonight in Santa Rosa!
If you like #StallTweets, you will LOVE @UncleDynamite!
@TheRealTavie Dude, they had Pump, Automatic In-Sink, and Wall-Mounted Squirt. NONE of them worked! Cc: @AndyKindler #StallTweets
@AndyKindler Currently working on "checked bag fee" chunk, stay tuned.
@tedleo The beanie was a good disguise.
@AndyKindler Man.
@idochips Oh, goes without saying.
Also, as a nation we need to admit we failed utterly in the dispensing of liquid soap. #StallTweets
@MaryKoCo ilu 🐴🚽
@MaryKoCo ahaha it's true there are always 17 🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸
Airport bathrooms are great but when you bring your 8-year-old son in so he can peek into the stalls it makes it even better. #StallTweets
@MaryKoCo no finish these olives for me
Obviously every piece of clothing I own can only be improved by a fine layer of reddish cat hair.
@ACNewman @tedleo Thank youuuu!!
@peterjblack @tedleo Forwarding to @SuperEgoRecords
@uraclod Yuk!!
RT @kentucker: Here's link w actual music to my @nprfreshair review of The Both, the @aimeemann & @tedleo team-up: http://t.co/w6zTM04ELV
@Mooniac70 Ahahaha you knew that tweet was for you
Why am I not eating a gluten-free muffin next to you right now?
RT @uraclod: During the final two minutes, the puck is replaced with a large Hostess Ding Dong. #betterhockeyrules @midnight http://t.co/Xp
@julieklausner @billyeichner @vulture This is so great.
@blacksab67 @tthornb Goddamn it. That is really sad!
@stephenpros Sorry, no UK release scheduled yet
@petterssonjanne We don't have a European release yet, sadly.
@JoeyKey_ No idea!
In case I forgot to mention it, The Both record is OUT! http://t.co/kyZMjgMPTi
@JeffG1974 P bass!
I love Emma Stone.
@ChrisWillman @tedleo THANK YOU!!!
@KrustyBatman @tedleo June!
@MichaelKeefePDX @Spotify @tedleo God bless you!
@AndyRichter @daveanthony Dave gets first choice.
@susiewilkins omg
@daveanthony It's been a long time coming.
@mattnightingale Awwww sorry!!
@HRobertsonEsq @tedleo Bless you!
@AdamCS1987 @tedleo Soon, we hope!
@hoorory @danielralston @tedleo I love this!!
RT @hoorory: I was in The Both's "Milwaukee" video and I made some art about it. @danielralston @tedleo @aimeemann http://t.co/rYXZO3I2Fp
@EddieFieg @tedleo If only!! #EdDoll
RT @bnacker: i wrote this with @aimeemann for @johnmoe. it features @timheidecker and @tedleo and it tickles me. https://t.co/bG1dryiJ4g
@bnacker @johnmoe @timheidecker @tedleo YAY!
@CollinKlug @tedleo 🍵
@MichaelKeefePDX @Spotify No, we're hoping people buy it! @tedleo
@HRobertsonEsq @tedleo Nothing solid yet, sorry!
@brettglass @tedleo Hopefully we can work it out later this year!
@mudaba @tedleo Coming in June!
RT @tedleo: Thanks for all the support today, folks. Come see us! http://t.co/gcdMIVG13b cc: @aimeemann
@tedleo @paulandstorm @NickelCreek AGREE WITH DUMB ASSESSMENT
@AndyRichter @KarenKilgariff 😂😂😂
@MrJoshCharles @amyschumer YOU ARE THE ONE WHO RULES
@theleanover @tedleo :)
@p3rr3lla @tedleo You can get the CD at http://t.co/bN4DriQ3Xv The vinyl has a download card the CD doesn't.
@amyschumer @MrJoshCharles This is beyond brilliant.
@TurboGrandma @tedleo #noKevin
@WessyBGood @morgan_murphy @tedleo @theafghanwhigs @Barryathree THANK you!
@tedleo Happy #BothDay, Teddy! We did it! We made a record! It's been an honor and a privilege. #Grateful
@WessyBGood @morgan_murphy @tedleo @theafghanwhigs @Barryathree Wes, someone adopted Jasper!!
@morgan_murphy @tedleo @theafghanwhigs @Barryathree Dude, you are the best. Xo
@AndersReynolds @google @tedleo @twitter NPR first listen! #sly
@jonahray @tedleo THANK YOU!
RT @TIME: Real Estate’s “Crime” video has it all: undead skateboarders, celebrity cameos & pottery http://t.co/1xfS8CHVlP
@robhatchmiller @tedleo THANK YOU!! And congrats on the video release, RT to follow!
@jefftiedrich @tedleo Yay!
@idochips @tedleo 😃
@JohnLovick @tedleo THANK YOU!
@julieklausner @tedleo :) xox
RT @tedleo: If you want to order #BOTH vinyl or t-shirt & extra stuff bundles, go to @aimeemann's shop here: http://t.co/2C4t5hhJKX
@jimhanke @RecklessRecords @tedleo You can get the vinyl here! http://t.co/CLYGIRaHcN
@tedleo @drbobbins #EW
@_The_Josh Not yet...fingers crossed!
The BOTH record is out today!! If you like my music and/or @tedleo's, you will enjoy it! Very excited!!
@wholeexpanse @Dropbox Looks great! xo
RT @danielralston: I posted a bunch of pics from the "Milwaukee" video I directed for @aimeemann & @tedleo on Facebook. #EdLeoSecrets https…
RT @timheidecker: Buy the new record The Both from @tedleo and @aimeemann today! I did! https://t.co/CasCSCqRg3
@UncleDynamite @tedleo :)
@richsommer @tedleo xoxox
@kevinseccia THAT GUY
@blacksab67 Well, two out of five.
@blacksab67 Feel free to come over.
RT @BeTheBoy: Just went to the gettin' store of @aimeemann and @tedleo new record. It's great. Info here: http://t.co/zSVIEhY8ST Treat you…
@rare_basement Yeah, sometimes it's hard to find a piece small enough to not feel overwhelming. "How low can I go?"
@rare_basement I hear that!
@kevinseccia That's because only emojis can convey the sheer mass and girth of a Kevin Seccia text chat. #orb
@paulandstorm @tedleo We should have at least tasted them.
Me and @tedleo's new band The Both has a record coming out TOMORROW! In the meantime, here's the video! http://t.co/8d3bTkyhDB
@tmbg Everyone in that band was a total bananas performer.
@TotallyDrivenTV @ttllydrvnradio Sacks & Co is our publicist, though we're pretty swamped getting ready for the Both tour!
@kevinseccia That curse hurt ME. #EvilEye
@radiomaru Same
RT @morriconeyouth: MICHAEL PENN guests TODAY 2-4p ET http://t.co/cTVgoTo6PI @evradio @MPenn @girlsHBO @SHO_Masters @cigsandredvines @Alanc…
@daveanthony Evil eye flip off
@daveanthony Manny's mother
RT @toddlevin: My cat is missing, and my heart is breaking. Last seen in Los Feliz area near Rowena Reservoir. Pls RT. Pls help. http://t.c
@MaryKoCo Farm eggzausted
@HenryBottjer @tedleo nope!
Me and @tedleo did an interview on NPR! Our band The Both was a thing that was Considered! Listen here: http://t.co/yqwgM8amUk
@michaelianblack @ACNewman Wait, I have a pole?
RT @wits: FOWs @aimeemann & @tedleo are on @npratc today, as The Both! Tune in!
@TheRealTavie Love it!
@ACNewman @michaelianblack #jerkburn
@jakefogelnest oh, Jake
@MaryKoCo I just wrote a bridge to it, you'll be not that happy to hear. #FEE
@MaryKoCo #WeAreWitch
@MaryKoCo @bnacker wait, who?
@MaryKoCo Same
Our pal @DJRotaryRachel made a great doc about Boyce & Hart, throw a little dough her way to finish it! https://t.co/c9I9BoB5Js
@blacksab67 @kourtneykardash It's a legitimate question.
@jodify @wonderingsound @tedleo @maggieserota This was a fun one. 😃
RT @maggieserota: ICYMI: I had a lovely chat with @tedleo & @aimeemann http://t.co/m4SJXOxYQm via @wonderingsound
@imnatecorddry @JohnRossBowie @wonderingsound YAY!!
@blackwalls nope.
@BernardZuel :)
@entylawyer THANK you!!
@TheRealTavie @tedleo I like pie!
@tedleo @NPRAskMeAnother @PabstTheater @jonathancoulton @OphiraE I want to thank this group too! Damn you for being so #SmartPhoneQuick!
@mota_anateresa Nope, I have my brilliant bass player pal @paulie_be for those times!
@russelledlund @tedleo :)
@sosoglos @tedleo @danielralston #EdLeo sells hugs at the merch table.
FYI, there are Both bundles at http://t.co/CEdOSFcRql if you are interested! Also pre-orders w/extra tracks at http://t.co/UaRyqwjxOV.
@kayafraser @tedleo @ditchrecords How? It's not out yet!
RT @wits: Introducing Ed Leo, @tedleo's weirdly lovable uncle, on official 'Milwaukee' video with @aimeemann https://t.co/iVz3ahzEWO
@KarolinaHjelte @tedleo @paulie_be I hope sometime this year, we miss it!
@mrsiefert @tedleo @danielralston Thanks! #EdLeo
@supervman00 Try tweeting at @FineLineMusic too.
@danielralston #EdLeo blocked me!
@supervman00 I'll forward this to management, maybe they know what to do...sorry, i dont have direct contact with venues!
@paulie_be @tedleo 😂😂😂
@TheRealTavie Always enraging!
@TheRealTavie DO NOT LIKE
@essjayteeee @danielralston @tedleo we reconsidered.
@fraserallan @tedleo We're putting it out ourselves, so we're still working on how to get it out in the UK. No definitive news yet, sorry!
@TheRealTavie YAAAAYYYYY!!!
The video for The Both song Milwaukee is up! Have a look see! Directed by @danielralston! http://t.co/JvMfv47CJP @tedleo
@lynnpin5 @tedleo @uraclod @heliumcell xoxo!
#EdLeo insists on pronouncing "quiche" as "quickie." @tedleo @danielralston @maggieserota
You'll meet this guy soon...#EdLeo http://t.co/mDbpjEVxEc
@DenisVengeance @tedleo Coming in June!
@FatGayVegan @tedleo Thank YOU!
@FatGayVegan @tedleo Soon! On the 15th!
RT @ReelQuinn: Our pal @DJRotaryRachel made a fascinating film called “Boyce & Hart: The Guys Who Wrote Em.” You can donate here: https://t…
@idochips Please do not barf on my door.
Silicon Valley is great.
@sparklyshinygrl @hodgman @tedleo OMG RIGHT?! So much watching of the children!!
@hodgman @tedleo I was hoping for a gas stove and some kind of outdoor space.
@stevenjwhite but I'M the bass player!
@drewodoherty Seriously, I'm like YELLING over here.
@whitty_remarks 3 hours
@hodgman #ensuite
Watching cosmos and basically I'm learning that nature is a series of lies. #8MinuteSun
The Both is thrilled to be on Tiny Desk! http://t.co/qw0Tlq41GZ
@DJRotaryRachel Bravo, my lady!
@AndyKindler @nprmusic @tedleo THANK YOU FOR SAYING THAT!! :)
I'm wildly excited about this!! “@nprmusic: First Listen: The Both, 'The Both' http://t.co/AFwOUCrn5C @aimeemann @tedleo”
@uraclod we couldn't agree on how to spell it ps u r klod
First Both review I've read and I'm thrilled! @tedleo http://t.co/XL0EIxBGqp
@idochips more like electrical fires
@ACNewman @tedleo I just toss out the "th" entirely and rhyme it with "doze."
RT @pattonoswalt: (2 of 3) ...here's the iTunes link to -pre-order TRAGEDY PLUS COMEDY EQUALS TIME: http://t.co/eqkg85uzpz
I was just startled by hearing @tedleo fully pronounce the "th" in "clothes."
I can't help but feeling that George Bush's painting has a bit of a Chauncey Gardner Reveal.
@NeilInnes :)
@annetdonahue please try this kale ice cream
@idochips white lightning
Have the hiccups like some god-damned cartoon drunk.
@andylevy @jakefogelnest #yesandy
@TheRealTavie RIGHT!!??
RT @Section101Tweet: Don't miss out on seeing #TheBoth (@aimeemann & @tedleo) at @boweryballroom on 4/29 & at @MusicHallofWB on 5/1!
@VABoredWoolf @tedleo Burritos are wheat tortillas and thus forbidden to me.
RT @SweetRelief: Ends Today!See how you can contribute to @SweetRelief +MEET The BOTH @aimeemann & @tedleo at ANY show w/ 2 tickets! → http…
@tedleo Hugs, Teddy. I couldn't be sorrier for everyone involved.
@drewodoherty @tedleo It's a Both rule to include as much 38 Special in any and all endeavors. #Waitin'
@lizzwinstead @tedleo @kcrw Yay, thank you!!
The Both record w/ extra tracks is available for pre-sale on Barnes & Noble, woo! http://t.co/7tdGFt83HB
Infinity pools are great, if you always wanted to feel like you were about to fall over the edge of a cliff while you were swimming.
@MaryKoCo The shower is one place my fashion is lacking so this is good news
@joanlemay @CatCreepers yes please
@uraclod Agreed! #Urstillaclod
@FlashbackBaby Sounds like my stepbrother!
@MaryKoCo Is it the pattern of a keyboard? THEN YES
@danielralston NOT COOL MAN
@danielralston HEY
@MaryKoCo ⛄️🐴
@bakerpocky Yay!!
@uraclod Don't be a #dumbie
Yay, the Both's new record is on the Barnes & Noble site! http://t.co/7tdGFt83HB
@blacksab67 omg come over now
@FlashbackBaby Starting April 23rd, doing a whole tour with my new band The Both, featuring @tedleo!
@thelindywest crowd will cut a bitch
@MaryKoCo @djrotaryrachel @blacksab67 Rachel would have been able to explain the scientific phenomenon of that guy's #zone to us. #science
@GaryTaxali This is SO GREAT.
@TiffJimber @MPenn @MaryKoCo No, the DVR didn't record so we watched a Nova instead!
@entylawyer I will try, but I bet they have strict rules about it that I dare not break!
@kevinseccia @MPenn @MaryKoCo When I get beamed around the earth, I get beamed AROUND the EARTH. #orb
@daveanthony Then it was all worth it.
@MaryKoCo @MPenn You totally won.
Arguing about teleportation with @MPenn and @MaryKoCo
@daveanthony we decided to kill you instead
@MaryKoCo Close
@tedleo @vbstillhouse @kovaldistillery 👱✨🍸🍸🍸😲
@sosoglos @danielralston @tedleo You will not believe the magnificence of #EdLeo!
@sosoglos Thanks! Sorry you could relate to the RLPs section though!
@AndyKindler @andylevy I would absolutely watch this show.
@andylevy @andykindler The door is always open!
@AndyKindler @andylevy I usually just do #noandy, but that might pose some problems for you.
@blacksab67 They are weirdly great together.
RT @StephenMerchant: #HelloLadies season 1 on @HBO wraps up tonight in US. Tune in to finally find out who the smoke monster is and why he …
The new Heidecker Wood record is out and I'm on it! Check it out! http://t.co/FNz0dFtGqt @timheidecker
RT @wits: Get tickets to @timheidecker, @aimeemann & @tedleo on 12/5 & @dessadarling & @jasonritter on 12/19 at the box office now! #wits
Just realized today that my main musical influence can mostly be traced back to that one Wingsong commercial. cc: @DJRotaryRachel
RT @tedleo: Crazy #Portugal audiences have really brought it for @aimeemann & me these last few days. Muito obrigado, irmãos e irmãs! #Opor…
Thank you to the people of Porto who came to see me tonight. What a lovely and special audience! xoxo!
Today I got to see @julieklausner's apartment & meet #JimmyJazz for the first time. He allowed me in the same room but that's it.
RT @smithsonian: Its name has creepy cred, but we think it's kinda cute: Vampire Squid via @SILibraries http://t.co/dSxdSh6XhO #halloween
RT @KarenKilgariff: I just tried some PF Chang's from the frozen food section and now I live in a condo next to the freeway
RT @CassSunstein: On Samantha Power. http://t.co/nXzoEzw48l
New and great So So Glos video directed by my pal @danielralston! http://t.co/QGzNA1hft2
RT @danielralston: Here's the official release page for the So So Glos video I directed. I talk a little about what went into making it. ht…
"That's what my herpes feels like."-- @DJRotaryRachel, watching Michael Murphey sing "Wild Fire." #TooMuchWine #MSpecial
The Spinners just all took giant rubber bands out of their pockets for the end of "Rubber Band Man," are you KIDDING me?? #Awesome #MSpecial
We are seriously yelling "ewww!!" Over and over. @DJRotaryRachel
Ugh grossing myself out by watch Exile sing "Kiss You All Over." Cc: @DJRotaryRachel
"We fight for blouses at Ann Taylor Loft."-- @DJRotaryRachel upon seeing Robin Zander/Cheap Trick on Midnight Special.
I can't believe I'm so excited to hear Bread. #HelloLadies
Doing a video today (dressed as a germ) for an album for charity called "2776. Check it out!... http://t.co/I1BZwt4gMH
"It wouldn't be fair to Sapersteen."--my new motto, from Rosemary's Baby. Cc: @DJRotaryRachel
RT @DakotaJazzClub: @aimeemann and @tedleo play again tonight at 7. If you missed last night, check out this review: http://t.co/mP7QDssWsZ
RT @AboveAverage: Watch @aimeemann & @tedleo get advice from @nbcsnl's Vanessa Bayer: http://t.co/ZkBsscX2Ec #BOTH #strengthinnumbers
RT @AboveAverage: Tomorrow! @aimeemann & @tedleo get some sound advice from Vanessa Bayer: http://t.co/v2js54JLUc #sneakpeek
RT @kentstage: A few great seats remain for @aimeemann and Ted Leo tonight. http://t.co/oiHaGZ7SrJ
So @tedleo just used up one of his three wishes by wishing he liked walnuts and cilantro. #WhatADumb
RT @jefftiedrich: @aimeemann @tedleo In the fute all words will be one syl.
RT @serafinowicz: Remember: You can do anything you want, go anywhere you like. The only thing stopping you is your mind. Set yourself free…
Playing cards on the bus with @tedleo and he just said, "Is it my shuff?" #Shuff
RT @idochips: Hi, long time listener, follower, watcher in the night, watching you, right now, always watching, always there. but first tim…
RT @FuriousCarter: This is what the GOP wants. They want the economy to crash. They will label it "Obama's Crash" and hope history records …
RT @straintest: I directed this John Denverific video, starring my faves @aimeemann and @jonwurster. Also: puppets! http://t.co/sCMD5O4uoT
RT @FreakSceneNet: Video for the @jmascis / @sharonvanetten cover of @JohnDenverMusic's "Prisoners" http://t.co/ImMRFmK0vW cc @superchunk /…
RT @daily_kale: Spider in your bed? Vitamin-packed kale gives you the energy and strength needed to burn down your house and move to new sp…
RT @GodIsABuddhist: 3 days until @aimeemann and special guest @tedleo are performing @TheLyricTheatre!! Get your tickets now if you haven't…
Ok not cool that @tedleo is reading a thing about mating season for tarantulas out loud to the bus. The phrase "sperm web" was just uttered.
RT @uraclod: Blow-Up Doll #AddaWordRuinaMovie
RT @VarPlayhouse: We've got a great show tonight with @aimeemann and special guest @tedleo . http://t.co/0q1Qt4gamr Doors open at 7:30 & sh…
Hey @jonwurster your witch friends are casting spells; enjoy "handling the pine" as a toad! Cc: @KimletGordon http://t.co/aH8QaZxFrc
RT @ATL_Events: Music: @aimeemann - @VarPlayhouse. Fri 8:30p. $30+. Another one of my favorite singers, joined by Ted Leo: http://t.co/rj89
RT @rare_basement: regram from dudehugs i dont give a care @ Tipitina's http://t.co/ATn4LYxDL3
RT @danielralston: I directed a rock video and it debuted today over @RollingStone. Won't you look at it? It ends horribly. http://t.co/apG
RT @johnroderick: Since 2001 the press has consistently failed their responsibility and no one holds them accountable. “@mileskahn: http://…
RT @225batonrouge: .@aimeemann and @tedleo will perform at @ManshipTheatre tonight! Read more about their new collaboration as The Both htt…
RT @GodIsABuddhist: @aimeemann with special guest @tedleo playing @TheLyricTheatre October 10 in #Blacksburg, VA. Tickets onsale now!!! htt…
I had a great time at @Tipitinas tonight, thank you everyone who came! I hope I see you again soon!
RT @TheNardvark: RT @AaronSorkin After much trepidation, I’ve decided to join Twitter. What piques my curiosity is the economy of language …
You must go to this show in NYC , it starts Oct 23 and is effing brilliant, it's magic but don't let that deter you! http://t.co/OaFkVJ91aW
RT @HOBHouston: TONIGHT — @AimeeMann w/ Ted Leo and the Pharmacists! Doors: 7P, Show: 8P, all ages. Info & tickets: http://t.co/PiDIiKIKcF
RT @acousticross: Hoping #theboth album has an extra disc full of NOTHING BUT STAGE BANTER. @aimeemann @tedleo
Hey, everybody that came to see me tonight in Dallas...thank you so much. I had a really great time. You were awesome. Hugs to you all!
RT @nffcnnr: photo 5: @AimeeMann @GranadaTheater, joined by @Tedleo. they are Both. http://t.co/3w2wocwJPE
RT @GaryTaxali: I created and donated this artwork in support of Greenpeace International's initiative to stop… http://t.co/o25NKDRO2R
RT @danielralston: Everything is horrible! Goodnight everybody!
RT @dansinker: And I guess it's just good every now and then to say DON'T GIVE UP. But also to say YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN KIND OF WANTING TO.
RT @KimletGordon: “@HuffPostArts: THIS THIS THIS MT @aimeemann Look at these lovely ladies, plus me: @Carrie_Rachel @KimletGordon http://t.…
RT @ParamountAustin: RT @do512: The incredibly talented & versatile @aimeemann will be blessing @ParamountAustin w/her prescence on 9/27 ht…
RT @dessadarling: Our band was robbed last night in Buffalo. We are not canceling the tour. http://t.co/KHr5KFB5fI
RT @earthposts: This baby hippo got separated from his family by a tsunami and a 103 year old tortoise became his best friend. http://t.co/
I just saw the documentary "Stories We Tell" and it's kind of the greatest thing ever.
ok I'm online now what cc: @MaryKoCo
Can't stop thinking about the #Thundershirt.
Nobody knows how to words anymore
Remembering @80miles saying "I'm a dud." 😂😂😂
Getting a lot of nut advice. #AlmondBoredom
So bored with almonds.
why do i hate answering emails so much
RT @VanityFair: .@Carrie_Rachel, @KimletGordon, Amy Poehler, and @aimeemann had an Awesome Ladies Summit this weekend http://t.co/oCbt5S6U9R
Watching "Kojak" and it is 100% awesome. Kojak just called someone a "sicko." So great.
Look at these lovely ladies, plus me: #BottomlessMimosas #CreepInMirror cc: @Carrie_Rachel @KimletGordon http://t.co/ek5AW9lTaX
RT @DJRotaryRachel: Definitely the worst K-tel collection of all time. http://t.co/0qmoj5Nn1Y
RT @BellHouseNY: TONIGHT! THE BOTH feat. @tedleo & @aimeemann plus @douggillard Get tix before they run out! http://t.co/HvCqKkqUoe
Wishing @tedleo a very HBD and MHR!! Come celebrate by joining us at the Bellhouse tonight!! #HBD #DumbAbbreviations
RT @CultureCheapNYC: @AimeeMann & @TedLeo play together as THE BOTH tonight @BellHouseNY. http://t.co/JK6VOX1DGc #nycevents #nyconcerts
RT @anamariecox: A brief fact sheet for those who have friends who may be thinking of suicide: http://t.co/X84aVVYnOq #suicideawarenessday
Ok, @CassSunstein has promised to explain the Constitution to me and assures me that it is FASCINATING. Will keep #OpenMind
RT @ConstitutionCtr: @aimeemann and @tedleo perform in celebration of @hillaryclinton #6abcLibertyMedal http://t.co/nRkeCQuOlR
Re: Constitution--have been assured of exciting third act twists and a car chase. #NotGivingUp
I'm reading the Constitution right now and I hate to be a bummer but this thing is DULLSVILLE.
Hey, there's still some tickets left for #TheBoth show at the Bellhouse tomorrow! Come see me and @tedleo kick out the #jams!
So @tedleo just walked into the dressing room with a giant #tub of Peanut Chews. #What #PeanutChews #Philly
The audience at the Hideout Block Party was SO GREAT! Thank you guys, on behalf of #TheBoth--we had so much fun! Cc: @tedleo
Getting very excited to play the first #Both Chicago show at the Hideout Block Party! We're on at 4:00, come down! Cc: @tedleo
RT @CassSunstein: My review of the important and terrific new book, Scarcity, by @m_sendhil and @eshafir http://t.co/RUfX7JFte3
Get tickets for the Hideout Block Party/AV Fest that @tedleo & I are playing Sat! http://t.co/liVoFe1Ljk
RT @uraclod: An amazing toy! https://t.co/dGahHH6Ykx @aimeemann @lynnpin5 @GaryTaxali @heliumcell
RT @DVSblast: A cool prank is wave to a dog. Cuz whats he gonna do about it? Bark? Thats not the same.
RT @uraclod: Utter disbelief. https://t.co/Qr97nXuKi5 @lynnpin5 @aimeemann
RT @robhatchmiller: Keep voting for @SylJohnsonMovie & RTing the link! We're 3 votes behind with 3 hours to go: http://t.co/4y5UuyymD4 http…
RT @robhatchmiller: We need you all to vote for @SylJohnsonMovie on this final day! It takes 2 seconds & we're 40 votes from 1st place: htt…
Just sitting around talking to @DJRotaryRachel about creme rinse, Pearl Drops, and Bjorn Borg. #Important
oh cool, 10 people @replying me that they've never been so skinny thanks to this cool new thing they found. #NotBottyAtAll
RT @robhatchmiller: Vote @SylJohnsonMovie for @indiewire Project Of The Month so we can get a consultation with @TribecaFilmIns: http://t.c
RT @julieklausner: Ohai have you watched this video yet there are cats in it thanx http://t.co/vgtMr8zKDv
Please don't make me saying "twerking" again.
RT @timheidecker: and here's a free download of "Two Horses" from B$M with guest vocalist @aimeemann !!! oh what a day! http://t.co/O5au5Bt
Creedence Clearwater had the biggest hihat cymbals I've ever seen.
Of course, it's not really an understanding if only one of you has it.
There's a lot of bees in my backyard but I feel like we have an understanding. #BeeTalk
RT @matadorrecords: Ted Leo (@tedleo) & Aimee Mann's (@aimeemann) new band, The Both, are touring before the both of them go on tour http:/…
I got favstarred for a tweet about a chicken leg emoji you're damn right I'm RTing it
RT @favstar50: @aimeemann Congrats on your 50★ tweet! http://t.co/N67qHVxGyW
RT @DJRotaryRachel: Picture a scavenger hunt where the only items on the list are "your house keys" and "your house." Well, son, that's wha…
RT @bonerchurch: Cop pulls you over for having too many live turtles in your car
Sorry I can't answer your text right now I'm looking for the chicken leg emoji
RT @forexposure_txt: This is my first project of this kind, so it's probably terrible. There is no payment whatsoever, in any kind of way. …
Last night met @iharryshum, @JennaUshkowitz & @DarrenCriss from #Glee who were SO nice even tho I was a #Dumbie who didn't recognize them.
RT @julieklausner: .@tedleo and I welcome two exquisite guests at our Aug 31 Bumbershoot #HWYWLive: @pattonoswalt & @knottyyarn. Werq!
"Wax it, print it, stick it on a duck."--something that @paulie_be is insisting I said. #TheBothMixing cc: @tedleo
Sorry to get my birder fans excited...the closest I am to a birder is @tedleo getting out his iBirdPro app. #BirdTalk
Pretty sure I saw a Bell's Vireo today so everyone can suck it. #BirdTalk cc:@tedleo @DJRotaryRachel
Lunch today had @tedleo schooling me, @DJRotaryRachel & @bnacker on the differences between cobblers, crumbles, buckles, grunts & slumps.
Hanging out with @DJRotaryRachel and @tedleo who are totally calling bullshit on the jabiru's annoying bill clatter. #BirdTalk
RT @robhatchmiller: Please help us with one last big @SylJohnsonMovie push today, before this is over. THANKS for all you've done already h…
These guys are just a few hundred away from their goal! Toss 'em a few bucks! http://t.co/7R1ICfwY4r
RT @robhatchmiller: We are less than $800 away from being 95% funded! Let's rally for @SylJohnsonMovie we're SO CLOSE to the finish line: h…
RT @robhatchmiller: We dropped prices of all our @SylJohnsonMovie benefit vinyl packs by 10%! Only available through 5pm tomorrow: http://t…
RT @BoobsRadley: I bet the worst part about life in a leper colony is that one guy who keeps complaining about how much better the pizza is…
Just totally resigned to "of" being "if" on my iPhone now.
RT @robhatchmiller: Exciting stuff is happening. @SylJohnsonMovie is at 73% on @Kickstarter & about to hit 74%. Join us: http://t.co/TlxMI8
RT @DJRotaryRachel: I can always tell when a guy is one drink away from arguing mono vs. stereo.
.@tedleo Hey, I don't think you have yet RT'd @ACNewman's banjo tweet. You might want to check it out. #Coalition
Me and @ACNewman in a deep DM conversation about his next move. We're really cooking up some good stuff. #BanjoTweetFollowUp
RT @ACNewman: More like 2 days, thank you. Get your facts straight before the hate. “@AmorGalleta: give it up, Newman. Your 15 seconds are …
RT @ZenEssentials: "God, as I use the word, is another name for what is." ~Byron Katie #quotes
RT @robhatchmiller: We're $116 away from 70% for @SylJohnsonMovie. That's 2 Syl tote pledges or 3 Afro Kitty tote pledges. Get us there: ht…
RT @ACNewman: Not at all. I was in my 30s before I read 'Gravity's Rainbow'. Art waits for all. “@sromeo121: Is it too late to retweet the …
RT @johnroderick: @aimeemann @ACNewman All great art affects people differently. Now the banjo tweet feels like a second skin.
RT @ACNewman: .@aimeemann, I wrote a pretty good tweet about banjos, etc.. a couple days ago. Check it out, retweet it, or whatever, if you…
RT @ACNewman: I've never felt so alive.
RT @ACNewman: I hope banjo and yelling "hey!" are still cool, because that's half of our new record.
@MaryKoCoat at least he thought you were cute mary
Hey! My pals are making a film about a great soul singer Syl Johnson, give 'em some kickstarter dough, won't you? http://t.co/7R1ICfwY4r
I have a splinter in my finger like a dang 10-year-old. #Splinter
Flyer for a lost dog said "Recompensa" & for a minute I thought "what a great name" before the part of my brain that isn't #dumb turned on.
RT @Tremayne11: Please RT: I'm fundraising for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation on @JustGiving. Please #sponsorme & RT http://t.co/CzRLB5qecO
Look, it's not some slang that I know of, it's just an awful word. Can you imagine trying to rhyme it? Ugh. #Crinkle
Just came across the word "crinkle." #Gross
Thank you, people of Fuji Rock Fest! I had a great time playing for you, and you were all wonderful. #FUJIROCK
RT @AboutMarsupials: Did you know a kangaroo uses its thick long tail to balance its body while hopping
RT @blacksab67: @KarenKilgariff You mean... co-write. INT. SILVER LAKE HOME - NIGHT ZOOEY DESJARDINS (20s), pretty but doesn't know it, e…
RT @KarenKilgariff: It's high time I write a horror movie for Zooey Deschanel where she plays a haunted doll
RT @ClimateCentral: Stunning video from @NASA: Watch 62 years of global warming in 13 seconds http://t.co/mnPMEH7T2O #climate
Probably in a million years I would never have thought I'd end the evening listening to Rod McKuen, but @DJRotaryRachel is here, so...
Watching Project Runway with @DJRotaryRachel & @marilyngail & @MPenn, who just now started shouting "BOWTIE TATTOO! BOWTIE TATTOO!"
RT @Horse_ebooks: I Want, and as Much as I Want, Any Time I Want, Literally on Demand, Completely Free of Confusion, Frustration,
Uh oh, @DJRotaryRachel just used the phrase "lovemaking session."
I just said "songs not bongs" to my friend Scott and had to immediately apologize to everyone in the world.
RT @DJRotaryRachel: What if all the women who scream "OH, GOD!" during sex just really love that George Burns movie.
Here's another #tail of a different kind: http://t.co/95LXv9Jbpq
The idea of our solar system having a #tail is adorable.
I always wanted a tail, and thanks to the #Heliotail, I now have one! http://t.co/iaPotV1ozq
It is about this amazing soul singer Syl Johnson. Spread the word! http://t.co/hAV84aD4K9
This is a Kickstarter for a documentary from my friends who produced the Labrador & Charmer videos, check it out! http://t.co/hAV84aD4K9
RT @Apey: On today's Go Bayside, @aimeemann & I have an in-depth convo about Derek Morris' suspect "computer sales" business: http://t.co/k
Me and @DJRotaryRachel having a real serious disagreement with @MPenn and @jonwurster about the song "Promises, Promises."
"Everything's gross."-- @DJRotaryRachel
Today me and @DJRotaryRachel decided that the nicest person in show business was Dave Gruber Allen; second nicest @jwoliner.
Btw, he seems totally awesome. #BobbySherman
Now I'm watching Bobby Sherman on the Rosie O'Donnell show. #GettingDeep
This is my new jam. I blame both @DJRotaryRachel and Sirius Radio. http://t.co/iZuvwaTYlK #BobbySherman
Watching the West Wing for the 4th of July, which feels like the most patriotic thing I could possibly do.
Hanging out with @DJRotaryRachel and she just revealed she has a favorite panel position for the guests on Match Game. #Deep #BottomRight
RT @jonwurster: NYC!! Scott Miller benefit tonight!! @ACNewman! @okkervilriver! @tedleo ! @douggillard! @Jennifer_Kiam! & more! http://t.co
RT @danielralston: You should buy one of the remaining tix to the Scott Miller tribute show. I'm playing bass w/ @tedleo & @birdofyouth. ht…
RT @CassSunstein: What's the major theme of today's Supreme Court decision, striking down the Defense of Marriage Act? (Hint: Dignity.) htt…
RT @BuzzFeedAndrew: Here's the video of moments ago in the Texas legislature where the crowds chanted "let her speak." http://t.co/8ggpn0TG
RT @NPRinskeep: US pursues leaks even of non-classified info; tells workers to spy on each other; equates news leaks with espionage. http:/…
RT @jakefogelnest: The brighter light of the supermoon will make it easier for us to find Kony!!!!!
Was prepared to naysay Supermoon, but it IS pretty bright and powerful. #Moon
I have never seen Xanadu and am not watching it now but people tweeting at me are making it sound super nuts.
It's actually pretty hard for me to get my head around an Olivia Newton-John movie being about Greek mythology. #Muses
It's an interesting idea to think that memory is a big part of inspiration. Maybe that's why I am not prolific; I have a terrible memory.
I thought there were 3 Muses but apparently there are 9...they are daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who is memory personified (?!) #MuseTalk
Had to explain the Sex Pistols to someone last night. #Old
Well I just finished that crossword puzzle so I hope I'm happy now.
Lets just keep this between ourselves. Cc: @jakefogelnest http://t.co/MusvP9weP8
So mad to discover I've been spelling "homunculus" wrong this whole time. #alchemy
Thumbs look #dumb.
RT @pattonoswalt: "A Closed Letter to Myself About Thievery, Heckling and Rape Jokes." Have a good weekend, guys: http://t.co/jthIL9XiRu
I got a nice compliment from @tedleo last night:"You're a lot more fun than you think you are." #CrabbyCanBeFun
I don't think it's possible for me to love anything more than I do "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road." #EltonJohnLove
Just post another video of your cat please. Why beat around the bush.
Tonight me and @tedleo are going to sing in the Sinatra tribute show in Central Park, come down and see us!
RT @aRealLiveGhost: I've got it all: food, cloth, a big mouth full of the normal amount of teeth
"I used to think a turtle was dumber than a salamander."-- @tedleo, just now. #DumbieRemarks
By the way, Neil Patrick Harris' opening Tony number was fucking fantastic and moving and brilliant. #Tonys
This is what I'm watching: http://t.co/kALd63R7jG
From now on writing "totes" as "TOTS." #Advanced
Slade had the #dumbest haircuts.
LOLing at Judge John @hodgman in the NYTimes magazine, because he is thoroughly LOL-able AT ALL TIMES.
Ate fistfuls of candy at a movie last night like a 7-year-old. #GoodMove
Feel pretty sad that #Smash is no longer going to be with us. @tedleo @bnacker @DJRotaryRachel @MPenn @m_proksch @amelieg
Bid @tedleo adieu today after a fun week of mixing and writing and hanging out. #Both #TheBoth #Smash #BlackMirror
Still trying to recover from hearing @tedleo pronounce "cashew" with the stress on the second syllable.
Just watched Mad Men with @DJRotaryRachel and @MPenn...we're kind of speechless.
Look how adorable you are, @KimletGordon! http://t.co/vmIiyG1ikI
First of all, #HBD, and second, what's this I hear about #TwoCecils?
I found a bag of gluten-free cookies and immediately made a decision to eat them until I got sick. #plans
Orleans and Seger and Cher and Badfinger...satellite radio is making me feel weird.
What the hell is wrong with me I'm sitting in the car listening to "Night Moves."
Playing the "is it blood or coffee?" game with the stains on my front walkway today.
In traffic with @DJRotaryRachel and @MPenn singing the Mentos theme song. #Freshmaker
Yes @DJRotaryRachel and I are in a bar and it is too loud to talk and we are tweeting at each other and laughing like maniacs #dum
Harry Connick Jr. tells it like it is on Idol & it's awesome: http://t.co/Bd4ChnEvja
"One good thing about narcissism? You got a lot of footage."-- @MPenn
I like Joe Walsh. #EaglesDoc
Glenn Frey is starting to have a lot of beefs with people. #EaglesDocumentary @jonwurster
"He LOOKS cool!"-- @jonwurster upon seeing Irving Azoff in the Eagles' documentary.
Watching the Eagle's documentary with @MPenn and @jonwurster--"Is Don Henley tiny? His sticks look really big on him!"
"I'll be huddled over a garbage can fire before I wear google glasses."-- @DJRotaryRachel
Controversial opinions about "Magical Mystery Tour" here at @morgan_murphy's. @DJRotaryRachel calling it "the Beatle's Sgt. Pepper."
My pal Sam Jones has a great new site where he does interviews with people, this is mine! http://t.co/uy8iqL3f9X
Here are some great photos of the show at Webster Hall with @tedleo http://t.co/lKdolvWLNb
Please contribute to this fund for Scott Miller's family; he was a great musician & friend & huge influence on me: http://t.co/uV20Mdvmeq
I'm at soundcheck and @sharonvanetten is playing and it is so hauntingly beautiful. Come see her, you can always leave before I go on!
Just texting with @MaryKoCo about how much we love @andylevy. It's a #yesandy day.
They said the flight was delayed because of "lightning on the ramp." What the hell IS that?
Kind of nervous about this puddle-jumper we're about to fly on. @paulie_be is trying to assuage my fears by calling it an "artisanal plane."
Oh, Inverness.
"Fountain of Sorrow" is positively JAUNTY next to the exhausted hopelessness of "Late For the Sky." #noose #razor
Debating with a friend about whether "Late For the Sky" is sadder than "Fountain of Sorrow." #springtime
I just got to have brunch with @MaryKoCo. #Special #Pretty
I am in this Daily Show thing! http://t.co/xdzug9L3LQ
Hey! I am going to be in a Daily Show thing tonight! Wooooo!!
Chester Arthur at least reformed, but Bliss was a dick to the end. #Garfield
Oh Chester Arthur, you big dumb blob.
Reading a book about Garfield. But couldn't stop wondering about the lemon-sucking. Was is refreshing? An insulting symbolic gesture? #LQs
Why on earth would Roscoe Conkling suck on a lemon in the middle of his nomination of Grant? (Yes, that's my take-away) #LemonQuestions
At the Friar's Club roast for Jack Black, which is a wildly surreal experience.
All my memories are implicit.
Little hippocampus, the seahorse of the brain.
At this rate I'll never use that gift card.
I can't keep up.
For Easter @MPenn got a wad of hair out of the shower drain the size of a mole. #DrainResurrection
Apparently I am just not going to get out of bed. #Easter #NotRisen
Playing a couple of songs on Nick Kroll's show tonight at Largo. Got here early & secreted all the best snacks. #SnackGreed #SeaSaltChips
It's hard to be a person.
Was just reminded of how great Mario Savio was. #Heroes
Sorry I didn't answer your email, but I was busy reading an important email from "Mr. Lid--The Food Storage Container With An Attached Lid."
Me and @tedleo referenced you on stage last night, @jwoliner. #4Loko #NeverForget
Made it about 45 minutes into the #PhilSpector movie with @timheidecker and @marilyngail and @MPenn. #Yuck
Watching a bunch of episodes of a short-lived show called "Party Down" that I really wish was a long-lived show. #AdamScott
Learning harmonies for @tedleo songs for the #BOTH shows in SF. Not dissimilar to learning Gilbert & Sullivan songs, honestly. #LotOfNotes
It's probably @jonwurster's bedtime right about now. #Jammies
There's a really great analysis of Hogan's Heroes going on over on @heliumcell's facebook page. Love that Bugs Bunny got pulled in.
I mean, if you had a lustrously furred tail, wouldn't you display it proudly? #TailTalk
Answer: "What the holy fuck." Then: "I'd have it removed." Unacceptable!! @MPenn #TailQuestions
Just asked @MPenn if he had a tail, would he a) tuck it in, b) cover it up or c)let it fly freely. And would it make a difference if furred?
Excellent piece of advice over lunch just now from @MPenn to me and @tedleo: "Just say nope!" #Life #Mottos
I hate watching @pattonoswalt get beat up. #Ow
Mixing the #BOTH EP today. Listening to @tedleo's vocals up close and marveling at how consistently ahead of the beat he is. #EarlyBirdTed
If I can get over seeing this backstage, I'll be playing on #Conan (on TBS) tonight at 11:00 with @tedleo: http://t.co/zEdFV9f2eq
WHOA! @morgan_murphy “@tosyandcosh: If only for this, I'm glad Smash was a thing. Megan Hilty covering Wise Up - http://t.co/vd6dOWar29
...to be clear, the shows I'm doing with @tedleo are just the two of us together, playing each other's songs & songs we wrote together.
I'm seeing a million posts from @kickalert about my upcoming shows with @tedleo that are making it seem like he is playing with his band...
Pat Metheny takes you hippies to jazz school. http://t.co/9Z5JgbIlBb @paulie_be @paulie_be
Boz Scaggs just came over to say hi and he is just so lovely.
I am flat out just drinking this Cherry Coke. Also Jameson's. #PettyFest #Cherries
Hanging out with @paulie_be backstage at the Fillmore. "The felt carnation is the new scarf." http://t.co/VwyuFKNn0P
I never have even 1 drink before a show, but it's Petty Fest, sponsored by Jameson's, with a teleprompter, so... http://t.co/2szqssKHAb
Hey, my pals @ivanandalyosha's debut LP #AllTheTimesWeHad is out...free download of Running For Cover @iTunesMusic http://t.co/5PtcI9C94P
Look at this progged-out Gentle Giant setup @paulie_be has going on for our shows in April: http://t.co/o7GVtTEY1I
The absolute highlight was talking about music vs. comedy with @ConanOBrien & his lovely wife: http://t.co/affhFStkrc
Went to the Vanity Fair party, and here is the forced Robert De Niro-photo-bombing picture I took of me & @MPenn: http://t.co/xV05TjjRrE
Ok he's nuts too.
Jack #nutcup
Turn the vocal up, damn it. # Oscars
This Ted bit makes me feel funny. @tedleo #Oscars
#Yelling #Oscars
However, the headache is totally worth it since I got to go on a date with @MaryKoC & meet @radiomaru & talk to @davidoreilly. #GinThoughts
My hubby @MPenn has always maintained that juniper is a poison. I'm starting to believe it. Btw, I only had ONE martini. #GinQuestions
Why did I drink gin again? Two days later and still have a headache. Also depressed but not sure the gin is entirely responsible. #gintalk
Been practicing bass for some upcoming shows/recording I'm doing with @tedleo. I totally forgot what a MUSCULAR instrument bass is. #ow
Watching DVR'd episodes of 30 Rock that I missed on tour & also I forgot to get dressed or brush my teeth. #HappyValentinesDay
It was really stirring to see the great Jay Bellerose playing on the Levon Helm tribute! #TheBest
Katy Perry saying, "Take that, Bon Iver" was pretty funny, I have to admit. #Grammys
Everyone here coming down firmly in favor of J. Timberlake's performance.
I'm so glad I never have to play a show in the rain #fun.
Me and @timheidecker are pretty disappointed that we can't live-tweet the Grammys. #PST #delay #garbage
Aaaaaannnd, we just lost! BOOOO!!!!
At the Grammys with Gail Marowitz@childorock, my wonderful art director, who was nominated for the Charmer package. http://t.co/8IXc7Lns
Just went to a screening of the Coen Bros new movie "Inside Llewlyn Davis" and it was fucking fantastic. #FolkMusic #Awesome #Cats
I'm kind of in love with Gloria Steinem. #Uppers
Now I'm thinking about Gordon Lightfoot again. @heliumcell
Had dinner with @lianamaeby tonight. When my entree came, we both looked at it and then looked at each other and said, "FOAM!!" #Foam
Ok I'm out. Falling asleep. I tried, @morgan_murphy! #JetLagSmashWatch
WHAT THE HOLY FUCK? @morgan_murphy #SmashWatch
No way I can make it through this two-hour episode. #JetLagSmashWatch
Oh lord, @morgan_murphy keeps saying, "That's us." #SmashWatch
I want to get back to where someone referred to themselves as a "muse." @morgan_murphy #SmashWatch
Me and @morgan_murphy seriously want Jennifer Hudson to play Marilyn now. #SmashWatch
"Everything is terrible. We're just hate-watching the world!" -- @morgan_murphy just now.
Two dorks. @morgan_murphy #SmashWatch http://t.co/pbU0qWZz
Please let this end with someone covered in a cocktail. @morgan_murphy
That dress is a little...see-through. @morgan_murphy #SmashWatch
I totally forgot who slept with who. Did both of them get it on with English dude? @morgan_murphy #SmashWatch
I totally forgot about the Great Peanut Sabotage. @morgan_murphy #SmashWatch
Ok!! Here we go!! SMASH IS STARTING!!! @morgan_murphy is already elbowing me blue. #SmashWatch
Looking over the to-do list I made 2 days ago. What the hell could I POSSIBLY have meant by "Game of Thrones"? Never seen it! #jetlagstupor
I almost wish I was sick again, with one of those long, Dickensian fevers that make kindly strangers to take you in, instead of dumb jetlag.
Its so nice and quiet at 4:00am, I mean creepy. #jetlag
Now that I'm home & have wifi again I just watched this Yo La Tengo video for "I'll Be Around" & HOLY FUCK http://t.co/N9HminBY
At least I haven't been traveling for the last 21 hours. #FlightFun
I tried to take a picture of me and the band and @tedleo with the Dublin audience tonight: http://t.co/UIe8B7Yd
This is so my new jam..."@timheidecker: BOB DYLAN'S SUPER BOWL HALFTIME SHOW LEAKED - http://t.co/1EvOnkAP
Playing in Glasgow tonight at Celtic Connections...come early for @tedleo at 7:30, I'll be joining him on some songs!
"To go back to the Hobbit now is to kind of devolve the story..."-serious Hobbit nerd discussion happening here between @paulie_be & @tedleo
I'm so happy to be online backstage at the Belgium venue that I am going to tweet at @tedleo from the NEXT SEAT OVER. #Hi #HaveACracker
I'm in Amsterdam now & have had pretty much zero wifi on this tour so far & it is driving me nuts. How ever am I to post dumb pics?
That was an intensely fun show in Berlin tonight. What a great audience. Viel Spass!! #IchLiebeDeutschland
I just put on a shade of eyeshadow called "Hustle," so today should really shape up to be something.
Just finished an incredibly fun show in Malmö. Now me & the band are drinking Dr. Pepper with Jameson's we stole from @tedleo's room.
Today @tedleo was my hero, ordering soup for me IN SWEDISH. #cold http://t.co/Ia4H030z
Backstage Göteborg snack table. http://t.co/9ffjN2qf
Keep trying to upload the picture of me & @Gibbstack and @StephenAtHome but it won't go...well, it made it on Instagram. (@realaimeemann)
Me and @StephenAtHome and @Gibbstack backstage at the Colbert Show last night. Picture not showing my worshipful babbling to full effect.
So happy and grateful to have gotten a chance to play with the great @Gibbstack, @tedleo & @jonwurster & meet the incredible @StephenAtHome.
Um, @StephenAtHome just came into the green room in his shorts and it was possibly the most exciting moment of my life.
At the Colbert show with @Gibbstack & @tedleo & @jonwurster, and I couldn't be more excited. LOVE @StephenAtHome. #Thrilled
TOMORROW! On the Stephen Colbert show! I am singing a duet with @Gibbstack from his solo record, & @tedleo & @jonwurster are playing! Watch!
Trying to convince a friend of mine that grapefruit juice could indeed be served hot, in some kind of punch form, without being disgusting.
Just realized what a hellishly music nerd tweet that last one was, sorry!
There's a bunch of packing I have to do but I'd rather analyze this song I'm playing bass on, heavy on the VIm and with some bVII surprises.
It's Laughing Stock...so odd and interesting and weirdly meandering... #TalkTalk
Listening to this WEIRD album by Talk Talk. #weird #moody
Finally getting over my cold & attributing that to @jodify & @tedleo forcing a juice concoction called a "Face Melter" on me. #Disgusting
I watched @timheidecker's movie "The Comedy" last night, and he is unbelievably good in it. See it if you haven't yet. It's great.
Missing dog in Silverlake! http://t.co/uZA4eJnL
It is so difficult for me to learn someone else's song that I'm patting myself on the back for remembering ANY of my own. #Dumbie
Out shopping with @morgan_murphy and impressed with her restraint at not Instagramming a picture of me in a leather bra. #maturity
Just now @jonwurster said I was "disgusting" because I said the word "wienie."
Jesus Christ, I've been sick for like a million years and I can't stand it anymore.
Just finished watching @birbigs' fantastic "Sleepwalk With Me" and REALLY loved it. #Yay #SoGood
Tonight @timheidecker & @MPenn are playing DJ: Ken Nordine, Steeleye Span, Jackson C Frank, Danielson Family, @nadasurf, Dusty Springfield.
The tommy-gun is a replica that belonged to my brother-in-law Chris.
Christmas dinner! Presidents! Champagne! Lipstick! Cc: @timheidecker @morgan_murphy @marilyngail @MPenn http://t.co/Io7PlTtD
Drinking Tabasco in hot water as has been recommended for my cold and now I am entirely on fire. #NotChristmassyAtAll
"This is unwatchable."-me, followed by "I have to see Bea Arthur." #StarWarsHolidaySpecial
Just commented that this Star Wars Holiday thing didn't seem very Christmassy & had both @MPenn & @JohnLovick turn & yell "It's LIFE DAY!!"
The Chewbacca family chunk is ETERNAL.
Ok, now we're watching the Star Wars Holiday Special. Do I I even need to tell you how bananas THIS one is?
Totally using "doorbell ringing" gag to introduce guests on my next Xmas show. #CarpentersChristmas
Watching Carpenter's Xmas thing on YouTube & getting hosed by Part 3 being totally out of sync. @MPenn watching VERY reluctantly.
Now watching the Carpenters Christmas Special and it is BANANAS.
"Hagsggddhhfjfjjffhdfhfjfjfhfhfjfjfjgjfjgjjggjjgfjggjgjhgjgjfjfjfjfjfjfjfjfjjf"--text I just got from someone with a three-year-old.
Christmas dinner is really enlivened by a participant's failing hearing aids. #Yelling
My Bestie sent me a Christmas card and I heart him 4ever. http://t.co/KZTOiERY
I am married to someone who will not watch this with me. #BahHumbug https://t.co/MD9xRgI0!
This Satie isn't helping things, pal.
RT the obnoxious @reply to me or just block? Sigh. These are the tough decisions one makes on twitter.
There's nothing I like more than a jazzy, full-orchestral version of "Sleigh Ride." #WhipCracks
Thank you, David Gregory, for saying that a feeling is not a fact.
Ok, watching now. Honestly, LaPierre seems legit crazy. OH UGH THERE'S THE SPITTLE GROSS!
Really upset that I missed seeing LaPierre exhibit his crazy-ass self on Meet The Press today.
I have well over 500 emails that I have left to lie there, untouched, for months and months. What the hell happened to me? #TourBrain
If you guys have not discovered the musical version of A Christmas Carol starring Albert Finney then I just feel sorry for you. #TheBestCC
Lying in bed with @morgan_murphy and watching NBC Boxing and digging the @FreddieRoach commentary.
I have to RT something that I apologize in advance for, but it is awesome in its horribleness.
Sore throat and no sleep. #sigh
Not much just reading an awesome email where I get called beautiful @MaryKoCo @andylevy #notbyandy
It is always now. https://t.co/dhWLoJol #SamHarris Thanks, @paulie_be.
Just got strong armed by @timheidecker into RTing his tweet. Was just going to favorite, but he said, "RTing's where the money's at." #RTfax
OK, the Best Show podcast is still going on, but I might have to call it a day. Coming down with something. Sympathetic #4LokoHangover!
Oh, yay for @tedleo doing Partridge Family!!! #BestShowFakeLiveTweets
Ok, now @tedleo is doing some insane Hanukkah/Bowie thing that is seriously BLOWING OUR MINDS. #BestShowFakeLiveTweets
I'm really glad @hodgman is speaking out on behalf of all of us anti-Dune people. #Worms #FakeLiveTweetBestShow
You really can hear the 4Loko kicking in now. Only @hodgman is keeping it together. #FakeLiveTweetBestShow
I feel like @julieklausner is starting to sound a little drunk now. #FakeLiveTweetBestShow
We're at the 4Loko consumption assessment. Let me state that ANYONE WHO DRINKS MORE THAN HALF A CAN IS INSANE. #DrinkFullOfDarkSecrets
Damn it, I think I'm getting sick again. #4LokoContactHighMaybe
"I'm interested in your story and I honor your journey." -David Rees #FakeLiveTweetBestShow
I think I've decided to come down firmly in FAVOR of "Wonderful Christmastime." #FakeLiveTweetBestShow
Lot of chatting going on in this room now...getting distracted. #ohNo! #FakeLiveTweetBestShow
"Nice people are the worst." -- @DJRotaryRachel
We are loving the #NerdsMockingNerds thing that is going on here. #FakeLiveTweetBestShow
We're kind of napping through Spike's call. @DJRotaryRachel @tedleo #HeavyMetaltalk
Now @tedleo is bragging about interviewing Brooke Shields. #FakeLiveTweetBestShow
This is the old-skool 4Loko, too. It's been aging in @scharpling's basement lo these many years. #4Loko #FakeLiveTweetBestShow
A drink that hides the fact it is getting you hammered from even YOU. But don't kid yourself. You will pay. #4Loko #FakeLiveTweetBestShow
It's not like the jury is OUT on 4Loko. It is death in a cold, fizzy, TheraFlu-tasting can. #FakeLiveTweetBestShow
I honestly can't believe @tedleo would drink something so disgusting. #BlueRaspberry4Loko #FakeLiveTweetBestShow
Lot of #HamBurns on this song. #FakeLiveTweetBestShow @tedleo
Even though @morgan_murphy is here, she is not tweeting apparently, because Sparkle. #sad #FakeLiveTweetBestShow
About to fake-live-tweet the Best Show on WFMU with @DJRotaryRachel! Here we go!
Watching "Jesus Camp. Ugghhgnnnnngggghhhh. @paulie_be
Also! Me and James Mercer are on @jimmykimmel tonight! It's a repeat but you don't know that.
Met with @paulie_be today to play him some new songs & listen to some Thin Lizzy and talk about doing some more recording soon. #Yeah #Yuh
Me & @DJRotaryRachel were so bummed we missed @scharpling & the Best Show tonight that we're going to fake-live-tweet it together Thursday.
I'm at Meltdown about to do a podcast with @GregBehrendt and @daveanthony. I tried to hug Dave...it didn't go well. #Sad #Stiff
We must commence this campaign to get @taylorswift13 to get @scharpling to direct her next video with @jonwurster as her love interest.
I want to see @scharpling direct a video for @taylorswift13 where she is dating @jonwurster. #Please #MakeThisHappen
Hey, @taylorswift13! Get @scharpling to direct your next video! We got #2 video of the year in TIME! http://t.co/kmx48uGs #HeIsGreat
Hey, @taylorswift! Get @scharpling to do your next video for you! We got #2 video of the year in TIME! http://t.co/kmx48uGs #HeIsAwesome
Everybody check out @scharpling's great list of ideas for gifts, it is great only partly because my record is on it. #giftideas
I'm drinking port. #Classy
Just saw "Lincoln," which made me remember how fantastically uneducated I am about history things. #Dumbie
I've used #hashtag in a VOICE message. “@drewodoherty: Please RT if you have ever used a #hashtag in a text message.”
Word. “@VirgoNation: #Virgos are very selective when choosing a lover. You're something special if they chose you.”
Fuck it, at least I can throw some money at it: http://t.co/ih7nyrlI #DoIt
Tell it like it is, @daveanthony.
Just did an interview with the delightful John Millar for my show in Glasgow & now I can't wait to play there, even in JANUARY. #coldbutwarm
Ok, NOW someone just added me to a list called "Suspected Lizard People." HOW DO THEY KNOW THIS?!
Someone just added me to a list they named "Degenerate Artists." #proud
People, obviously I am hating the idea of crap in food, not A STORY EXPOSING IT.
I hate this kind of shit: http://t.co/x6oomEbm
Someone just suggested to me that I wear a Santa suit instead of pajamas and now that is all I can think about to wear on the bus. #PaJantas
I had a dream last night in which I told @billyeichner I loved him. #gaycrush
Why on earth did I get the idea that a coffee would be "refreshing"? #notrefreshed
When I think of @johnkrasinski I think of a great actor and also the person who had to tell me what "brb" meant. #knowledge
Dudes, Billy Joel is bringing it.
Look what @jonwurster got for me from a gas station men's room: http://t.co/g2nQigmv
“@blurginit: @aimeemann @tedleo @jackfagan @maggieserota @jakefogelnest @julieklausner Legs for Miles #GooseNewsLetter http://t.co/bIRkV30K
Went to a screening of @billyeichner's "Billy on the Street" and I loved it SO MUCH. #theBest
Damn it, @jonwurster is eating my "frites." http://t.co/iFkl97kr
SPIN calls @scharpling Director of the Year for his awesome videos! I could not be more excited about this!! http://t.co/64T6k3GP
Sugarplum Fairy played on glass harp...SO LOVELY. http://t.co/CKccbYFw
Mention of Fonz statue looks like it's staying in. Handing it over to @tedleo for final determination. #CoWrite #NewSong #LeoMannRockin'
Just started a new song. So far there's a mention of Milwaukee's statue of the Fonz in it. That probably won't stay. #BronzFonz
Jesus Christ, that fight was insane. JJM has always been my favorite fighter, but man...that was a shocker. #PacMarquez
Can't live tweet the fight because we're about 20 minutes behind. #tivo #Gamboa
(It's "Honesty Is No Excuse.") #ThinLizzy #YuhYuhYuhYuhYuh
I can't stop listening to this one Thin Lizzy song. #NeverThoughtIdSayThat
I bet you never knew what $2,000 headphones looked like before. #HolyCripes http://t.co/rU3gPapN
Just had @kevinseccia ask me if it was true my blood once tested positive for gravy. #FatMeetsBoxingJoke
@csunstei "Nudge" is a pretty awful word. #NotAsBadAsNapkin
Double harmony guitar solos are going to be ALL OVER the Leo/Mann record. @UncleDynamite @pulmyears @tedleo #DirtyWork #Reeling #YuhYuhYuh
Confession: I like Steely Dan. Come at me with your long knives, @tedleo!
This could be my favorite song from the new Dylan record. Thanks @timheidecker for pointing it out: http://t.co/OEyFlbgz #DylanRulez
I will sign any petition that Bernie Sanders puts in front of me, pretty much.
Just had dinner with @csunstei and @MPenn and @timheidecker. Topics: twitter, Rolling Stone magazine, Andy Kaufman, czars, and John Wayne.
Was going to turn on the news this morning but @pattonoswalt was on Comedy Central so I watched that instead. Much better start to the day.
BRAG ALERT: I just found out we were nominated for a Grammy for the package for "Charmer"! Art director Gail Marowitz did it! #SheIsGreat
Really looking forward to my friend Cass Sunstein' tweeting. He's a newbie so don't goad him into saying anything undignified. #FF @csunstei
It's not like I didn't know what to expect, but no one can prepare you for the rollercoaster that Marty & Elayne are. @MaryKoCo @MPenn
We had dinner first and it was nice...then we watched some of the show. I've never said "what the eff" so much in my life. #Wtf #seriously
Went to see Marty & Elayne for the first time with @MaryKoCo and @MPenn and @DannyZuker...it was a good old-fashioned tweet-up! #twitters
There is almost zero chance I am going to buy any Christmas presents this year. #Exhausted #Grinchy
YouTubing Thin Lizzy...I SORT of feel if we put @tedleo in the right wig & 'stache & oiled up his chest we could really be on to something.
Listening to Thin Lizzy.
Uh, oh. I almost sent that DM as a tweet. #ClassicTwitterDisasters
It's not like it hasn't been said before, but man alive, is Homeland fantastic. Catching up in all our tivo'd episodes. #homeland #4InARow
Eff this shizznit, I'm going to work on new stuff. #WritingDownChordsThisTime
I'm trying to figure out the chords to two songs, one of them my OWN, and it is impossible. I guess I'll eat some candy instead.
I know I'm sick in bed and all, but my level of online dicking around has really hit a new low today. #BusPig #BusCat #FozenPillows #Eggnog
Ok, enough Xmas music, it's time for Brutalist Bricks. #GetThisSickbedpartyStarted
I don't understand what kind of illness gives me a temperature of 97 degrees. Am I still alive? #Exhausted
Sick in bed again and listening to the awesome new @jonathancoulton and @johnroderick Xmas record. #XmasLove
To be clear: I have a water filter at home, but we are pretty dependent on bottled water on the road. Bus water is not potable.
Also, I'm on here to talk about water and which ones are hateful. #dasani
Look, I'm just on twitter to make sure @tedleo is not on here dicking around when he should be working on a song we are writing together.
My pals Derek and Helder in Entertainment Weekly...making magic cool again. http://t.co/ylv0RK8Q
Sometimes people are nice and cheer you right up. #Yay #Hugs #notandylevy
Here's that piece in the New Yorker where I talk about #happiness: http://t.co/9zt8Nm0T
Let's see, which of my 204 emails will I continue to ignore today?
There is a thing about me in this issue of the New Yorker where I talk about happiness yes I know I am laughing ironically too shut up
We seem to be watching it again. #Help #lizanddick
Jesus they are both so obsessed with weight, is there going to be a bulimia segment I don't know about? #lizanddick
Wow they literally spelled it out. #lizanddick
I was not remotely as big a baby about losing an Oscar as Burton. #boohoo
Yelling! #lizanddick
I get the feeling the phrase "It is what it is" was said a lot in the editing room. #lizanddick
He carried her all the way to the hospital! #strong #lizanddick
Really thrown by the Pampers commercial. #lizanddick
"No more lies!" "OR wire hangers!" says @MPenn. #lizanddick
Very cheerful adultery music!! #lizanddick
Leg bruises!!! Leg bruises!!! #lizanddick
Pretty excited by seeing Creed Bratton is in the cast! #lizanddick
Ok, the tweeting begins...the level of excitement in this room is palpable. @campsucks gave us all copies of the Richard Burton Diaries!!
My husband @MPenn just announced to me that his new catchphrase for our marriage is going to be, "Why do I stay?" #MarriageCatchphrases
Collaborating on a song with my pal @tedleo and I'm pretty excited about it...seeing how other writers work is a great adventure. #BestJob
Pretty sure a close-up of a vagina just followed me. #WhatTheHolyFuck
“@MaryKoCo: @aimeemann Thx! #NogQuestions 👓 #Nutmeg 🌰 #Hi ❤” Hi! @andylevy #hi
Me and @MPenn outraged by the 2012 Dog Show winner. #creepyface #nobeardsondogd
If I am sick, eggnog is probably the worst thing I could drink, right? Especially if it's loaded with booze? #NogQuestions
"Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters." Go ahead and see if you can listen without crying, I dare you.
Nap. Shower. This is the best I can do right now.
How private beliefs inform political choices: http://t.co/uiWEITqj
Yep. Sick.
I am also grateful for the friends I made under weird and sometimes difficult circumstances this year. Crazy brings people together!
I am grateful for my #dumbie friends.
"I saw Santa in a bathing suit." THIS IS JUST GROSS. #parade #off #Imdone
I just cursed a bad curse at a parade puppet chicken. Why do I still have this on? @MPenn just said he was going to kill himself. #killmetoo
I hate that I'm one of those people that hates the parade. But come on. #yuck
Watching Intervention with @morgan_murphy and @MPenn and we all want to punch the addict's parents. #suck
Today my main activity was Sick.
Pretty sure I'm about to come down with my traditional "end-of-tour" cold. Often confused with "not-ready-for-holidays" cold. #ugh
Surely some of you @tedleo fans out there filmed me and Ted singing his new song "The Gambler"...come on! SOMEONE MUST HAVE! #Gambler
Please watch @jimmykimmel tonight on ABC at 12:00 because I am going to be on it!
I just did 10 (lady) pushups, having been shamed by the idea of @tedleo doing pushups on a disgusting motel carpet. #weak
WOO, I am going to be singing on Jimmy Kimmel tonight with JAMES MERCER CHECK IT OUT WOOO!!
Feeling terrible for @tedleo out there on the road with no #bus or Band of Idiots to keep him company. We are with you in spirit, Bro! #hugz
I am on the plane to LA and celebrating having ACTUALLY GOTTEN A GUITAR INTO THE OVERHEAD BIN. #SmallVictories
Ok, I'm sorry to say it, but that might have been the best show of the tour! #iHeartMinneapolis
What the hell, tour?? First you seemed like you were never going to end, and then suddenly you're OVER?! NOT COOL. @tedleo #TourTweets
Last show of the tour! First Avenue, come see @tedleo, he goes on at 7:00 & I'm playing a song with him because he is awesome. #DoIt
Goodness gracious, here is a trailer for a movie I am in, "Please To Meet Me"! http://t.co/NcoLKYVE
That was a great audience. @tedleo #QualityCrowd
Hey come see this guy play with me at the Stoughton Opera House tonight! I will sing a song with him! @tedleo http://t.co/3xzGMBGw
I got to sing and play bass last night on a fantastic @tedleo song. So proud of myself for not fucking it up! #win #didit
Trying to learn this song of @tedleo's so I can play it with him tonight...hope I don't fuck it up. #YOLO
STOP IT “@VirgoNation: #Virgos do not readily show their feelings and may have a hard time putting away painful memories of the past.”
FUK U “@VirgoNation: #Virgos frequently say they're "Alright" to cover a lot of confused &neurotic feelings they don't feel like examining.”
Just had @tedleo offer his "beatbox" services for a radio thing we're doing tomorrow. #notagooddevelopment
Me and @tedleo doing a shot-by-shot remake of this. Please convince @scharpling to get in on it. http://t.co/cESZq1HB
Also the sound was 1/2 the volume previews had been, so we kept thinking the music from the movie next door was part of the score. @tedleo
We were also pretty distracted by the seats in front of us being negative-three inches from our knees. #Argo @tedleo
Went to see Argo yesterday with @tedleo. The best part about it was the frosty Mr. Pibb sitting in the cup holder next to me. #MrPibb
Sometimes the hardest thing I do is refraining from telling people I love them.
Wow, I LOVED the audience at the Pabst tonight. You guys were aweeeeeesome!!!!
I cannot resist the urge to tweet at @tedleo from one chair over backstage at the Pabst Theater. #TweetCompulsion
So I offer you "The Great Man Broods About Sausages," instead. @tedleo http://t.co/69o93ImO
Me and @tedleo tried to take a hilarious "irony photo" with the Fonz statue but it was so hideous we immediately deleted it. #Tures
"No one wants to see teeth on a statue."-- @tedleo about the Fonz.
"The chief sign of one who feels hopeless is his striving to force happiness or success."--a thing I read just now.
Time for an in-bus @tedleo tweet.
Tonight @tedleo showed me what a real hero looks like. #VenueShower
IT'S FOR WEAR, STOP ASKING. http://t.co/Kc1nJGBa
Me and @tedleo just walked past a guy in a GG Allin Tshirt and got the Nod of Recognition! @jonwurster #fudge
“@VirgoNation: #Virgos are hard to fool. They are very good at picking up on what is really going on and putting together clues.” EVENTUALLY
Sitting next to @tedleo on the bus. He's kind of muttering to himself. #weird
The only way I know you care is by favoriting my tweets, so let's get going, buddy.
Thank you guys so much for a great night! #Cincinnati #Hugs
ARGGHHHH!!! http://t.co/lMv88Dxc
Ok, @tedleo just showed around a picture of something so un-good that I will not even try to describe it. #gun #bong #phallus #flames
Video: http://t.co/LHgKoILl
The song "Afternoon Delight" started the discussion, but the lyric "I want to love you when I rub it" finished it. @tedleo #NoRub
Back on the bus driving to Cincinnati. ME and @tedleo discussing whether the word "rub" should ever appear in a song lyric. Unanimous "NO."
Good night, helpful friends. Love you. @tedleo @MaryKoCo
I refuse to acknowledge Gene Simmons as a Virgo. @tedleo @NekoCase @joanhiller
So sad to leave you, Columbus! I love you! #YouKnow
Back at the hotel & @tedleo's room is right under mine & he is BLASTING KISS songs. #ComeOnMan #RoomService #TurnItDown
It is very hard for me to not get depressed when friends are sick/in trouble/off the rails/delusional. Grateful for @tedleo's sane presence.
New video for "Soon Enough" starring @timheidecker, who co-wrote the song with me! http://t.co/LhvAxYiY
My hero Joe Biden is going to be on Parks and Rec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #SoExciting #HappyWarrior
Having gotten HAMMERED on 1.5 drinks, @tedleo has kindly donated a coconut water to the cause of sobering me up. #saint
...dude who knew more about the Pacific Islands ca. WWII than anyone could have imagined...and the dirty martini...it was like a DREAM.
I just had literally the best touring experience of my life. Between @tedleo's stories of his family & the narcoleptic dude at the bar...
"I used to have a really great pajama game. I even experimented with nightshirts."--@tedleo @PFTompkins #PAUL
FUCK YEAH, COLUMBUS! @tedleo http://t.co/JLgcVFpS
Me and @tedleo totally bonding over @VirgoNation tonight. #pals #virgos @NekoCase #OneOfUs
I know, I know, it is annoying to see astrology RTs. Just keep scrolling. #virgos @tedleo @NekoCase
There's nothing like making a peanut butter sandwich in a hotel room with a Swiss army knife to give you that "hobo" feeling.
Ok, we're crossing the Canadian border, and I am going to go right to sleep when we're done. Good night, guys. Hugs all around. #Obamaheart
This guy's bringing in some planes later. #MSNBC #Headphones
Very grateful to have @tedleo here. Just being near people who care, who try--it MATTERS. It MATTERS how you think and what you believe.
I better see Ryan's abs.
In answer to your question, Universe--everything right now is perfect. Thank you.
I had a seriously special and wonderful time playing in Toronto tonight and got to see my President elected right as I got off stage. #BEST
The water in the hotel shower was luke-cool so I hope Toronto appreciates the matted-hair-tour-bus look.
Hey, guys, I'm in Canada for the election, please no spoilers til I get back to LA on the 18th, ok? Thanks. #NoSpoilers
Just washed two pairs of socks and two pairs of underwear in the hotel sink. #Glamor
They will refund your tickets, but I really would have rather been playing! Argh!
Hey, NYC fans...I'm so terribly sorry, but the Bowery doesn't have a date for us to come back for a make-up show...I feel awful!
Follow this one! @MaryKoCo
Ok, out and out bragging--I'm on HuffPo! http://t.co/MZIuS9Zl
Our tribute to Sandy! http://t.co/BJgMpQFl
Hey @StephenMerchant, this is that magic show we went to, it's going to be at the Geffen Playhouse: http://t.co/x07Szq1t
People of Los Angeles, you must see this show, it is incredible. http://t.co/x07Szq1t
Backstage comparing hipbone guitar abrasions with @tedleo.
Another Cary Tennis column, hitting the nail on the head. http://t.co/D9Qdk0Im
I'm about to see @tedleo in his pajamas. #FirstNightOnBus
Sometimes twitter is just a real heartache delivery system.
For people stranded in NYC with tickets to the Bowery show who couldn't come last night, we are still working on a rescheduled show, sorry!
People of Williamsburg: thank you for a sweet and uplifting evening. You are the anti-disaster! Hugs!!
Hey, my producer Paul Bryan @paulie_be has a new website, he & it are awesome so check it out! http://t.co/I2qlmc0y
We are trying to reschedule the Bowery show for next week, so you could come to that instead! But it is not figured out yet! #sorry!
Once again, I am playing at the Williamsburg Music Hall tomorrow and tickets for both the Bowery show & the MHOW show will be honored. AND--
We're working on rescheduling to play at the Bowery next week, if you can't get to Williamsburg. Whew! #sorrytimesamillion
Ok, here it is: I'm playing tomorrow at the Williamsburg Music Hall & both Williamsburg tickets AND Bowery tickets will be honored. AND...
Hey, I think the show tomorrow is still not a definite...so sorry, I am trying to keep you guys informed but there is a lot of juggling...
If we do two tomorrow, it will probably be in Williamsburg, since the power is still out in lower Manhattan.
I think they are considering an option of doing two shows tomorrow? But not sure where that would be. I'll keep you posted.
So sorry to report that my show in Williamsburg tonight is canceled...I guess they were just afraid no one could get there. Argh!!
Hey everyone, we're trying to figure out if the show is on for tonight...I'll tweet as soon as I know anything for sure.
Has anyone heard from @scharpling? If so let me know.
You can't use logic on crazy.
You know, I'm mocking it like everyone else, but I'll be damned if I can stop yelling "FRANKENSTORM!!" every 15 minutes.
Found a coffee shop open that had GLUTEN-FREE MUFFINS. Could not be more excited. #EasilyPleased
Spending Sandytime in hotel room listening to podcasts. Right now it's Best Show Gems http://t.co/PDaGpl3S.
Ok, so Bowery is canceled for tonight and we are moving it to Wednesday...so sorry for the inconvenience, and hope you can all make it Wed.!
Listening to @timheidecker on @marcmaron's http://t.co/RGCfWmJs...awesome.
Hey, we still don't know if the Bowery show tomorrow is going to be canceled...I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything. #Sandy
I just had a fun & interesting & inspiring conversation with Neil LaBute about happiness at the Rudin Museum. I love my life! #happiness
The talk at the Rubin Museum is still on! Come on down while the trains are still running!
Was looking for an emojii of a gourd and then I thought, "There're no gourds in Japan." 🎃 is close though!
Town Hall tonight with the great @tedleo! He goes on at 8:00, DON'T MISS IT.
Heading to New York today. I guess I should start looking for an umbrella.
Man, it's hard to see people struggle, even when they're awful.
Cary Tennis is so great sometimes: http://t.co/D9Qdk0Im
Holy crap, this is good: http://t.co/uYLWyRAI
This is SO GREAT! @lenadunham "Your First Time." http://t.co/w2TKTFUy
A great interview with @tedleo about the state of the music business, and the tour we are doing together right now! http://t.co/WW16OxhC
My pal @timheidecker is in a movie called "The Comedy" & he is great, check it out: http://t.co/XkfYmBnH
Ben Gibbard in Rolling Stone on his new solo record, and he mentions ME YAY! http://t.co/dLntZosc
I love how I say "I'll sleep in" as if that's ever a thing that happens.
I had a really fun time playing the Birchmere tonight; what a great audience. But man, am I insanely tired! Not sure if that means sleep...
All my tour info is on my website, http://t.co/Ii3BmkMe...
First show of the east coast tour tonight at the Birchmere! Come on down, the fantastic @tedleo is opening and goes on at 7:30!
Right when I'm back there....BOOOOOO.
Thank you @jimmyfallon for having me on your show! I send you hugs and kisses!
Oh, my God, I am not nearly as out of tune as I thought I was. Whew! IT'S A MIRACLE!!
You guys are nice. But I'm always so nervous on TV and nervous makes it hard to sing well. Fingers crossed!
Watching Fallon. Please God, let me not look/sound terrible.
It's hard to watch people's lives fall apart, even when it's their own doing. #ShatteredGlass
Watching that movie "Shattered Glass" on HBO while I'm waiting to go back to Fallon. "Stop pitching, Steve--it's over." #PeopleAreSad
I'm at the Jimmy Fallon show today! Love him.
Happy Birthday to @morgan_murphy WOOOOO!!!
Mitt's in his end-of-round flurry.
Manipulating currency again! I am too dumb to know what this thing is about!
Just blocked another person, this time at their request...I appreciate a heads up.
Not a fan of personal stories from anyone.
Come on, "horses and bayonets" is pretty great.
Veering wildly off topic.
"Time zone...language...opportunities!"
Back to jobs.
Yay, I just blocked someone!
Danger of finding Romney likable completely passed.
I'm terrified that my Stockholm Syndrome is going to make me find Romney likable.
IT'S ON!! So excited! (Not really that excited.)
"He over-inflated what is known as the vestibular sac in his blowhole." Whale makes human sounds. http://t.co/HDU1h4pA
Ugh, @kevinseccia just used the term "flabby, undulating tentacle" to me on Gchat.
I had a great time talking with Ron @theIbang today!
Yeah. It's depressing.
What a surprise, @kevinseccia's plate has been cleaned. http://t.co/tnZJLFdG
Back in NY. Hi!
Super-controlled people always feel super-vulnerable to me.
Me and @mpenn listening to a song by @pulmyears and totally digging it!
Get me some new, young blood, damn it! http://t.co/AUgnVKsL
Need new head shot for Women Binder.
Just had dinner with @StephenMerchant who STANDS UP FOR & DEFENDS THE CONTINUED USE OF "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID" as a comedy device! #shocking
Had lunch with @bnacker. We had a symposium on what comedy constructions must reluctantly be said goodbye to. Also shared saag paneer.
Aw, @ChrisWillman wrote this very nice review of my LA show! http://t.co/RR1Dobd2
Oh, yeah? Well, look at some pictures of baby bats in blankets and THEN let's talk. http://t.co/uxENgVEF
Told @MPenn about argument; he says straight man's role is to act as propellant to humor without necessarily being funny in & of himself.
Got into an argument with @StephenMerchant backstage when I told him he was a great straight man. He thinks S-man is like a "sidekick."
We had a fantastic time playing at the Wilshire Ebell tonight...last show of the west coast leg, & last show with @_FieldReport. #sadface
Just got to meet some seriously sweet fans backstage & then see some of the wonderful @_FieldReport. #LoveMyLife
Yep, tickets at the door.
Hey! I am playing in LA tonight at the Wilshire Ebell! Come to see me and the great opening band @_FieldReport! Show starts at 8:00!
I went to the hotel gym exactly once in the last 17 days of touring. #Athlete
Not only that, it was gluten-free toast.
Just got excited about toast.
I just called someone to tell them I was an idiot.
I had the best time tonight in Santa Fe! Thank you to everyone who came out! Now we're on the bus, driving to Arizona.
This is the greatest fight since Corrales v. Castillo.
Finally, a hotel that understands what a depressed traveler REALLY needs--a sturdy overhead beam! http://t.co/XrydlIRL
Oooh, Milo Greene!
Denver, you dear sweet audience, you were the greatest!! Hugs!!
Serious oversight not having a skull emoticon.
It's a Day of Second Guessing.
Which was the dumb one, the ant or the grasshopper? Did one wear a top hat? I bet he was the dumb one. No offense to @MPenn.
I just don't have it in me to tweet appropriately today.
Here's a review of Charmer in Wired that I have to admit I really like! Because they like it! http://t.co/3WuBkAfO
I've got Jim Croce's "I've Got a Name" stuck in my head and @paulie_be has "9 to 5" stuck in his. Arguing about which is worst.
For those who have been asking, I am going to be playing in both Canada and the UK...tour dates on http://t.co/7WGPnNFL. See you there!
People of Salt Lake City! I invite you to come see me play at the State Room tonight and ALSO TOMORROW! @_FieldReport open & they are great!
Fantastic animated "Why Obama Now." Please RT! http://t.co/tZnMv0bL
"You had house money, and you couldn't hold onto it. You had to put it down."-@scharpling, telling me how it is.
Just now @jonwurster said to me, "I don't know my cock from my doodle doo." #notcool #vulgar #catchy
I co-wrote a song with Steve Vai for his solo record, here it is! http://t.co/hPpbsHyg
He said, "It's like abstract painting." For some reason that made me understand it, and after that, I always liked jazz.
I never liked jazz until Peter Wolf explained it to me.
There is no upside to picking a fight with a shadow.
Thank you, people of Boise! You were a small but mighty crowd, and I kiss you all good night.
Hey, I'm playing at the Egyptian Theater tonight in Boise, please come down!
Hey! Here's an interview I did recently on Spinner! http://t.co/737BAIno
Oh, Seattle, I am so sad to leave you. Thank you for a wonderful evening. I WILL MISS YOU TERRIBLY.
What?! It's over already!? No one said anything!!
Mitt's kind of using his "bedroom voice."
I get to watch some of the debates, yay! Or maybe "yay" isn't really the word.
Stop pretending that raw broccoli isn't disgusting.
People of Seattle! I hate to tear you away from the fun of the debates, but I am playing in YOUR TOWN tonight!
Today the internet gave me a picture of a dog named Daisy cuddling with a white rat. COME ON.
Wooo, I'm in the Wall Street Journal!! http://t.co/CoFRrt8V
Thank you to @thebinglounge for having me today! And I loved meeting all the sweet people there!
I'm almost certain I can find both a coffee and a bookstore in this town.
Day off!
They're making nachos and guac on the bus. I have the best crew. Can't wait til @tedleo gets in on this action!
Come down to the Uptown Theater tonight! The awesome @_FieldReport is opening, and John Doe sings a duet with me!
Now that I know what YOLO means if you think I am not going to use it constantly to irritate everyone I know you are sadly mistaken.
Sure, I ate their eggs, but I don't think that is the problem.
These chickens I'm listening to are not relaxing.
I can't even tell you how awesome the audience was at the Fillmore tonight. I CAN'T EVEN TELL YOU.
Playing tonight at the Fillmore! The wonderful Field Report goes on at 9:00; don't miss them!
Enjoying a nice glass of wine in a plastic cup on the bus with my band.
Thank you, people of Santa Cruz! You were awesome! Xo
At the Santa Cruz Rio Theater tonight with the fantastic @_FieldReport , come on by!
Thank you to everyone who came out to the @coach_house tonight! You were so great! Hugs!
First show of the tour tonight, at the Coach House!
My mind is like a dog that I have to keep yelling at for jumping on the couch.
"Why ruin a single moment when you can ruin a whole evening?"--@joehenrymusic, about something I forgot already. #tired
No matter how alone I may feel, I take comfort in the fact that @UncleDynamite probably knows what plus-fours are.
I think my cat just DM'd someone.
Sooner or later, my brain will make me think a bad idea is a good idea.
You have to admit that if you saw Santa Claus actually coming down the chimney you'd freak the fuck out, presents or no presents.
Was just talking to @paulie_be about his new bass and was subjected to the term "tummy cut." #horrible
Aw, thanks so much to everyone who has been saying nice things about my record and the new video!
Support indie stores! There's a special 7" with unreleased tracks if you buy Charmer at an indie store, find one here: http://t.co/MRwgryhP
The new video features Jon Hamm and Jon Wurster. YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY! http://t.co/ARLDNtbI
The Moose of Salvation! http://t.co/dRHM6VQi
My record is out TOMORROW! And I'm doing an instore at Barnes & Noble at the Grove at 7:00 tomorrow, come by! http://t.co/Eow3SzEd
Yay, I'm on Morning Edition with @NPRinskeep, take a listen! http://t.co/sCVIggHJ
Hey, I'm in Salon! http://t.co/uunD0N9Q
I forgot about cat hair. #cathair
Upon seeing my tweet, @mpenn ran up the stairs in concern, ate the leftover chocolate.
Not even interested in chocolate right now.
Please follow the incredibly witty @lianamaeby, the person who I always blame every time I find myself on twitter. #ff
No more candy, bro. http://t.co/cRr4JW9e
I just called you "bro" in a conversation I was having in my head with you.
ugh the last thing I need is a new monkey
There is going to be another @scharpling video, too, for Labrador, that I think you are going to like! I HOPE SO ANYWAY!!
Gave Loudon a goodbye smooch at the gate & now I must kiss you goodbye, genteel people of Louisville! You have been great & I will miss you!
Hey! I have vinyl and it SPINS! Also there's a slip mat, and you can pre-order if you like! http://t.co/dTSB5szR
The amazing Chris Gethard post about depression: http://t.co/qu6eEyfE
@YuppiePunker It's streaming at http://t.co/l8d2iLcl
@YuppiePunker Manager did and forgot to tell me! #Dumb
@Saint_Upid Any legal purchase is good, my website or iTunes or Amazon etc...since I own my own label I actually get a little money from it!
@Saint_Upid Sending special hair glue via UPS. #Sorry
Hey, thanks to everyone who showed up at the Brown Theater yesterday...you guys were GREAT!
@TeaBeat Yay!!
@Saint_Upid Wait, I take it back, I thought it was something else! As you were! :)
@YuppiePunker Wait, I take it back, I thought it was something else! :)
@YuppiePunker The free download was done without asking me :(
@Saint_Upid Sadly, this is something that has been done without my permission. :(
@jonwurster Please don't say "crust" so early.
@tedleo HAPPY BIRTHDAY FELLOW VIRGO!! #Special #theBest
@Caissie @bnacker GROSS I'M STAYING AWAY
@bnacker @Caissie I hate you made me laugh with that Empire State Building thing.
@DennisPetticoff You are incredibly nice!
@bnacker @Caissie I'm going to pour soup on your head from a plane.
@bnacker @Caissie I'm in Louisville, is why, sickie.
@Caissie @bnacker THAT IS GOOD ADVICE
@scharpling @Mossback @Andy_Richter @morgan_murphy @SarahThyre @MPenn @UncleDynamite @timheidecker So sleepy all of a sudden.
@SarahThyre @UncleDynamite @Merrillmarkoe @morgan_murphy @scharpling @timheidecker @birbigs @Andy_Richter @MPenn @JackNickerson Night.
@Merrillmarkoe @morgan_murphy @scharpling @timheidecker @birbigs @SarahThyre @UncleDynamite @Andy_Richter @MPenn You missed @jacknickerson
@morgan_murphy @scharpling @timheidecker @birbigs @sarahthyre @uncledynamite @andy_richter @mpenn @lianamaeby Liana's here!
@lianamaeby Tweet-party with some weirdos. Here, I'll add you to the list...
@morgan_murphy @scharpling @timheidecker @birbigs @sarahthyre @uncledynamite @andy_richter @mpenn Sorry, it might be wet in there.
@jakefogelnest Your Nickerson RT slayed me.
@lianamaeby Hi.
@timheidecker You are killing me.
@scharpling @timheidecker @birbigs @SarahThyre @UncleDynamite @Andy_Richter @morgan_murphy @MPenn MY RECORD #Plugs
@timheidecker "Jack Nickerson." Hahahaha!
@jakefogelnest @SarahThyre Why is he wearing a turban??
@SarahThyre @jakefogelnest HE STAYS RIGHT WHERE HE IS
@Andy_Richter @morgan_murphy @scharpling @sarahthyre @mpenn @uncledynamite @timheidecker @birbigs I think someone's locked in the bathroom.
@scharpling @SarahThyre @MPenn @UncleDynamite @birbigs @morgan_murphy NOT COOL MAN
@timheidecker WORD.
@MPenn @UncleDynamite I need to have watched more TV.
@scharpling @SarahThyre @morgan_murphy @MPenn @UncleDynamite @timheidecker One more added!!
@timheidecker Around that corner is a guy who hates you.
@morgan_murphy @MPenn @UncleDynamite @scharpling @SarahThyre I feel like everyone took acid but me.
@MPenn @UncleDynamite What you two are talking about, I will never understand.
@SarahThyre Sometimes I cover bruises.
@morgan_murphy @scharpling Do you have a hat rack on stage?
@morgan_murphy You better tell them how I write all your jokes and let you sleep on my bedroom floor wrapped in a comforter
@morgan_murphy I don't know why you are on that list and not me I am obviously so much funnier
@KarinBergquist Agreed! It was so lovely getting to know you. You are one of a kind. Hugs! @JoeHenryMusic
@lenadunham I would really like to see that poetry zine, though. #Congratulations
@beritbelen @npr Aw, Yay!!
@AndyKindler Yes. Do not bring @daveanthony.
@ashby44 I wish!
@blacksab67 I'm totally on board with that song now. SEXY LADY!
@VBoombotz Wow, thank you!
@Merrillmarkoe Holy shit, Merrill.
I think there is some info out there that made it sound like there would be actual performances, but no! It's movie stuff! Pretending!
Hey, to be clear, there is a call for extras at the Brown Theater in Louisville tonight, but I'm not performing...it's for the movie I'm in.
@TheRealTavie Pretty much.
@TheRealTavie @burnumd @aliceandstuff Ah, it's all up to the promoters!
@slpierce Thanks!
My new record "Charmer" is out next week, but you can listen to it NOW on NPR's First Listen! http://t.co/RjXGKs7K
@Noam25 I needed that.
@LouMUSICulture Just filming.
@kneemee @daveanthony Yes, we are good buddies!
@daveanthony You are disgusting.
@daveanthony Please do not talk about my hole.
@daveanthony "Heart"!! I meant "heart"!!! ARGH!!!! YOU WIN AGAIN!!!
@morgan_murphy @MPenn @campsucks @lenadunham I'm a good "pretender."
@daveanthony I am going to tear your heard out with my teeth and sing into your chest.
@cruzecon Out Sept. 18th! It's called "Charmer."
@morgan_murphy Uh...errr...
@glasnova Neither of us are playing though!
Never in a million years did I think I would be sitting across a table from Loudon Wainwright III & listening to him sing. Dream come true.
@glasnova Hey, it's not actually a show, they are filming a movie that we are in. Don't miss your own show!
@MPenn @campsucks @lenadunham He's studying alchemy. The key is made of gold. I hate having a cauldron in our living room.
@scottsimonsWVLA @MPenn @gibbstack That sounds awesome, and I'm not even being ironic.
@MPenn @Gibbstack Ew but agree!
@180Degrees2 Love being in it!
@NekoCase @joanhiller @tedleo @joconnorsoft Hats off to no asses!
@JeremyBronson xo
@Gibbstack "Two Tickets to Paradise" is awesome.
@ACNewman xoxox!
@Merrillmarkoe @morgan_murphy THIS DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE
Thank you everybody for all the birthday wishes, and I'm so sorry for clogging up all your feeds! xo
@tomhensleyy Danke schön!
@morgan_murphy @aimeemann Cupcakes and unicorns! xoxox
@DavidGArnold @morgan_murphy NOT COOL MAN
@GaryTaxali XOXOXO
@mountain_goats POKE!
@morgan_murphy @Merrillmarkoe I'm sorry, that was very shellfish of me. #Yeah #Callback #Imthefunnyone
@kirkland24 Thank you for your birthday wishes!
@DavidGArnold Yes, even *I* have a birthday! @morgan_murphy
@briankoppelman YAY!
@scharpling I AM A MIRROR
@morgan_murphy That joke ruined my birthday.
@Merrillmarkoe @morgan_murphy Yay! I missed those cards!
@morgan_murphy Tell me a good birthday joke! xoxo
@sarahelisew Thank you, honey! You are the greatest!
@songrytr Yeah!
@WallyWackiman Thank you, Wally!
@tedleo There is nothing I like more than crazy relative stories.
@tedleo Do you have a crazy cool uncle and if so please bring him on tour
@kevinseccia Come on. It's like taking candy from a baby.
@blacksab67 Thanks a goddamn lot.
@pattonoswalt Back on the 12th, hope I see you soon.
@bnacker Dream me up a cake.
@bnacker Maybe you SHOULD go back to sleep.
@Caissie @kevinseccia Yum! Kevin is fat.
@JoeHenryMusic Thank you, Joe Henry, and I look forward to having coffee with you very soon.
@bnacker no stay up and tell me some funny things
@dreadfulwater Happy Birthday back!
@richardkeane Do we have the same birthday?! Happy Birthday!
@ashby44 You sweetheart, thank you so much. xoxox
@itschelseaking @iamrashidajones YOU are NICE!
@iamrashidajones I'm following you. But in a car, from a distance of two blocks.
@iamrashidajones Hi!
@kevinseccia Was just showing some friends your "Gangnum Style" video. Funny stuff.
@TrentGentry Sweetie.
@joconnorsoft Yeah!
@MPenn @karinbergquist @morgan_murphy You are so dry you are invited to be an honorary member. #humor
@rhettmiller @tedleo THE HUMBLEST ABOUT THEIR GREATNESS #Virgos
Talking to @KarinBergquist about starting an all-girl Ry Cooder tribute band called "Dry Cooter." #sorry #drunk @morgan_murphy
@TracyMcMillan So relieved, seriously.
I'm so exhausted, I feel high. But in a low way.
@kevinseccia Rush Limbaugh? #Hilarious
@sarahelisew @JoeHenryMusic Aw thanks!
@VonHelff @marcmaron Being discussed!
@m_proksch NOOO!! Burn me in! Burn me in!!
@DJRotaryRachel You mean @PFTompkins!
@marcmaron Yes.
@KoffeeGuy The best present.
@JavistaCoffee @viewingfigures YAY!!
@rhettmiller We are The Best. #Virgos @tedleo
@julia6476 Thanks!
@rhettmiller Happy Birthday, fellow Virgo! I'm one day behind you.
@uraclod @kevinseccia @arielschrag Perfect!
@NPRinskeep @adamjmartin @NPRInskeep Please post video.
@robhatchmiller She IS a charmer, though. I must see her when I'm in NY.
@arielschrag @kevinseccia Can't whistle when lips clogged with frosting.
@kylemeredith @joehenrymusic @karinbergquist So fun! Thank you for having us!
@robhatchmiller THIS IS A GOOD KITTY
@Merrillmarkoe We ARE pretty dumb!
@arielschrag Look, I know you're just trying to help, but @kevinseccia is never going to learn to read if you keep covering for him.
@timheidecker Miss you!
@NPRinskeep I have no idea what I actually said, but I think you should tell Sylvia regardless.
@kevinseccia Aw, come on...you can't read! #dumb #fat
Just did an interview for Morning Edition with Steve Inskeep that was very fun for me! He is funny and good. #NPR
@wilmsoft It's not out til Sept 18th, sorry!
@hodgman GREAT line.
@daveanthony I will kill you first, so rest easy.
@girliedyke Yay!
@SamuelAgboola Aw thanks!
@richsommer @mpenn Oh, that does not sound right.
@richsommer @mpenn YESSS!!
@SamuelAgboola @scharpling Will do!
@daveanthony #broom #cauldron #cats #pointedhat #otherwitchstuff #imtired
@TheRealTavie @michaelpenn HUGZZZZZZZ #Hugz
@daveanthony I'll drop balloons at your funeral. #Balloons #Dead
@blacksab67 How dare you--Joe is AWESOME. #awesome #howdareyou
@TheRealTavie @hodgman I love him though. #Joe
@MPenn @blacksab67 Please go keep him company.
@tedleo You go girl!
I can't tell you how sorry I am to be missing Biden right now. #work #tired #punchdrunk
@morgan_murphy @kylekinane So mad you made me laugh at the word "boners"
@Da5vi Happy Birthday, fellow Virgo!
@ellieseabird Yay!!
@Hunter_Downs Nein aber ich möchte!
I love him.“@lenadunham: I'm aroused! RT @hollywoodcrush: Olivia Thirlby & John Krasinski in 'Nobody Walks' clip: http://t.co/MxXGkQK2
@robhatchmiller I know, it's nuts! #ScharplingWar
@MarcGalloway Laura Linney!
@moviemeltdown Shoot, wrong house! I was following this other guy. Sorry!
@GaryTaxali Then she will go on FOREVER.
Germany! Here is the video; this should work for you: http://t.co/R0giwQ7D
@GaryTaxali HATE
@GaryTaxali Did my robot double come up there and help you Gocco?
@neildomass Aw thanks!
Hey, here is my video for my new single "Charmer" again. @scharpling directed it and he is great! http://t.co/CZXHJ6R7
@kevinseccia Morning, Fats.
@JamesUrbaniak @hodgman @jenkirkman CATS ARE NEVER OVER
@JamesUrbaniak @JenKirkman You actually made me laugh out loud with that dumb thing. Also, AGREE.
@JenKirkman Single-issue? What is that issue supposed to be?
@TheRealTavie Hugs!
@morgan_murphy SNUGGLIE!!
@TheRealTavie Hear hear.
It is nice to be among the nice! And people are kind. I forget that.
I don't think I could be more grateful to @JoeHenryMusic for roping me into doing this movie.
@jonwurster Again?
@aaronvan1964 Hi back!
@boggia Check it out! http://t.co/C1groQVa
@boggia Of course, it's for the movie, but it IS mine.
@boggia I am wearing a dress THIS VERY MINUTE.
@boggia I LOVE THIS
@marcmaron Really, I had just stepped away from my phone & didn't mean to make you wait, but now I'm a bit disappointed there's no begging.
@morgan_murphy I only call YOURS a cooter. @marcmaron
@marcmaron Of course.
@marcmaron @songrytr I like cats!
@leighkoechner Ooh she's cute, thanks! But no.
@marcmaron @plsthnks This town is the greatest.
Thank you,@Kulap...it's all I've got! @kevinseccia
@leighkoechner It's Louisville, but it's completely worth the plane change in Dallas.
@lianamaeby @kevinseccia I bet if you rolled in whiskey first you could have stretched it to two.
@morgan_murphy Home on the 12th!
Once I tricked @kevinseccia into kissing me by sprinkling powdered sugar around my mouth. #doughnuts #dumb
Seems like a weird time to ask. @TulsaGuy45 @pksfrk
@morgan_murphy Will you watch Dance Moms in a snuggie with me?
We ate at 21c last night! It was unbelievably great. @pksfrk
@blacksab67 YOU taste like a rug.
@branden628 Working long days, I was lucky to get out today!
"Please And Thank You," a coffee shop that sells vinyl with a booth with a turntable...Louisville, what kind of utopian paradise ARE you?!
@daniel_mahle You are a sweetheart.
@UncleDynamite Shit, I totally forgot he was incapable of love, unless it's the special love man has for pastries etc etc @kevinseccia
@thesaltman @caissie @kevinseccia Also, USED? Gross.
@thesaltman I eat gluten free doughnuts! And @kevinseccia has love handles, I've seen them. @caissie
@kevinseccia Possibly your best tweet work ever.
@benleemusic Agree!
@greyhairedfool4 Just those two!
@greyhairedfool4 Yes.
@benleemusic @ACNewman RIGHT?!
@Caissie Well, @kevinseccia is shaped like a doughnut, except the hole is his mouth, and in his mouth is a doughnut.
@Caissie @kevinseccia I don't even know what you two are talking about. Is is a kind of a doughnut?
@julieklausner @jodify @tedleo @lenadunham Ewwwww!
@jonwurster So great!...a bit disappointed I couldn't see your Union Jack shorts, though.
@portrub Me too...always love playing in Pittsburgh!
@AlisonPIAS @scharpling He's the best! Thanks, I'm glad you like it, record out the 18th with another video coming! xo
@tedleo @lenadunham @jodify That is an AWESOME nickname. #BabyD
@FitzBowden London show in January!
@AlisonPIAS Ooh, I hope I can! It's been so long! xo
@dorkthunderdome Tired.
@serafinowicz YAY!! THANK YOU!!
@serafinowicz Every time I sing Happy Birthday, I think about your lovely bridge for it and wish that I could remember how it goes.
@lenadunham That first one sounds cute, though.
@pattonoswalt Hi!
Had to do a scene today with @JoeHenryMusic where we had to laugh, so we prepped for it by listening to @pattonoswalt routines. #TheBest
@heliumcell @lianamaeby Well, it faded a little over the day...
@lianamaeby Me too.
@lianamaeby http://t.co/lLjIUaOi
Louisville, you are incredibly charming, but when I walk out in you, you are hot, wet, and heavy as hell.
Man, this fake hair they have on me looks AMAZING.
@gregtheilmann JK!
@gregtheilmann Spent that 50 on strong rope.
@ACNewman just sent me his new record & 15 seconds into it already it hurts my stomach it is so good. If you make me cry I will be mad.
@TracyMcMillan That's all very well and good, but I need you HERE!
I don't mean to brag, but I have a $50 bill.
@DavidGArnold Stroke?
@BillBadger1976 Yessss!!!
@DanBeirne @marie215_ WHAT?! NOOOOO!!!
@bnacker @kevinseccia Double favorite.
@bnacker @kevinseccia He can't look in the mirror because NO MIRROR IS BIG ENOUGH YEAH
Me & @KarinBergquist & @JoeHenryMusic (the 3 newbies) talking about acting...Joe says "it's like trying to ride a bicycle on a frozen lake."
@kevinseccia HAPPY NOW??
@byBobbyWoods Such a dumb song.
@johnvanderslice Aw, that is nice! And don't feel obligated; I hate going to rock shows myself. We will discuss closer to the day!
@johnvanderslice To SF? Don't you live there? Or to where I am playing? You are welcome to do it!
Good night, pals and buddies! You are all nice.
@johnvanderslice Playing in SF soon. Will perform home trepanning surgery. Should do the trick. Have some Mercurochrome handy.
@johnvanderslice THAT DOESN'T SOUND GOOD
@johnvanderslice Kitties take precedence.
@DrAdamJahnke Yes!
@johnvanderslice That was fast!
@blacksab67 They loved baseball and they were very funny. Well, two of them.
@JoeHenryMusic He's the best.
@JenKirkman It kind of sums it up.
@michaelmontes Whoa! Hi there stranger!
@artlab It was amazing, I loved it, I met him and he was nice, but SHE was GREAT.
@vinnierulesocc I'm SO not bad ass, but thank you!
@JenniferSparkle Thank you!
@tomhensleyy Ich verstehe Deutsch immer besser, wenn ich betrunken bin!
@jwoliner It really doesn't look that much like Hitler.
I won't drunk dial you but I WILL drunk answer you. Well, until I get sleepy.
@tedleo APPROVE
@clinton_o Yes!!
In my defense, Loudon Wainwright was drinking it first so we all thought it was cool.
I can't believe I got drunk on rosé.
I can't possibly have said that. “@QuotesYard: "It really doesn't matter to me what people say about me anymore." - #Aimee Mann #quotes”
@mrbenjaminlaw Ew!!
Reading a book about Australia, and there on PAGE 6 is that GODDAMN platypus and his creepy CLOACA again! #gross
That's where "God" is code for "Gene Simmons." @boonhogganbeck @jonwurster
@GaryTaxali Gary, I just love these so much.
God is in way over his head. @jonwurster
@pattonoswalt Will be referenced in next season's "Newsroom."
@jonwurster You're always talking about your diaper area.
@tincanman2010 I'll tell him, thanks!!
@JeremyBronson DEAL.
@JeremyBronson We never had that dinner, and now I'm in Louisville for 2 weeks, TRAGEDY!
@JeremyBronson HI
@meganamram Happy Birthday, fellow Virgo!
@jonwurster That thing is creepy.
@m_proksch Forget what? #yeah #classic
@Lin_Manuel Love it, and you.
@Lin_Manuel Off.
@m_proksch Damn, I totally forgot you were a One-way Monkey.
@morgan_murphy @julieklausner @campsucks Remember when we used to like you and then you rubbed our faces in the fact of our inferiority?
@tedleo @VirgoNation Well...um...
@tedleo I am really appreciating your Virgo RTs. All true, btw. #VirgosRule
@kevinseccia Yeah, but that's only because you were so busy stuffing Chex Mix into your gob that you missed the sunset.
@kevinseccia YOU ARE A MONSTER
@kevinseccia Maybe you saying to me, "Want half of this doughnut? No, really, I don't mind."
@m_proksch Remember me?
@tedleo @waydegrins It's going to be 3 hours of solid tweets.
@Gaboryus They cleaned the room and when I came back, it was GONE.
@pattonoswalt Oh, Patton.
@morgan_murphy @julieklausner @campsucks @meganhilty NOW YOU'RE JUST SHOWING OFF
@morgan_murphy @julieklausner @campsucks Just for that, I'm going to hunt down Anjelica Houston and have her throw a drink in my face.
@julieklausner @morgan_murphy @campsucks WHOA WHAT THE HELL
@Cassidy2099 I brought four.
@bryanhadley No, I'm not sure why it says that.
@heliumcell Also, NOT HELPFUL.
@heliumcell I changed it twice, that is enough vanity for the day.
Day off in Louisville, it's raining, no one is around, and the only thing on the hotel tv is a rerun of "Sex and the City". KILL ME NOW.
@RogerMcGuinn Thanks!
@blacksab67 You free for a call?
@kevinseccia Hahaha exactly! Hey, what can I say...I'm a "physical" fighter!
@jonwurster Dumb. #YoureDumb
Ok, this one has slightly more eyebrow. Let's make this happen! It's got to last me another four years!
@kevinseccia For you, ALL "arrangements" are edible.
@robdelaney Bless your heart!
New picture! It kind of looks like I have no eyebrows, though.
@JenKirkman @pftompkins @hodgman I wish I was there!
EVERYTHING is a gateway drug.
Just to clarify...@JoeHenryMusic is in a movie where he IS pretending to be an engineer.
@lianamaeby I can't see a reason for anything.
@lianamaeby I read this as "can't see reason" and was about to assure you that there was indeed such a thing.
@kevinseccia Pie?! You insult me, sir.
@kevinseccia I'm from Virginia. Have at it.
This is where @JoeHenryMusic tries to pretend he knows how to engineer: http://t.co/RY5nmp5u
@DavinWood @caissie I refuse to watch this nightmare.
@blacksab67 Oh, boy.
@atrubens #NotGreatJoke
I love how far off the rails @DavinWood went with this thread. @caissie
@atrubens It seems so RESIGNED.
@heliumcell You live in BOSTON and you can say that a cockroach is not worse than a beetle?? Have you never lived in ALLSTON, man??
The bug has remained motionless for a LONG time. Either it has the patience of Job or it's dead. Can bugs die standing up? @Caissie
@Caissie @johnroderick Dream scenario.
@DavidGArnold This is a disgusting idea.
I am really trying to convince myself that this bug in the hotel bathroom is some kind of beetle and not a cockroach.
@pulmyears Yes, and it was amazing.
Oh, @JoeHenryMusic, I left out "Paper Bag" by Fiona Apple in our discussion tonight. That's a big one.
@JoeHenryMusic Hear, hear, Joe. I feel honored to have shared martinis with the two of you.
@SarahThyre What did we talk about that night at Patton's thing, breast milk? You were delightful.
@JennaStern He's a great guy.
Ok, Loudon Wainwright is now playing songs for us in the studio and it is so great it is bringing tears to my eyes. #awesomeness
Here are me & John Doe with our lady-drinks last night: http://t.co/tmekcCTN
@KatCorbett Ooops I mixed up some words but you get the idea. @FATHERJOHNMISTY
@katcorbett I AM a discerning listener and I DO want to hear "Hollywood Cemetery Forever Sings" more! @FATHERJOHNMISTY
@kevinseccia Damn it I typoed!! I'M AN IDIOT!
@kevinseccia Loev Walter Tevis.
@wilmsoft Thanks! See you soon!
@daveanthony That's pretty whimsical, or crazy.
@daveanthony I'm pretty sure you have that wrong.
@JenKirkman Omg, me too. That is what I was thinking of.
@JenKirkman Isn't it a kind of acting exercise?
Thanks you guys for saying hi...now I am off to bed! Hugs!
@Seattle_D @blacksab67 You are nice.
@14Belair42 Aw thanks!
@DJTailgate Hello!
@frogspadca Hi! I care!
@Sandvee Hi!
@Seattle_D @blacksab67 Bless your heart!
@daveanthony Wait...it really DOES?
@daveanthony I love you.
@pulmyears Very fun! John Doe and Loudon Wainwright and Joe Henry and Karin Bergquist are in it!
Finally seeing clips of the doddering Clint/chair showdown. Effing NUTS.
@kevinseccia @lianamaeby @JenKirkman Pretty sure with your half-Asian heritage you will be right behind us.
@pulmyears I'm in a movie!
@blacksab67 @KarenKilgariff Step one, honey.
@lianamaeby @JenKirkman @kevinseccia Nice dog, though.
@blacksab67 That really made me laugh.
@lianamaeby @JenKirkman @kevinseccia AND HAS A RECTANGULAR HAM HEAD YEAH!
@Gibbstack Ugh, people.
@blacksab67 @karenkilgariff Blech.
@KarenKilgariff @blacksab67 That's disgusting.
I'm having a lady drink that has an egg white in it, but in my defense, John Doe ordered it first.
@paulwellar @joehenrymusic I wish.
@frozen_fever Ew!
The great @JoeHenryMusic & John Doe rehearsing a song for this movie, "Pleased to Meet Me." http://t.co/raou9tlT
@ThatTomHall @mpenn Angry and disappointed.
@ThatTomHall @mpenn I like snacks!
@pattonoswalt I know.
I AM making a documentary about him called "Tippity Tappity: Travelling the Road to Success One Paradiddle at a Time." @jonwurster
Apparently some people think @jonwurster is in this movie with me, but sadly, he's not.
@bnacker Rite here
Ok now @bnacker now says I should "Showgirls" him instead.
I got to do a scene with Loudon Wainwright today and he was just so great. I told @bnacker about it & he said I should "All About Eve" him.
@UncleDynamite Thank you.
@Tremayne11 Jesus...time FLIES.
@Scott5x5 Hi, Drinkie!
@Tremayne11 Hi! Phone won't let me see it, I'll try when I get home. Thanks for your kind words of a few weeks ago..good to hear from you xo
@pattonoswalt Victoria Jackson?!?!
"You keep trying to paint me as some kind of normal person, and I'm NOT!! I just like nice clothes!"--@JoeHenryMusic, just now.
@CraigHurring @paulie_beYEAH!!
@DJRotaryRachel I know, right? :(
I JUST FOUND OUT WE GOT FOUR STARS IN MOJO!! Thank you @paulie_be for doing such a great job! SO EXCITED!
@bulletproofbrad Should be doing a few in January!
It can't be good to start the day out THIS tired. I feel like I lived three lives in my dreams last night.
@GaryTaxali POKE
@pulmyears Hugs!
@GerryDuggan @daveanthony I'll sing it at his funeral.
@bnacker I like you. Chairs.
@daveanthony That's practically a tongue kiss from the likes of you.
@BansheeMilk Oh, sorry misread.
@BansheeMilk No, i had to google it! Yuk!
Good night, friends.
@WendyLiebman Hi!
@pattonoswalt At your service.
@chiiscake I know enough to know this can't be a compliment. @tomhensleyy
@campsucks Takes so little to get a room these days.
@tomhensleyy Ah, pleased! I thought it might be "excited."
@tomhensleyy I know most of those words!
@scottsimonsWVLA Aw, good ol' cloaca! I almost forgot!
@ChrisWillman POKE
@tomhensleyy Ich bin sehr müde. Wie gehts?
@davidoreilly Du kannst nicht!
@pattonoswalt Sounds like you could really use a good old-fashioned guitar singalong.
@hulotat404 THANK YOU!
@bnacker No, neither apple nor grape.
@kevinseccia Not cool, man! I deliberately held back a joke on the @Andy_Richter thread about YOU hiding YOUR penis with your blob gut!
@Andy_Richter @kevinseccia :(
@kevinseccia Not allowed if you're from New Jersey.
@Andy_Richter @kevinseccia Damn it, I thought HE was naked. Or were you BOTH naked?! I HOPE BOTH.
@Andy_Richter @kevinseccia I hope you didn't look down as you answered him.
@KarenKilgariff PLEASE GOD YES
@JenKirkman Weird, "4th Hole" is @jonwurster's nickname for me. What.
@kevinseccia I am so proud that I knew this too. Also some other things that we will take to the grave.
@JenKirkman Is it true you were born on a golf course? @jonwurster
@TheRealTavie I sure do, honey.
Early morning chat with @jonwurster. He's off to rock in the studio at the least rocking of hours: 9:00am.
@DavinWood It really doesn't help at all.
@wisconsinfatcat Thanks!
I think the headache was from the humidity last night. Although God knows there is plenty of that going on right now.
@KevinEsmeier The last one.
@wisconsinfatcat @femphil Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
Dudes! Louisville is kind of awesome, and the people I am working with on this movie are the greatest!
@lianamaeby @kevinseccia That stands for Follow Fattie, right?
@DaceMerrywether Thanks for ordering and waiting! You are nice!
@kevinseccia No danger of this happening.
@morgan_murphy Thanks for the RT, duuuuuude!
@kevinseccia EFF YOU GLOBBERS
@kevinseccia I'm pretty sure I have at least one of these.
@Caissie But they have Reese's Cups!
@Caissie I went too far and killed them all. Shit. Now what?
@Caissie Broken!
So I'm in Louisville actually acting in a movie! Just did two scenes with Joe Henry & John Doe. Joe & I nervous as hell. Yikes!
@DavidGArnold A stone-cold fox.
@jonwurster Dumb.
@ItsBrianMcIver Aw thanks! I hope to come there soon!
@robdelaney Thanks! You are nice. Hugs! xo
I'm in Louisville, KY, getting up at a time I usually go to bed. Good God almighty.
@sosyourfacee FRONT
@TrentGentry Oh, pants.
@Alun_H I appreciate you waiting! I hope you like it!
@caliban10 No chance!
@heliumcell You're defying the baby stereotypes; maybe you will defy the teenage ones.
@heliumcell Why, shucks, thank you sir!
@heliumcell Because she is sleeping and you are waking her?
@Caissie Here, here.
@Lin_Manuel Bless your heart!
@entylawyer I'm all about the Babycakes, myself.
@jessgitner No worries, we'll make it happen! Yay free books!
@kevinseccia Love it!
@morgan_murphy OH DUDE THAT SUCKS. SO SORRY.
@Caissie Was that a derisive laugh? BECAUSE WE ARE THE BEST. @bnacker
@bnacker We are the best.
@bnacker I like chairs.
@Tikidoll I would have LOVED to see Neil! Next year maybe. :(
@NeilHamburger @m_proksch #*£
@TrentGentry Not anymore!
@morgan_murphy @campsucks Great news, because then I won't feel awkward trying out my "Akin chunk" on you.
@campsucks @morgan_murphy Let's do it!
@m_proksch Watching Project Runway and it's just not the same without you texting @NeilHamburger through it.
@campsucks The boxing or the snuggie? @morgan_murphy
@morgan_murphy Besides snuggies?
@kevinseccia Shut your giant canned-ham-hole.
@morgan_murphy Do you know when it's happening?? I'll probably be gone :(
@PTR1969 Aw, thanks!
@PTR1969 Come on, though..."bush supporter' is kind of funny, right?
@blacksab67 WORD.
@kevinseccia I can't wait to sing at YOUR FUNERAL AND THEN IT REALLY WILL ALL BE OVER FATTY!
@PTR1969 Ewwww!!
@MrAdamDolan Hee hee!
@MrAdamDolan You know nothing of the sort! # Ew
@robdelaney I love that you're a big bush supporter, Rob!
@kevinseccia Oh, you like cake all right.
@kevinseccia YOU should start saving up for the CRANE they will need to get you out of your apartment!
@kevinseccia Puppets made of doughnuts! Yum!
@heliumcell But it will keep your soul crisp for you!
@briaboy Well, he IS a monster. :)
@paulscheer My stuff is good for abs. Try it.
@daveanthony Just the pot at the end of it, no gold.
@daveanthony You're too delightful to ignore.
@briaboy No worries, he's a comedian friend of mine!
@daveanthony Also, Ew.
@daveanthony You can't blame me for your own monstrous behavior, Dave.
@daveanthony How many hearts can you shit on? I would think you would have tired of that move by now. Maybe a different organ?
@daveanthony Big mistake. That tomato sauce was the best thing about you.
Ran into @GregBehrendt today; we talked about how awful @daveanthony is. He agrees with me completely. Verdict: Monster.
@daveanthony You ARE fudge.
@daveanthony Let it be a warning to you.
@timheidecker Looking forward to the case of rare French #cognac you are bringing back.
@chrislong All I know is that it's a J45 reissue, but I don't know when that came out or anything. Sorry!
@chrislong It's a reissue!
@DJRotaryRachel Now more than ever!
@timheidecker How's it going?
@ACNewman I love love love your new song. Well done!!!
@JimGaffigan She was the best. Sad.
@bnacker What the hell is going on over there?
@richsommer I was going to suggest that we meet for coffee but then I read your blog and realized you were crazy.
@mountain_goats This is handy! You can tell who's been raped and who hasn't by the ones who don't get pregnant!
@campsucks Totally down with this new cc-ing technique. cc. @morgan_murphy cc.@lenadunham cc @MPenn
@campsucks @lenadunham @morgan_murphy We must surround @MPenn and force him into our Smash-watching cult! Hypnotize him with our eyes!
@mwisme And thank you!
@mwisme Hahaha how dare you!
@kevinseccia I will chew your head off for that.
@kevinseccia Like when you and Matilda go for a walk? Except that she's super cute and you're a hungover blob?
@JohnLovick I had no idea you were a Queen fan.
@robhatchmiller I LOVE THIS
@GregBehrendt I am so all about one way monkey.
@baywatchboy Thank you! Welcome!
@UncleDynamite I'm not going to lie to you. There's a lot of coffee consumed, and possibly sandwiches made of cheese.
@usamike Sorry, I bet that is annoying! Hi! Let's US crack wise!
@UncleDynamite I loved them. So little technique. Zero forensics. Lots of cops just sitting around talking. Recommend!
@UncleDynamite :)
@UncleDynamite Have you read Maj Sjowall/ Per Wahloo?
@UncleDynamite You're my hero.
@UncleDynamite This is really turning into something!
@KarenKilgariff He smells blood in the water. @morgan_murphy @daveanthony @jimgaffigan
@UncleDynamite Corn cob pipe.
@UncleDynamite What about smokin'?
@morgan_murphy HUG TIME!! @KarenKilgariff @jimgaffigan
@morgan_murphy #ffuck you!
@morgan_murphy Aww you gave me a #ff!
@morgan_murphy Come on, @MPenn is not THAT bad a driver.
@KaseyAnderson Disgusting.
Ah, KUSC! Florence Price! I have never heard of her but it is AWESOME!!
I just this minute in the car realized how great Queen was.
YUCK RT @heliumcell: @aimeemann Hey, babe. Whatever floats your boat...peace out. #Mellow *sleepy eyes* *peace sign* *mood ring* @GaryTaxali
@DJRotaryRachel ONE WAY MONKEY!!! @m_proksch
@UncleDynamite Ewwww. @Caissie @heliumcell
@m_proksch You passed that doughnut up, I was so impressed. Why didn't I follow your example?? I was awake most of the night. Dumb.
@m_proksch Come on.
@heliumcell Get a new doctor, one that has EYES. @GaryTaxali
@Caissie Awesomely disgusting.
@m_proksch I ate too much last night.
@Blake_Hazard Sweet.
@heliumcell Mellow out, dude. @GaryTaxali
@GaryTaxali Hear that, @heliumcell?! SCIENCE!!
@tedleo Wait, what? No more twitter for today? I CAN'T TAKE IT!
@heliumcell Peguins are dopey looking and I can't believe you said the dik-dik doesn't pass the snuggle test. @GaryTaxali
@GaryTaxali I want that cooing owl!! @heliumcell
@campsucks @morgan_murphy When is it back on??
@heliumcell My rhyming dictionary just fainted.
@heliumcell Yay?
.@lvdjgarcia No, I guess it's just proclaimed to be "clean" in general!
@KaseyAnderson Not cool, man.
No idea why it's not available in some countries...will inquire.
HI! This is the official link to my new video "Charmer, starring the awesome Laura Linney! CD is out Sept 18th! http://t.co/DnhJwx6O
@GaryTaxali Oh, honey, I'm so sorry. LAMBADA!
@scottsimonsWVLA EXACTLY!!
@scottsimonsWVLA My point exactly! Anything with a cloaca is by definition DISGUSTING. @GaryTaxali @heliumcell
Having an argument on facebook with @GaryTaxali & @heliumcell about whether an egg-laying mammal is cuter than a dik-dik. one word: CLOACA.
@kevinseccia Fat.
@ArdenMyrin I really thought my little dance would cheer you up!
@KaseyAnderson PROBABLY SCABIES @kevinseccia
@TheRealTavie I am blaming this tweet entirely on low blood sugar.
@campsucks I think @hodgman can get you a special deal. @lenadunham
@hodgman You're an INVESTOR? I knew something was fishy about that whole deal.
@campsucks Probably for the best.
@campsucks YOU ARE NICE
@margauxemeder Oh he's the cutest little Bunny! Hope you're well. Love you! xo
@julieklausner The genius of @scharpling!
@blake_hazard Hi!
@timheidecker Plus, the game always goes to whoever can get to @hitler first. @danharmon
@timheidecker @danharmon @hitler I've been the Silent Judge this whole time, surprise!
@danharmon @timheidecker @hitler Dan wins.
@tedleo AGREE
@arosegregory Aww, thanks! @scharpling is a genius, as we all know!
@kevinseccia Hate you.
My new @scharpling directed video for "Charmer"! http://t.co/CbjQluAR
@KaseyAnderson Really?
@AsidesMusic No, sorry, I have a show! But thank you!
@kevinseccia Don't worry, doughnuts can be liquified.
@Seattle_D "sideshow"
@ArdenMyrin Yay! Thanks! Xo
@atrubens I would go see that movie. @kevinseccia
@prettyendeavors Aw, I'm glad it helps!
@atrubens Pretty sure you stole this recipe from @kevinseccia, except you switched from whiskey to bourbon & left out the doughnut garnish.
@tedleo You MAKE that video. @ACNewman @scharpling
@ACNewman Hahaha! @scharpling is a genius!
@atrubens I assume that monster is @kevinseccia.
@erikjdavis Hee!
Can't believe @MPenn is not digging this giant octopus.
@kevinseccia I'm not trying to be a dick, but you're a giant blobby orb.
@m_proksch @mpenn Best kind of party.
@thatneilcleary @atrubens I will crush you both like bugs.
@miguemarchant XOs to you!
@KarenKilgariff AGREE
@KarenKilgariff What?? You live next door to me??
@m_proksch Damn it, I totally forgot we were going to have our Ribbon Party tonight! @MPenn
@atrubens SOMEONE'S dream is coming true. @thatneilcleary
You'd have to include boxing in that too, then. @paullu @mpenn
@atrubens You're a nut.
@Kylie_Brown Agree!
Had usual argument with @MPenn about whether rhythmic gymnastics is a "sport"; 10 minutes later he's outraged Italy lost in Group Ribbon.
Triple word! @tedleo @nekocase @virgonation
@KarenKilgariff I'm not so thrilled about "clubs."
@KarenKilgariff Look, I'm not saying you're wrong.
@KarenKilgariff I love the ribbon dancers!
@tomhensleyy Das stimmt!
@thejunkmales I floated to my car.
@thejunkmales I've walked across no streets today!
@ahuntre Hee!
@SarahThyre Clothing optional.
Now I'm watching gymnastics with "hoop" and "ball." AWESOME.
@annielarry Would love it.
@SarahThyre You and Andy bring a TOTALLY different thing to the sport.
@KaseyAnderson Come on, man. Easy does it. LET GO AND LET GOD.
Synchronized swimming is way weirder than I thought, and I thought it was pretty weird. The maniacal smiles are freaking me out.
@kevinseccia The only thing you're punching up is a new hole in your belt BECAUSE YOU ARE FAT GET IT?
@KaseyAnderson Stop being such a cranky-pants.
@parkerhatcher I AM GLAD YOU ARE ALIVE @heyitsblanc
@atrubens Maybe next time have @kevinseccia punch it up.
@atrubens That is really dumb.
@morgan_murphy Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
@livingroomny Thanks, but my birthday isn't til Sept. 8th!
Word. RT @johnroderick: No one has it easy.
@AndyKindler OH MY G-D! @kevinseccia
@kevinseccia If there's anything that doesn't have to be explained to you, by God it ought to be FOOD. #YouAreFat
@noahlamberth Same here, Noah!
@DJRotaryRachel Please come over in this outfit regardless.
@DJRotaryRachel Right??
@_FieldReport Aw, you are nice, and the honor goes both ways!
@emilyprocter ...sorry, they're doing color correcting now.
@emilyprocter I saw a rough cut, it looks good! They
@tedleo I'll give you a disco ball and add in some shadow puppets. @MPenn
@MPenn Or the lightning. @tedleo
"The mind is a real asshole sometimes." --@GaryTaxali today, while helping me make some prints via skype, because he is extremely nice.
@pulmyears He'll be even better in a toga. @BobReidToronto
@atrubens All right, that's not so bad. Ps. Kevin is fat. @kevinseccia
@BobReidToronto Please wear a toga so I will recognize you.
@kevinseccia Ugh, now you're telling me he paid for breakfast with Charlie Chaplin's TEETH? Gross! @atrubens
@kevinseccia I just had breakfast with @atrubens...he tried to pay in Chicklets. I guess times have changed.
@heliumcell YOU'RE a fossil.
@heyitsblanc Oh, no!! Please send @parkerhatcher my love and I will send good thoughts his way!!
@Kylie_Brown SO JEALOUS.
@scottsimonsWVLA Jesus... this is insane. Just turned on the news.
@KaseyAnderson I'm too busy "rockin' out."
@KaseyAnderson "Rock and roll."
@brriogorrman Aw, thanks! But do not die please!
@RhiannaHumphrey Working on a tour in the UK for January!
@GaryTaxali Yes! Comic jam!!
It was a great feeling to be on tour with @tedleo though, which is a thing that is going to happen in real life in the fall!
Of course it didn't occur to me that I hadn't yet learned the songs til about 5 minutes before showtime. @tedleo
Long involved dream last night about me and @MPenn scheduled to play a festival where we were doing all @tedleo songs.
@navneetJAM No, Smilers was the great @GaryTaxali and Charmer is by my terrific art director Gail Marowitz.
@daveanthony Get it together, Dave. @heliumcell
@daveanthony Too bad, I am going to sing into your ear as you gasp your last.
@daveanthony Can't wait til the day I strangle the life out of you.
@daveanthony Just had a terrible fright when I realized you were still alive.
@TrentGentry Thanks! My art director is a genius. Good luck on yours!
@kevinseccia You are both impossibly dumb. @UncleDynamite
@kevinseccia No amount of chair-rearranging is going to accommodate your enormous girth.
@AndyKindler And thanks!! xo
@AndyKindler It's out Sept 18th and I just did two videos with @scharpling!
@morgan_murphy If you are going to play the guitar, you have to keep your nails short &never wash your hands so your callouses don't soften.
@daveanthony TGIF! @morgan_murphy
@morgan_murphy Wait, I'll totally check out a pant-less @daveanthony. Don't be so hasty.
@morgan_murphy You totally tried to indoctrinate me into you & @molls cult-like nail club yesterday by suggesting a manicure, ADMIT IT.
@morgan_murphy Maybe if the nail had a little face painted on it. @molls
Gross. RT @morgan_murphy: The word is "pants" not "plans." RT @HuffingtonPost: Sandusky charity drops plans for internal probe
@sleevemeister Apparently, it is having one fingernail painted a different color than the others. @morgan_murphy
Of all the terrible things @morgan_murphy has done, introducing me to the term "statement nail" might be the worst.
@parkerhatcher Thanks for the promo!! Xo
@atrubens Are you calling @kevinseccia "pork stock"? Because I think that is a pretty good nickname for him.
@cameron_durkin THANK YOU! @scharpling @tedleo
@kevinseccia If a doughnut isn't pictured within the first three, what's the point? AM I RIGHT YOU ARE FAT GET IT?
@TheRealTavie THE WORST.
@TheRealTavie No, Mickey was on Hollywood Blvd. Yuck. Disney Mickey is a different story.
@JakeSiira907 Hugs!
@oliviamunn You are fantastic on this show.
I am LOVING Olivia Munn in the Newsroom right now.
@UncleDynamite Eeeeewwwwwww.
@UncleDynamite I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation for why you are so familiar with the scent of afterbirth.
@emilyprocter Hee hee!
@davidh_t Hear, hear!
@parkerhatcher Bless your heart.
@munsongs Haha yes!
@KarenKilgariff I'm on on @rhettmiller's side.
@blacksab67 This is one sad story.
@KarenKilgariff What was it? Maybe I can use it. @rhettmiller
@blacksab67 Have you tried "trying again"?
@JohnLovick I was just referring to "The Norman Conquests," but yes, please.
@CamusonTMZ You just upped the ante.
@DayHale27 Hee! And :(
What a sad, futile endeavor trying to "make someone happy" is.
@GaryTaxali ...a cute little orphaned bat, who is all alone, and...<sob>
@daveanthony You would.
@leighkoechner Deal.
@leighkoechner Baby dolphin?
@TVsAndyDaly We're gonna have to do this on our own, CORRECTLY.
@TVsAndyDaly I was disappointed there was no "Ode To Tea And Fog."
@TrentGentry Xo
@pulmyears Shouldn't be dismantled...?
@pulmyears More like a caption.
@lianamaeby Also, Ow.
Oh, everything.
@byBobbyWoods Might be velvet, might be terrycloth. But that head was ALL MICKEY. #HollywoodBlvd
@parkerhatcher Thank youuuuuu!!!!
@kevinseccia EFF YOU, YOU GIANT BLOB @lianamaeby
@lianamaeby That's cool--I'm wearing a black velour catsuit.
@lianamaeby I got 8 bucks and a gluten-free bagel. Close enough?
There's no way you can tell me that a grown man in a black velour catsuit & a giant Mickey Mouse head is anything but a walking nightmare.
@jonwurster There will come a day when YOU will have been in every single ONE of those bands.
Autocorrect is responsible for all my Freudian slips now.
Really earning my #FF with @morgan_murphy. Just made her coffee and scrambled eggs & gave her my copy of US Weekly.
@morgan_murphy Come by and I'll make you coffee!
@m_proksch @timheidecker I know how disappointed you are, Buddy. #BrandX
@am_bodoira Aw, thanks so much. Xo
@kevinseccia You bloated idiot.
@DJRotaryRachel Wow, that is some advanced tweeting! Buddy Rich!
@DavidKoechner @jenkirkman YAY VIRGO LADIES
@TrentGentry A classic rhyme.
@lianamaeby I'm all about the 2.
@timheidecker "Soft leak." Gross.
@kevinseccia The odds are pretty good he's gum-based, Fatty.
@kevinseccia Save your money, Kevin. You can't eat him.
@JOSHPYKE I can't even look at the picture as this idea completely terrifies me.
@bulletproofbrad God bless you! It's very upsetting :(
@pattonoswalt Come over here; I'll make you coffee. @MPenn is only part crazy.
Guess who stopped by this morning for coffee! THE @jonwurster! http://t.co/tGBwzTsm
On set for today's video: RT @emilyprocter: @aimeemann and @timheidecker. Doin it. I'm not sure what it is. http://t.co/8wBIy8xb
On the set of a video I'm doing with @timheidecker for the song we wrote together! http://t.co/tbYkFWft
@LogFlume @mpenn The meat bees were back today!